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Lentil Soup


Lentil Soup
Table Of Contents

Servings                  4 Persons

Preparation Time    05 Minutes

Cooking Time         30 Minutes

Total Time              35 Minutes

Why settle for a boring lunch or dinner when you can whip up a delicious and healthy bowl of lentil soup? This recipe is a total cinch thanks to the trusty soup maker, which effortlessly blends hearty red lentils with sliced leeks and finely chopped carrots. The end result is a filling and nutritious meal that won't weigh you down, as it's low in both calories and fat. So why not impress your taste buds and your waistline at the same time? Give this easy lentil soup a go today!

Nutritional Facts

Calories    103 kcal

Protein      6g

Carbs        15g

Fat            1g


  • 750ml vegetable stock
  • 75g of red lentils
  • 3 finely chopped carrots
  • 1 sliced leek (approximately 150g)
  • A handful of chopped parsley


  • Load up your soup maker with stock, lentils, carrots, and leek, but don't get too carried away – keep it below the max fill line.
  • Hit the 'chunky soup' function and let the machine do its thing. Don't be alarmed if the soup starts off looking a bit foamy – it'll settle down once it's cooked.
  • Once the cycle finishes, give the lentils a poke to make sure they're nice and tender, and then season to taste.
  • To finish, scatter some parsley over the top like the pro soup-maker you are. Voila!

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