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Coronavirus: Origin, Symptoms, Risk, Prevention, and its Effects on the World?


Coronavirus: Origin, Symptoms, Risk, Prevention, and its Effects on the World?
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Coronavirus is a deadly airborne disease that is causing so many health issues at the moment with people across the globe. It’s a virus spreading quickly across the borders that cover so many diseases and illness factors ranging from cold to respiratory syndrome. This particular virus is recently introduced to the world in December 2019. Before that time, no one heard about coronavirus and it wasn’t present in humans.

Origin of Coronavirus

If we go in detail to know about the origin of this deadly airborne virus, we’ll come to know that the virus took birth in Wuhan, a famous city in China. It first attacked the seafood wholesale market that infected so many people of South China. Immediately, the government of China took a bold step to shut down the seafood market when the infection spread fast, but it doesn’t end here. It was just the beginning, now the virus has made many people scared in all over the world. Today, we can see the lockdown of markets at an international level isn’t surprising people because they have faced so many casualties in three months. Unfortunately, it is not going to stop. How can we stop this virus from spreading?

It’s a tough question, not easy to answer when we look at the worse outcome of this virus that is continuing to spread worldwide. In China, 80,881 total cases have been registered till now, where, 7478 people have recovered while 3226 deaths have been experienced in China due to coronavirus. If we look at the total coronavirus cases worldwide, we’ll get the figure of 187375 total cases including China and Italy the most suffering countries affected by a coronavirus. Out of 187375, the people who have recovered are around 80848, while 68709 people have died due to this deadly airborne disease. Every day the stats are changing due to the rapid increase in coronavirus.

How Corona Virus Spreads?

If we look at the spreading of this virus, we come to know that it spreads from one person to another. The infected person can easily infect others when not covered or protected. This is the reason for its spreading, as we see more than 20 countries have become a victim of this deadly disease that all started from China. People who started traveling from China carried this virus to other countries that have caused severe health issues. Today, screening centers have been set up for people who come from China. Interestingly, the screening center process is being followed in all countries especially at airports.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

If we talk about the symptoms of coronavirus, we come to know about so many signs that can become a reason for this deadly virus. The cough seems to be a leading reason along with fever. If you are suffering from high fever with cough, then you need to go for a checkup to find whether you have coronavirus infection or not. The sore throat has also been reported to be a symptom of coronavirus. Above all, the breathing problem is the most confirmed sign for coronavirus that needs a quick solution. If you are facing breathing problems, then it’s time for you to have a quick check-up to remove all your doubts. Don't take a risk with your life and look for the solutions! Further, if we talk about aged people whose immune system isn’t strong can actively fall into this disease. The people above 60 should take great care of their health to avoid this virus. Generally speaking, it affects your respiratory system that can lead to lung cancer.

Risk of Coronavirus

Besides knowing the symptoms of coronavirus, we should also be aware of the risks associated with the coronavirus. This deadly contagious virus is full of risks for people who love traveling. This is why it was advised to stop traveling especially people who come from China and who wish to visit China. Now the situation is worse and traveling has been reduced in all countries. In China, people have been banned to come out of their homes so that they won’t affect non-resident people. Similarly, the situation is getting worse worldwide.

Prevention from Coronavirus

How to find protection against coronavirus? There are so many things that you can do to find protection from coronavirus. The basic thing is to keep your hands clean all the time. Avoid shaking hands from people even at home. Use sanitizers and antibacterial hand wash to keep your hands clean. Avoid nose redness, coughing, and sneezing, etc. Cover your hands and body completely to get rid of this airborne disease. Don’t rub your eyes, nose, and mouth when your hands are not clean. Try to stay home for maximum time if you are not fit. Throw the tissue in the trash once you have used it, or better use your elbow for sneezing. Wear clean clothes and take a hot water shower. Stay away from cold water and better drink hot water. Don’t let dehydration overcome you. Most importantly, use face masks to cover your face so that germs and bacteria don’t enter your mouth. As far as its removal is concerned, it is discovered that the virus will reduce in summer when the temperature will rise up to 40 degrees. Let’s wait for the summer!

Effects of Corona Virus to the World

Unfortunately, today the world is facing extreme lockdown at the international level that is going to damage so many things including health, economy, and social relationships. The damage is not severe at the moment, but if we will keep facing such a lockdown for some months, it will create a worse situation. Today, we can see a terrifying and horrible situation that has caused fear among people when it comes to looking at the scenario of coronavirus. There are so many drawbacks of lockdown, as it will damage the economy of countries badly if things continued the way going right now. We have seen a massive lockdown at different levels, where social gatherings, sports events, and cinema theatres have been closed and banned for stopping this virus. The lockdown is going on in all countries of the world and that is sad for the world.

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