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Walking Dumbbell Lunges


Walking Dumbbell Lunges
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Targeted Muscles: Quads, Calves

Walking Dumbbell Lunges Overview

Walking lunges are part of our usual daily activities: most people may relate to the feeling. It resembles the wide steps you take when you walk.

Walking dumbbell lunges are a variation of regular walking lunges and work every muscle in your lower body and bolster your core. They assist you in becoming more flexible while enhancing your balance and functional strength.

Walking dumbbell lunges are under the category of strength workouts that feel effortless and natural while significantly assisting in muscular growth.

How to Do It?

  • Place your feet hip-width apart as you stand while holding dumbbells. Keep your shoulders pulled back, your chip straight up, your torso tall and engaged, and your core engaged.
  • Look forward.
  • Take a full stride forward and maintain it about two feet in front.
  • You'll walk with a wide stride that comes naturally to you.
  • You can support yourself by keeping your hands on your hips.
  • Hold a straight, engaged posture.
  • Jointly bend your knees, stopping just before the back knee reaches the floor.
  • As you lower your body, breathe in.
  • Put pressure on your back, knee, and foot to stand up.
  • With each lunge, take a step forward while switching sides.
  • If you notice that your equilibrium is off, stop and take a break. Get your bearings and carry on.

Walking Dumbbell Lunges Tips

  • Your balance and stability will suffer if you keep your feet too close together; instead, keep them hip-width apart.
  • Longer strides are walking lunges, but if you go beyond, it won't be necessary, and you'll end up in an uncomfortable scenario.
  • You won't need to rush to start gaining muscles because this will build them gradually.

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