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Family, Fitness & Freedom - Three F's to achieve balance in your life.


Family, Fitness & Freedom - Three F's to achieve balance in your life.
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At DMoose, we believe in “3 Fs” that should be integrated well enough in your life to live a happy, balanced life. These three Fs are Family, Fitness, and Freedom. Many people think that the secret to living a happy and balanced life lies in money. This concept puts them in a constant hustle to chase money because they believe that “Money can buy happiness.” 

Although money can buy you short-term happiness, but we religiously believe that the perfect recipe for leading a long-term life-full of happiness and balance lies only in 3 Fs. Because as Sadhguru said, “Whatever competence, capabilities, and genius we may have – all of its meaningful only when there is balance.”

The first F is Family

Family is about bonds, infinite support, unconditional love, limitless value, and utmost respect. What really matters for your happiness in the long run is your Family. So, a family is the first “F” one should care about. 

The family consists of people with whom you can share your smallest triumphs and biggest sorrows. They are the people from whom you can seek guidance and draw inspiration to lead a joyful life. Your family is the soul of your body. And, if your soul is not at rest, then you simply cannot live a satisfying life. That is why Family is one of our key Fs for a happy, balanced life.

The shadow of guidance that a father provides is invaluable. The love of a mother can’t be narrated in words. The significance of having a good life partner is not something unknown. Having someone through your thick and thin, someone who knows you better than yourself, is just a blessing in disguise for a happy life.

One of the researches found out that adults with no close relationships to family members other than a spouse were about twice as likely to live a shorter life than adults with close family relationships.

You can be absolutely yourself when you are amongst your closed ones without even having an inch of fear of being judged. No one understands you better than your family and having someone who is transparent and understands you well enough is the key to a perfectly balanced life.

The second F is Fitness

Both the soul and body go hand in hand. You can’t lead a balanced life if your body is unfit and in bad shape. So, here comes the other F, which is Fitness.

Fitness is not only about lifting weights and how far we can run. Fitness is about keeping your body moving and loving the body you are in.

What we eat and what we indulge in-metaphorically and literally-play a huge role in our fitness journey. Eating the greens, staying active, going to your yearly doctor checkups, staying connected to others, reading, and absorbing positive content, are all very important because these very things will allow us to stay healthy and enjoy life long-term with our loved ones.

Being fit doesn’t mean to follow a map to be Usain Bolt in the Olympics or a heavy weightlifter, but it implies being in perfect shape and leading a cherishing life. It also means to stay away from diseases that can potentially be cured by fitness. It means to lead a healthy and happier lifestyle. So, the second F, which is fitness, should be an important concern in one’s life.

The final F is Freedom

The third F covers a broad horizon of aspects- its Freedom. The definition of freedom changes with one’s perception throughout life.

While you are in your school days, your freedom revolves around playing all day without being interrupted because that makes you happy. As you survive through high school, you want all the liberty in choosing your career path. Thriving further, you want the privilege to make new friends, travel the world, and explore every corner.

You want freedom in pursuing all your endeavors. You want the autonomy to make all the critical decisions of your lives- be it choosing a life partner or a dream job. You want your own say in your working hours. In your later years, you want the freedom to manage your finances. Your financial security makes you lead a well-balanced life at that age.

One grows up aspiring for freedom in mapping the whole timeline of his life till the last breath. Freedom to choose your own identity, how you want to live, freedom to choose who to spend your time with, who to love- all of these allow you to live a happy, balanced life.

Freedom is an essential F to fulfill the other 2 Fs because having the free time to exercise, eat healthy, and spend time with your family all begin with Freedom.

We at DMoose believe that everyone deserves the Freedom of choice; when you truly have the freedom to be who you want to be, unapologetically, that is when only you can fulfill the happy, balanced life. That is why Freedom is one of our key Fs for a happy, balanced life.

All 3 Fs are equally important for a well-balanced life!

These three Fs will lead you to fulfill well-balanced life. You cannot fully succeed in one area without the other 2, as they are all intertwined- hence leading you to a happy, balanced life. That is why we need to strive to grow in each area.

Having a perfectly fit body but unhealthy relationships with your wife and kids can’t let you live a well-balanced life because you wouldn’t have someone to spend quality time with.

Having strong bonds with your family but lacking freedom in choosing your working hours isn’t the key to lead a happier life at all.

You may have the fortune of not worrying about your finances, but if you don’t have someone to spend money with, it will not lead you to a happy life.

There is no finish line here; these are all ongoing factors that become part of your daily life routine. Once you have committed to all three Fs fully, you will see and feel the positive impact that it has brought in your life.

Healthier and Happier Life is One Step Away.

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