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Top 5 Diets to Follow in 2023, According to U.S. News & World Report

US News & World Report has announced its list of top diets for 2023. If you are looking for the best diet for your 2023 fitness goal, these are the top five diets to follow.

Rosie Ford
Top 5 Diets to Follow in 2023, According to U.S. News & World Report
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With the new year’s beginning, everyone is aspiring to make their lives better, and so are taking up resolutions for the new year. Picking up a new dieting strategy for weight-loss goals is one of the most common new year’s goals across the globe.

So if you are also among those people who plan to implement a new dieting style to modify their body weight and improve their overall fitness this year, this article is for you.

This article lists the top 5 science-backed diets to follow in 2023 that are the most effective and beneficial diet plans for you to adopt. The list is based on the US News & World Report, which ranks diets after a strict evaluation by a group of medical and nutrition experts.

Whether you're looking to optimize your diet for heart health, diabetes management, or general weight loss, top diets are a great place to start your journey toward better health. So if you're looking to start eating healthy to manage your weight or stay fit, there are plenty of dieting approaches.

The criteria used by the expert panel of doctors and nutritionists include the analysis of healthiness, ease of use, safety, and sustainability. With these top-rated diet plans, you can make meaningful changes in your lifestyle with science-backed nutrition that won't break the bank.

Looking at the rankings according to the report, the Mediterranean diet was chosen as the top diet for the sixth year in a row. This diet is focused on plant-based eating, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, as well as lean protein and healthy fats.

It includes all food groups and promotes a comprehensive food intake; no wonder it has been selected as the best among all.

Some other popular diets on the list are keto and Atkins, and the report says that these are still gaining popularity with some people. However, they still need to make it onto the top of the list based on expert evaluations in categories such as overall effectiveness, nutritional value, and safety.

Want to know more about the top-listed diets and why they made it to the list of the best? Let’s explore the best diets to follow in 2023, according to the US News and World Report, without further ado!

Researchers’ Approach: What’s New in 2023’s US News & World Report?

For anyone looking to start a healthier lifestyle, top diets can be a great place to start. This year, the publication’s panel of 30 experts at the US News and Report put together their top 24 diets for the public to learn from and assess.

Examining 11 different categories in each diet plan, the specialists evaluated these eating plans and provided insight into their effectiveness. While previously, 40 different diets were assessed and scored; this number has now been reduced due to factors such as the increased move towards plant-forward eating.

Moreover, once showcased as separate plans, some top diets are now included within larger, summarized plans — vegan and vegetarian are two examples. Ultimately, no matter what diet is chosen, it has been evaluated thoroughly and its efficiency quantified by professionals.

With top diets for bone and joint health and family friendliness a top focus, U.S. News recently included two new categories into the rankings - best family-friendly diets and best diets for bone and joint health.

The ranking criteria consider the need to provide adequate calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K, appropriate physical activity, budget-friendliness, and nutritional value that can be tailored according to different ages and fitness levels.

U.S. News is genuinely looking out for its readers in making sure the top diets they list are beneficial not just as a short-term solution but also as long-term lifestyle habits which can sustain over time. That said, we can trust their diet selection to attain our fitness goals for this year.

What Makes Eating Sustainable?

A sustainable diet means eating food that is produced in a way that meets our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It involves making informed choices about what we eat and where it comes from, considering our food choices' environmental and social impacts.

Eating sustainably can mean choosing local produce, buying organic, reducing food waste, avoiding overfishing, and eating fewer or no animal products. It also means supporting sustainable farming practices that prioritize the health of the environment and protect biodiversity. Eating sustainably is essential to creating a healthier planet and future for everyone.

In addition to considering where our food comes from and how it’s produced, eating sustainably also takes into account how we prepare and store food. Cook foods that are in season to reduce environmental impacts related to transportation and storage.

Buy fresh products when possible and avoid processed foods which often have a higher carbon footprint. To reduce waste, plan meals ahead of time and purchase only as much food as necessary.

Consider investing in a food dehydrator, refrigerator, or freezer to help store leftovers and extend the shelf life of food. Finally, compost organic waste to reduce carbon emissions related to disposal.

Eating sustainably doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; it just requires being mindful of our choices. Making informed decisions about what we eat and where it comes from can help create a healthier planet and future for everyone.

By eating sustainably, we can all do our part to create a healthier planet. Let’s make the right choices today and ensure a brighter future for generations!

Eating sustainably is vital in creating a sustainable food system that supports people and preserves the environment. It's about making conscious, informed choices about the food we eat and how it is produced. Eating sustainably can positively impact the environment and our health, so let’s do our part to make a difference!

So if you care about your health and the planet's future, consider eating sustainably today! You can make a massive difference for the environment and yourself with just a few minor changes. Get started on your journey to sustainable eating today! You’ll be glad you did!

List of Top Diets to Follow in 2023!

Here is a list of scientific diets that US News & Report has listed a list of scientific diets as its top recommendations for various fitness and health goals. Go through these to find out which one is the most suitable for you to pick!

