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Standing One Leg Calf Raise

Standing One Leg Calf Raise
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Target Muscles: Calves

Standing One Leg Calf Raise Over View

One of the main reasons why we need to train calves is for the purpose of injury prevention. The calf muscle, which is located at the back of the lower leg, is responsible for plantar flexion (pointing the foot downwards). This action is performed whenever we walk, run or jump. Therefore, if the calf muscles are weak, we are at a greater risk for sustaining an injury to this area. In addition, strong calf muscles can also improve our balance and help to prevent falls. Finally, well-developed calves can give your legs a more aesthetic appearance.

How to Do It?

  1. To do a calf raise, stand on the edge of a calf raise block or step and grab a dumbbell in your right hand.
  2. Take your right leg and bring it around to the back of your left.
  3. Take a step out to the right, with your left heel as far toward the floor as possible. This is where we begin.
  4. Raise your left heel as high as possible, keeping your body straight.
  5. Stop, squeeze the calf muscle and then slowly lower your heel back down to its fullest extent.
  6. Repeat for desired reps, and then repeat on the right leg.

Tips for Performing Standing One Leg Calf Raise

  1. Always start with your left side. The majority of people's weakest side is their right.
  2. Pushing up as high as you can and letting your heel drop as far as possible is the best technique to use.
  3. Maintain a slow pace while controlling the weight on its way down.

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