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10 Healthiest Habits of People Who Rarely Get Sick

While getting common cold may seem inevitable, by following these 10 habits of the healthiest people, you can prevent future illnesses and fortify your immune system.

Sandra Adams
10 Healthiest Habits of People Who Rarely Get Sick
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It's no wonder people search for advice on how to avoid getting sick—it's miserable when you do! We all wish we could find some magical disease-repelling shield against invasive germs and bacteria.

While not quite glamorous, adopting healthy habits can help keep us away from the doctor’s office with minimal effort. However, those same healthy habits are often easier said than done unless you take note of the wise words of the people who rarely ever get sick!

They know too well which small changes make a huge difference in staying strong and fit. In this blog post, join me as I explore 10 of the healthiest–and surprisingly simple–habits these individuals employ as part of their well-being routine.

Tired of Getting Sick? What to Do About It?

If you constantly deal with the sniffles, it can feel like you're living in a never-ending cycle of colds and the flu. If you're fed up with all that sneezing, coughing, and runny nose, how do you get Uncle Sam to grant you sick days off work? Easy!

Stop getting sick in the first place by implementing certain measures. Increase your immunity by taking Vitamin C supplements every day, Washing your hands for 20 seconds or so with soap, drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, exercise regularly; such activity increases circulation that delivers more oxygen throughout your body while also helping fight off disease-causing agents and get enough sleep each night—all of these will help ensure that viruses don't take over your body.

Healthy Habits of Those Who Rarely Fall Sick

Here are 10 healthy habits to improve your well-being and enhance the body’s capability to stay active, try new activities and explore more to develop better discipline with yourself, health, and routine.

1. They Get a Proper Night's Sleep

We all know how important sleep is for our health, but how many of us practice it? Well, a little shut-eye can work wonders—aside from the fact that it makes waking up in the morning bearable - it also helps protect against getting sick.

Researchers found that your immune system can stop those pesky disease-causing pathogens with quality sleep before they fully take effect.

So if you have sleep on your to-do list tonight and are wondering how to keep from getting sick, try getting yourself 8 hours in—after all, we don’t need any other excuse besides “it’s already dark outside.”

2. They Stay Hydrated

Most of us don't even come close to drinking eight glasses of water daily, yet it's miraculous how something as simple as staying hydrated greatly impacts our overall health.

With the winter months already upon us and temperatures starting to drop, how do we keep from getting sick—or worse, stuck in bed in our pajamas watching back-to-back Netflix? The answer is water!

When we stay hydrated, the body has all the fuel necessary to fight against any illness that may be lurking around the corner. We can easily take preventive action now by monitoring how much water we drink: aim for those eight glasses a day, use technology to help track how much you've consumed (in a super fashionable way, if you please!) and take EAA Hydration supplements.

3. They Exercise Daily

We all know how hard it is to avoid getting sick, especially as we age. But did you know that exercise plays an integral role in boosting the strength of your immune system? Well, it does! Maintaining a moderate to vigorous physical activity routine can reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections like colds.

This is because crucial immune system elements called B cells and T cells are produced when we exercise, which can fight off pathogens and other threats.

Unfortunately, these production rates significantly decrease as we get older, leaving us more open to catching illnesses—so the best way to ensure you keep those pesky germs away is by hitting the gym!

4. They Spend Time Outdoors

So how do we dodge getting sick? Everyone knows that sunshine is essential for good health, though how it benefits us seems mysterious.

Vitamin D plays a major role in keeping our immune system functioning at optimal levels, protecting us from illnesses like cancer, and maintaining bone strength. Additionally, taking whey Protein supplements can do wonders to save bone strength.

Although we have a sunny country, most of our inhabitants have a Vitamin D deficiency. It's no surprise when you consider how many hours they spend in the office, how heavily they rely on sunscreen, and how often they forget the basics of skin care.

The best way to address this deficiency is by periodic testing followed by supplementing accordingly—and also making sure to get your daily dose of sunshine by being exposed to direct sunlight for around ten minutes—depending on your skin type—at least four times a week.

5. They Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

There's no denying how important loved ones are as life progresses. If you want to stay healthy, how about trying a recipe from friends?

Studies have found that having strong, supportive friendships trumps even family relationships regarding overall well-being. When someone's friendships are in crisis mode, they often feel worse—physically and mentally.

But if your bonds with your pals remain intact, you can rest assured knowing that this will positively impact your health. So while there isn't necessarily a one size fits all approach to keeping from getting sick— having a few good friends could make all the difference.

