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DMoose American Workout Bundle (Reviewed By Fitness Expert)

DMoose American Workout Bundle includes a lifting belt, straps, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and Ab straps. Perfect for one who is a fitness enthusiast & a patriot too.

DMoose American Workout Bundle (Reviewed By Fitness Expert)
Table Of Contents

American fitness enthusiasts can show their patriotism and commitment to training if they were to purchase the American workout Bundle pack from DMoose. This bundle covers safety and comfort so you can train to the best of your ability.

It includes

  1. Weightlifting Belt
  2. Knee Sleeves
  3. Wrist Wraps
  4. Weightlifting Straps
  5. Ab Straps

But do they live up to the hype and can you count on them for multiple Independence Days to come? I put them to the test, and I'm prepared to share my results with you.

About Me

I've been dedicated to training for 24 years. I've followed both bodybuilding and powerlifting styles of training, and I've done several 5K runs in my time. You may also know me as a writer for numerous outlets and brands in the fitness industry. I've been able to test and review several pieces of equipment and accessories over the years, and I can share the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to equipment.

Full Transparency

I was given this bundle by DMoose to test, but I'm not an employee of DMoose, and I committed to sharing my unfiltered, honest opinion when it comes to these items. I'm going to share what I like, don't like, and would change about this bundle because I want what is best for the consumer spending their hard-earned money.

About the Bundle (Price + Suitability)

The American Bodybuilding Kit has a great design to them, resembling the American flag with stars and stripes patterns. I've used them in a couple of gyms and have been asked about them as soon as I pull them out. This could also be a best gift for a gym lover who is a patriot too.

They are priced at $160 but are on sale for $120 as of this writing. Even at the $160 price point, it's a fair price overall when you consider what you're buying. If you were to buy these items of similar quality individually, you would likely be spending more than that.

The Weightlifting Belt

Neoprene Weightlifting Belt

The Weightlifting Belt is made of neoprene and secured by Velcro once it's wrapped around you. It's very easy to take on and off. Furthermore, I found it to be very comfortable when performing bent-over rows, deadlifts, and squats. I believe lifters of all disciplines and levels can benefit from having a belt like this for training. I would like to see it approved by multiple lifting organisations so competitors can use them in meets.

The only downside I found with this belt is the largest size available is Extra Large. I would like to see a 2XL because a couple of lifters I have trained with couldn't put the belt on. They have a XXL in the knee sleeves, so having that size for a belt would be great.

Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

American flag gymKnee Sleeves

Speaking of the Knee Sleeves, these may have been the most comfortable sleeves I've ever tried, and they are snug without providing too much compression. There are also grips on the inside of the sleeves that prevent them from slipping. They are made of neoprene and are breathable. I can take them off easily and not have a lot of sweat around my knees. They also served me well in the bottom of the squat. I have had knee issues over the years, but I felt no knee pain at all after several workouts with these sleeves. The stars on one sleeve and stripes on the other look great.

Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

American flag wrist wraps for weightlifting

DMoose Wrist Wraps that came in the American Bundle were 18 inches, but they are available in 12 inches as well. They stretch easily, stay on the wrists while you're lifting those heaviest sets, and the Velcro is secured enough that it won't come off, even after several times of putting them on and removing them. The Velcro is blue with white stars on the outside while the straps are red with white stripes.

A minor suggestion that I think would make these even better is if there was a piece of Velcro on the thumb loop so it could be secured inside of the Velcro on the strap. Many lifters remove the thumb loop once the straps are secured, but the loop hangs. If it could be connected to the other Velcro strap so it wouldn't move, it would be perfect. The fact that this is the only suggestion I can make is proof that these are incredible wraps.

Weight Lifting Straps

American flag weightlifting Straps

I've used the Lifting Straps on barbells, dumbbells, and machine handles, and found them to be very useful. One is blue with white stars on top, and the other is red and white. They are 24 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. A couple of training partners have tried them and liked using them. The material is durable as well. I do suggest hand washing them to keep them in the best condition possible. The stars may come off if they go through the washer, and almost all lifting straps should be hand washed anyway. I would like to see these in an 18-inch option, but you will be fine with those that come in the bundle.

Ab Straps

Hanging Ab straps for leg raise training

Finally, we get to the Ab Straps. The straps themselves are good. They do what they're supposed to do, and I had no trouble using them when I tested them. They can be connected around any hanging bar that will support your weight. You then place your upper arms in the sleeves and hold onto the strap with the hands while you hang and perform ab exercises.

These straps were exactly as advertised. So, no complaints about them or their functionality.

However, I personally feel that elbow sleeves would've been a better choice to include with this set. DMoose makes a Compression Elbow Sleeve, and it's very popular. Having a pair of those in this bundle would make it even better, in my opinion. Or, if you could choose between ab straps and Elbow Sleeves, that would be optimal.


I appreciate the opportunity to try the DMoose American Bodybuilding Bundle as well as to share my opinion in this post. If you purchase the bundle for yourself, be sure to share your thoughts as well. You can purchase the American Bundle for yourself by clicking the link below:

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