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Core Slider Ab Pike


Core Slider Ab Pike
Table Of Contents

Exercise Description

Target Muscle Group


Secondary Muscles

Shoulders Glutes, Hamstrings

Exercise Type


Equipment Required

Core Slider

Experience Level




Force Type


Target Muscle: Core

Core Slider Ab Pike Overview

Performing the core slider ab pike is an excellent way to work your rectus abdominis muscles. The sliding pike will improve your posture, balance, and overall flexibility. Adopting a correct V posture might be difficult at first, but you'll quickly get used to it if you persevere.

Be sure to use controlled movements and engage your abs throughout the entire exercise to get the most benefit from it!

How to Do

  • Commence in a high plank position, with your hands placed on the floor and your feet on top of the core slider.
  • Keeping your abs engaged, slide your feet forward so that your body forms a "V" shape.
  • From here, pike your hips up towards the ceiling, using your abs to pull your knees into your chest.
  • Reverse the movement back to the starting position, and repeat for 10-12 reps.

Core Slider Ab Pike Tips

  • Keep your abs engaged throughout the entire exercise to ensure that you are targeting the muscle group effectively.
  • Use a controlled movement when sliding your feet forward and piking your hips up - don't let the momentum carry you through the exercise.
  • If this exercise is too challenging, start in a modified plank position on your knees instead of your toes. You can keep your hands on an elevated surface as well (such as a chair or bench) to make the exercise easier.
  • Add a weight vest or ankle weights to make the exercise more challenging. You can also keep your hands on an unstable surface, such as a stability ball.

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