1. Mediterranean Diet — What Makes It the Best?

The Mediterranean Diet is a way of eating inspired by the traditional foods of countries along the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Italy, and Spain. It is based on an abundance of plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and olive oil; moderate amounts of fish and poultry; and small amounts of red meat, eggs, and dairy. It is a diet rich in flavor, high in nutrition, and low in saturated fat.

The Mediterranean Diet has been linked to numerous health benefits, including improved heart health, weight loss, reduced risk of diabetes and cancer, and improved mental health.

A recent study on the subject has also found that it can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack due to its focus on healthy fats from olive oil, fish, and nuts. Additionally, it provides the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and other beneficial compounds found in natural plant foods — all of which can help prevent disease.

All in all, the Mediterranean Diet has become popular due to its emphasis on natural, unprocessed food, with an emphasis on fresh produce and healthy fats. It also encourages physical activity and socialization, which can help promote overall well-being.

Additionally, it is a diet that can easily be adapted to fit any lifestyle or dietary preference. It is versatile enough to incorporate different types of foods while still promoting health benefits.

It is also a diet that can easily be maintained over the long term, as it does not require extreme restrictions or drastic lifestyle changes. All of these factors make the Mediterranean Diet an attractive dietary choice for many individuals.

To conclude, the Mediterranean Diet is an evidence-based eating method that can lead to numerous health benefits. It encourages a variety of nutrient-dense foods, moderate amounts of fish and poultry, and limits red meat, eggs, and dairy. All of these factors make it an attractive dietary option and so it is no surprise that it has become so popular in recent years.

2. The DASH Diet and the Flexitarian Diet — It’s a Tie!

The DASH and Flexitarian diets have much in common, making them an excellent tie for the top diets of 2023. The DASH diet stands for ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’ and is focused on decreasing sodium intake while maximizing essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and protein. This diet is designed to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and prevent other cardiovascular diseases.

Coming to the Flexitarian Diet is a plant-based diet that allows for the occasional consumption of animal products like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy. The focus of this eating style is mainly on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. This diet is both balanced and nutritious, and it provides plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support overall health. Combined with a suitable multi-vitamin supplement, this diet can drastically improve a person’s health.

Both the DASH Diet and the Flexitarian Diet are great for promoting long-term weight loss while also improving heart health. Those aiming for weight loss can add an effective fat burner with these diet plans for quicker results.

Moreover, both diets can help reduce blood pressure levels and cholesterol as well as protect from other chronic illnesses. Additionally, these diets are also beneficial for digestive health and can help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

The flexibility of both the DASH Diet and Flexitarian Diet makes them great options for long-term health goals, which is why they’re considered one of the top diets of 2023.

With a variety of foods allowed, following either diet is nutritious and enjoyable. Plus, with their focus on plant-based foods, both diets are eco-friendly and sustainable. With the DASH Diet and the Flexitarian Diet combining to become one of the top diets for 2023, it’s clear that these two styles are here to stay.

3. The Mind Diet — Because a Stronger Brain Means a Stronger Body

The MIND diet is a hybrid of two well-known diets, the Mediterranean and DASH diets. It was developed by nutrition researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago to focus on brain health and cognitive function specifically.

The diet emphasizes eating certain brain-boosting foods while avoiding those damaging to the brain. In addition, the diet has been studied for its potential to improve memory and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline.

The study has shown that following the MIND Diet can help to maintain brain health and lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease, two or more standard deviations below average on tests of verbal memory, executive function, and psychomotor speed. Moreover, the MIND Diet also appears to be associated with a decreased risk for stroke.

Looking at the food this diet promotes, the diet emphasizes eating a wide variety of “brain-healthy” foods, such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, berries, and beans. It also suggests reducing the number of unhealthy fats in processed foods, saturated fats (such as butter and animal fat), and trans fats (found in some kinds of margarine). It also recommends limiting sugary drinks and red meat while increasing fish intake and drinking wine in moderation.

For people wanting to improve their overall health and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline, it is an excellent choice. It provides a wide variety of nutritious foods that are known to boost brain health while also reducing unhealthy foods that can be damaging to the brain.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a healthy way to eat that can also help support your mental well-being, the MIND Diet may be a good choice!

4. TLC Diet — Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet

The TLC diet (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet) is a heart-healthy eating plan developed by the National Institutes of Health. It is designed to reduce bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol levels while promoting weight loss and overall health.

The TLC diet emphasizes foods low in saturated fat, trans fat, salt, and sugar while encouraging nutritious foods like lean meats, plant oils, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The focus of the diet is to eat a balanced diet full of healthy food choices while allowing occasional splurges and treats.

Following the TLC diet will help you lose weight, improve blood cholesterol levels, lower the risk of stroke and heart attack, and improve overall health. The diet also has the potential to reduce other risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure.

The TLC diet is popular for those looking to make lifestyle changes to achieve better overall health. It is an excellent option for people with existing risk factors for heart disease, as it can reduce these risks. Additionally, the diet is relatively easy to follow and does not require any significant modifications.

With its emphasis on nutritious foods and sensible portion sizes, the TLC diet is excellent for making long-term dietary changes that will improve overall health. It is a diet that is full of nutritious food choices while still allowing for occasional treats. Plus, with its focus on balance and moderation, the TLC diet is an accessible and effective way to make changes that can improve your overall health.

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