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Breakthrough Discovery: High Blood Pressure Damages Brain Regions Linked to Mental Decline and Dementia!


Breakthrough Discovery: High Blood Pressure Damages Brain Regions Linked to Mental Decline and Dementia!
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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a common health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. This condition is often referred to as the "silent killer" because it typically has no symptoms but can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. In recent years, researchers have been studying the relationship between high blood pressure and cognitive function, including the risk of dementia.

A new study conducted by the University of Edinburgh and Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow has found that high blood pressure can damage specific regions of the brain and may contribute to the development of dementia. The researchers used a combination of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), genetic analysis, and observational data to investigate the effect of high blood pressure on cognitive function.

Research Details!.. The study identified specific parts of the brain, including the putamen, anterior corona radiata, and anterior limb of the internal capsule, that are affected by high blood pressure. These regions are involved in memory and thinking skills and are important for overall cognitive function. The researchers used Mendelian randomisation to understand how high blood pressure affects these regions of the brain and whether it is causing changes or just associated with them.

The findings of this study are significant because high blood pressure affects around 30% of people worldwide, and it can cause cognitive impairment and dementia. This study may help to develop new ways to treat cognitive impairment in people with high blood pressure and predict who may be at greater risk of developing memory loss and dementia.

The study was co-funded by the European Research Council, the British Heart Foundation, and the Italian Ministry of Health, highlighting the importance of international collaboration in tackling global health issues. The findings of this research provide valuable insights into the relationship between high blood pressure and cognitive function and may lead to the development of new treatments and preventive strategies for dementia.

Overall, this study highlights the importance of monitoring and managing high blood pressure, not just for cardiovascular health but also for maintaining cognitive function and preventing dementia. With the prevalence of high blood pressure continuing to rise globally, it is crucial to invest in research and develop new interventions to address this health challenge.

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