• A man Doing workout by using DMOOSE Fitness deck

    Perform A Plethora Of Exercises

    The fitness deck provides you with multipurpose use to allow the performance of various exercises. Workout deck comes with the 2-level adjustable height, three angle positions (incline, decline & flat) & four adjustable bracket angles to make your workouts more challenging and fulfilling.

  • Stay Fit & Crank Up Workouts

    Make your workouts more interesting and tone your body muscles with the fitness deck easily. You can store it at home or take it to the gym for the performance of multiple workouts! The compact and foldable design of the deck makes it travel-friendly for ease and efficiency!

    A man doing push ups using DMOOSE workout deck
  • A woman holding dumbbells in her hands while opening hands at 180° and lying on DMOOSE aerobic deck

    Easy-To-Use, Versatile Design

    The fitness deck can be easily set up and used so you can start testing it out for exercises. It can support weight up to 300lbs to provide you a durable use! Once you get used to the basic exercises, you can start adding weights and gradually increase your strength & stamina with a deck workout bench!

  • Your Perfect Home Gym Equipment

    If you're worried about cluttering your small home gym space with lots of equipment, try the fitness deck for maximum efficiency with minimum clutter! With just this one tool, you can perform a full-body circuit and a bunch of other aerobic exercises to increase strength!

    A man doing running workout in home with DMOOSE deck workout bench
  • A young and a old woman doing bulgarian split squat while old one is using DMOOSE Fitness Deck Bench

    For The Young & The Old

    The fitness deck bench is ideal gym equipment that people of any age group can use. Seniors and athletes in rehab can use this to stay in shape by performing light exercises! The deck's height adjustability allows you to select your level of workouts ranging from easy to challenging!

  • Anti-Slip Surface, Durable Quality

    Completed with an anti-slip surface, the gym deck removes any chances of accidents that might hurt you in the process of intense workouts! You can easily perform safe workouts at home or the gym with the DMoose fitness deck and widen your exercise spectrum!

    A man doing workout by using DMOOSE gym deck

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Ask Us Anything

DMoose fitness deck is about 27” in length.

The fitness deck can support weight up to 300lbs.

Yes, Raise yourself from the bench; make sure your abs stay tightened, and your back is straight. You should raise until your upper body is completely vertical. Lower yourself down slowly until the back of your shoulders touch the decline board. Keep your back straight and your abs tight.

No, but there is a clip available to attach the resistance band, and it comes complimentary with this fitness deck.

The DMoose fitness deck is designed in USA and made in China.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Keri E
Love it

I love it because I can do so many exercises with it and change the height and position. Also has small storage in the middle which I use for band straps

Powerful options for me!

In June I fell and broke my hip. My insurance coverage was great, but the severity of my injury means I need more therapy. This bench has a lot to offer

Robert V.
Very sturdy

I love this bench. It is exactly like the bench I used at Lifetime in the exercise class. So happy I have found it to have at home as well.

Nice product

My personal trainer recommended this product. Very sturdy, well constructed and versatile. I use for dumbbell, push up, stretch, etc. Highly recommend.

Great for working out at home.

My trainer encouraged me to buy this bench so that I can do some workouts at home. I absolutely love it. It's sturdy enough to support me but light enough that I can move it around when I need to.

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