6. They Drink Hot Beverages & Eat Hot Food

It can be difficult to keep from succumbing to those pesky winter illnesses during the cold winter months. Of course, the obvious things like getting plenty of rest and eating a nutritious diet are essential, but how can one make sure they don't get sick?

Luckily, an age-old secret has been passed down through generations—drinking hot drinks and hot foods! Hot fluids help stimulate your blood circulation system and warm your body throughout.

How much more fun is it to treat yourself to hot cocoa (maybe with some marshmallows) or a steaming cup of chicken soup than just chugging back ice-cold water? Don't forget how good a hot tea with cinnamon can taste—take my word for it: you won't regret it!

7. They Think Positive

When life throws you a curve, how can you stay healthy? We can't promise that life will always be perfect, but one thing is certain: if you focus on the positives rather than the negatives, you'll lead a longer and healthier life.

This can be more difficult in the winter months, when days are shorter and seasonal depression might try to creep in. However, try to look at things with rose-tinted glasses—how we think and how our mental health affects us physically is incredibly important for our day-to-day health.

Stress and anxiety take their toll over time—it could even have long-term effects on how your body works. So don't forget to add some good vibes into your daily routine—stay positive and keep smiling.

8. They Eat Healthily

Nobody wants to get sick! Thankfully, there are many ways to boost immunity and keep seasonal illnesses at bay, like how active and how well we sleep. But the main factor influencing how healthy we stay is our diet.

Eating plenty of whole, unprocessed foods—like fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, and whole grains—not only provides us with essential vitamins and minerals but also keeps our digestive systems running smoothly, which is where our immune system is located. Furthermore, the Probiotic 50 Billion CFU supplement may also help improve our digestive health and strengthen our immune system.

And don't forget to include those orange vegetables! Sweet potatoes and pumpkins contain beta-carotene, which helps us stay healthy year-round, no matter how cold the weather gets.

9. They Do Not Smoke & Drink Only Occasionally

Staying healthy is no joke. You may think avoiding all the usual suspects when it comes to how to keep from getting sick—like washing hands, getting enough rest, and eating proper nutrition—is a solid plan. Still, you could miss one of the biggest factors: not smoking and drinking alcohol only occasionally.

Sure, a glass of wine here and there won't hurt, but who wants to change it? Ditch the cigarettes and save the hard liquor for special occasions, then you can trust you're doing your due diligence in taking care of yourself more than usual. The decision is yours!

10. They Meditate Regularly to Relax Their Brains

Countless people have some go-to methods they swear by to stay healthy and boost their immunity. From gargling salt water to eating at least one extra serving of vegetables daily, getting creative in keeping from getting sick is a sport for some.

But how about those that want something a bit more laid back? It turns out that meditating regularly can be an excellent way to relax your brain and body, creating an environment in which sickness has little chance of settling in.

People who practice regular meditation are rarely ever sick. Meditation encourages relaxation by slowing down the brain and reducing stress hormones.

Should you wish to test this theory, just find yourself a quiet moment and let the relaxation wash over you; introducing meditation into your lifestyle could make all the difference.


1. How to prevent cold when you feel it coming?

Wash your hands often and always after touching anything that might have come into contact with germs or dirt. Boost your vitamin C intake by drinking orange juice or taking supplements.

2. How to avoid getting sick around a sick person?

If you need to be near a sick person, don’t forget the basics: wash your hands regularly, stay away from shared food, and maybe don't even shake their hand if you're feeling extra vulnerable. Even if you know how contagious the person is, it’s best to exercise caution and limit contact as much as possible.

3. How to stop being sick fast?

First, boost your immune system by getting eight hours of sleep and eating nutrient-rich foods. Second, wash your hands often and carry hand sanitizer for extra protection. Finally, maintaining lifestyle habits like exercising regularly and practicing good hygiene can help keep from getting sick.


Many individuals rarely get ill and have to spend their entire day in bed. Their healthy habits keep them up and out, going to work and processing their minds and bodies healthily.

Here are 10 healthy habits that can protect you from all sniffles and other physical ailments, like a proper night’s sleep, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, getting enough Vitamin D, spending quality time with friends, drinking hot beverages, thinking positively, eating healthily, quitting smoke and drinking only on special events and lastly, meditating regularly to keep a peaceful mind.

These habits can help you continue to move forward and achieve success by rarely getting sick and promoting peaceful and calm mental and physical environments. So get on!

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