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Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise
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Target Muscle Group: Shoulders 

Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise Overview

Shoulder exercises help you develop a V-shaped body. Your torso will not look as impressive if your shoulders are too narrow. For those who want to build their shoulders, the lateral raise is a great exercise. This is a simple move that involves lifting weights from the sides to your shoulder level. Then, lower them back again. We have more specific advice on how to do it perfectly.

The benefits of the lateral raise include enhanced shoulder mobility as well as stronger, bigger shoulders. Your core will benefit if you brace correctly throughout the lift, and muscles in your upper back, arms, and neck will feel the pressure after a few sets.

How to do It

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells and sit straight on a flat bench edge with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • With your palms facing in, hold the dumbbells at your sides. The dumbbells should be held out about 4 inches from your body. This is the starting position.
  • Keep your body still and keep your eyes forward. Slowly raise the dumbbells to about your shoulder height.
  •  Slowly lower the dumbbells to their starting position.
  •  Continue repeating until you reach the desired number of repetitions.

Exercise Tips

  • Your hands should not go higher than your elbows. To avoid this, raise dumbbells high and tilt them forward like you're pouring water. 
  • Do this exercise slowly. This is an isolated exercise. The focus should be on the correct muscle movement and not the weight.
  • Do not raise your arms too high. Aim for shoulder height.

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