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Yes, You Can Still Wear Glasses While Working Out—Here's How

They feel limited, as impaired eyesight makes it harder to have the coordination needed in most physical activities.

Joe Wlison
Yes, You Can Still Wear Glasses While Working Out—Here's How
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The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that over 200 million people worldwide suffer from vision issues, many needing corrective vision tools. A large portion of this population feels excluded when it comes to sports and other physical activities.

They feel limited, as impaired eyesight makes it harder to have the coordination needed in most physical activities. Traditional glasses can also feel too cumbersome for strenuous movements. In today's health-conscious landscape, an increasing number of new workouts require 20/20 vision, too. As shown in our previous article entitled "8 Fitness Trends to Look Out for in 2023", some of these exercises even incorporate technology, further emphasizing the need for better eyesight.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can overcome this. If you're struggling with wearing corrective eyewear while working out, here are a few tips that may help.

Choose Sports Frames

Many eyewear brands acknowledge the importance of wearing glasses during physical activities as it isn't only for seeing but also for protection. Currently, there are glasses on the market specifically dedicated to this. 

Sunglasses are exceptionally renowned in the eyewear industry as they can improve the performance of their wearers.

You can bring these frames to any store and get them adjusted to fit your face perfectly. They also come with Unobtainium ear socks that increase grip with sweat without sacrificing comfort. You can easily work out without compromising your vision by wearing these sports glasses.

Get Anti-Fog Coating

Moisture from sweat is unavoidable in intense workouts, but it can be an obstacle with glasses. It can form condensation and cause glasses to fog, obscuring wearers' vision. This can be addressed with one of the latest eyewear innovations: anti-fog lenses.

This special coating absorbs moisture in humid conditions when applied to the lenses. Consequently, it reduces the formation of condensation and eliminates the need to keep wiping down your glasses. 

Zenni Optical's collection of anti-fog glasses, initially developed for face mask wearers, is responsive to temperature changes, blocking fog from forming on the lenses. Getting anti-fog coating on your glasses can help ensure your safety and comfort while working out.

Attach a Strap

The biggest challenge with wearing glasses while working out is ensuring they don't fall off. High-intensity workouts will likely dislodge your frames, even after they've been adjusted to fit. Several companies have designed accessories that can make your glasses stay in place.

Adjustable glasses holders and straps can be attached easily and tightened around the face so that you're still comfortable while they're on. It also keeps your glasses easily accessible as they can simply hang around your neck with the strap when you're not using them. 

EDC Mag lists the best straps for recreational activities and sports, with the Chums Original Cotton Eyewear Retainer as the number one choice due to its versatility. The thin cords will keep your eyewear secure without getting in the way. Using a glasses strap like this will help your glasses stay in place.

Opt for Transition Lenses

Exercising outdoors provides many benefits but can leave your eyes vulnerable without proper sun protection. After all, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays cause damage to the eyes and may lead to several conditions, such as macular degeneration and cataract development.

You can prevent these by getting transition lenses. These can be applied to prescription lenses, which only activate under the sun. You can find some trendy light-intelligent lenses over at Eyebuydirect.

These are fully clear indoors, but they darken outside in seconds. They're also available in multiple lens tints, depending on which one fits your style. These will protect your eyes from UV damage when needed while exercising outdoors, and they'll conveniently return to your standard lenses inside. Don't let your glasses get in the way of being active. Follow the tips above and enjoy working out without sacrificing your eyesight.

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Joe Wilson

Mr. Wilson is a motivated fitness instructor accomplished in helping clients of all fitness levels get into shape and achieve their health and fitness goals. Strongly believes health is a conscious lifestyle choice necessary for longevity and happiness.

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