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Suitcase Sit-ups

Suitcase Sit-ups
Table Of Contents

Exercise Description

Main Target Muscles


Secondary Target Muscles


Workout Type


Gym Gear

Dumbbells, Kettlebell or None

Fitness Level




Power Move 


Target Muscle: Abs

Suitcase Sit-Ups Overview

Sit-ups are a classic abdominal exercise that work the abs, but this variation targets them more than other versions of the move. It requires intense control and engagement from your core muscles which makes it an excellent choice for those looking to tone their midsection!

How to Do It

  1. Lie on your back with straight legs extended on the floor in front of you and your hands behind your head.
  2. At the same time, lift your upper body into a crunch and bring your knees to your chest so they meet your elbows.
  3. Lower your upper body back onto the floor and extend your legs long so they're hovering a few inches above the floor. 
  4. Repeat

Tips on Suitcase Sit-Ups

  1. If suitcase sit-ups are too difficult for you, ease your way into them by first mastering knee tucks.

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