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Reverse Grip Chin-Up

Reverse Grip Chin-Up
Table Of Contents

Exercise Description

Target Muscle Group


Secondary Muscles

Abs, Biceps, Shoulders, Upper Back

Exercise Type


Equipment Required


Experience Level




Force Type


Target Muscles: Lats

Reverse Grip Chin-Up Overview

The muscles targeted in a Reverse Grip Chin-Up are the lats (latissimus dorsi), which are the large, triangular muscles that run down the sides of your back. Additionally, this exercise also works the biceps and forearms. 

The latissimus dorsi are responsible for several key functions in the upper body, including shoulder extension, adduction, and internal rotation. Strong lats help to stabilize the shoulder joint and can prevent injuries such as rotator cuff tears. Additionally, they contribute to a well-rounded physique and can give you that coveted "V-shaped" torso.

How to Do It?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform Reverse Grip Chin-Ups:

  1. Start by gripping the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart, using an overhand (palms facing away from you) grip.
  2. Hang from the bar with your arms extended and your feet off the ground.
  3. Use your back muscles to pull yourself up towards the bar, keeping your elbows close to your sides.
  4. Once your chin is over the bar, slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for 8-12 reps.

Reverse Grip Chin Ups Tips

  1. Use a smooth, controlled motion throughout the entire range of motion.
  2. Keep your elbows close to your sides and focus on using your back muscles to lift your body up.
  3. Don't swing your body up, as this can put unnecessary stress on your shoulders.
  4. If you find the exercise too difficult, try performing it with a band for assistance.
  5. If you want to increase the challenge, try adding weight by holding a dumbbell or plate between your feet.

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