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Standing Calf Raise (Bent/Single/Weighted)


Standing Calf Raise (Bent/Single/Weighted)
Table Of Contents

Exercise Description

Main Target Muscles


Secondary Target Muscles


Workout Type

Strength Training 

Gym Gear

None, Dumbbell (Optional)

Fitness Level




Power Move 

Plantar Flexion 

Target Muscles: Calves, Ankles

Standing Calf Raise Overview

The standing calf raise is a simple exercise that you can do anywhere. You can do it easily with or without any equipment. It is the best exercise to train and develop your calves. Doing the exercise will strengthen the muscles and improve their functions.

Your lower leg muscles are responsible for plantar flexion and ankle extension. You need to focus on the exercise to gain the most out of it.

Standing Calf Raise Variations

  • Single leg calf raise
  • Weighted calf raise
  • Bent-knee calf raise

How to Do it

  1. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and hands by your side.
  2. Now lift yourself by pushing through the balls of your feet. Raise your heel until you are standing on your toes.
  3. Pause here for a second and stretch your calves.
  4. Return to the starting position.

Weighted Calf Raise

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. You can also use a barbell here, position it on the top of your shoulder and do the same.

Single-Leg Calf Raise

  1. Stand straight and lift one leg.
  2. Do the same as a simple standing leg raise.
  3. Alternate legs and hold weight for an enhanced challenge.

Bent-Knee Calf Raise

  1. Stand straight and when lifting yourself through the ball of your feet, give a slight bend to your knees.
  2. Return to the starting position and extend your legs.  

Standing Calf Raise Tips

  1. It is better to start with a simple leg raise first.
  2. It can also be added as a stretch after leg workouts.

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