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Tricep Overhead Extension


Tricep Overhead Extension
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Target Muscles: Triceps

Tricep Overhead Extension Overview

This is a variation of triceps extension which focuses on your triceps in an isolated manner. The tricep is a large muscle located on the back of the upper limb. 

This exercise is specifically effective in emphasizing the long head of your tricep muscle. If your aim is to build a bigger tricep, this exercise is an optimal option for that. The larger and denser your long head is, the bigger your tricep would appear. It builds strength and shapes your arm to look more appealing. 

You can perform this exercise while standing, sitting, or lying. A variation of weights can be used to perform this exercise such as dumbbells or barbells. Just make sure to choose the right weight for your body to target the strength imbalances and prevent yourself from injury.

How to Do It

  1. Choose the desired weight and hold the dumbbell over your head.
  2. Now, slowly lower it behind your head. Maintain an overlapping grip and unlock your elbows.  
  3. As soon as you feel your forearms are parallel to the floor, bring them to the starting position and flex your triceps.
  4. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

    Overhead Extension Tips

    1. Keep your abs and glutes tense. 
    2. While extending, ensure not to overextend it through the lumbar spine. 
    3. Keep your pace slow to maintain tension and stay focused. 
    4. Keep your head stable and neck neutral through the exercise. Your head should not jut forward.

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