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Barbell Jack — Quickly Lift & Replace Your Barbell for Effortless Dead

Do you keep struggling with adjusting the weights of a barbell, then you’re in luck because Barbell Jack got your back. Keep reading to find out all about the barbell jack.

Daniel Murphy
Barbell Jack — Quickly Lift & Replace Your Barbell for Effortless Dead
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We all have unique ways of struggling with that barbell on the floor, trying to add or subtract weight plates - a hilarious wrestling match between you and gravity! But why put yourself through such mayhem? With a deadlift jack, you can easily raise your barbell from your gym's ground and adjust weights in no time without the risk of injury.

The barbell jack is designed to help you move and replace heavy barbell plates during workouts. It allows you to quickly and easily lift the bar off the ground, making weight changes by yourself with minimal effort.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to use a barbell jack safely and adequately to maximize

What is the Barbell Jack?

The Barbell Jack is a cutting-edge piece of equipment for gym users; the compact jack makes it easier and more convenient to switch out plates on and off the barbell. Its innovative design is inspired by a car jack and has similar support capabilities- lifting a significant weight up at angled safe positions.

The tool's lightweight construction and sturdy frame make it ideal for use in the gym, and its sleek look makes it a welcome addition to the toolset of any fitness enthusiast.

Barbell jacks offer a super convenient way for any level of a weightlifter to adjust their bar quickly between sets - doing those strenuous workouts much smoother. Just slide the barbell jack at one side of your barbell and change the weights.

It protects you from accidentally slipping heavy weights on your foot; according to statistics, weight training-related injuries have increased by 50 percent over 18 years.

So for the longevity of your workout routine and the safety of your body, having a tool that can minimize the risk of injury is a good thing to have.

Benefits of Barbell Jack

Barbell Jack is a handy fitness equipment that can make working out a breeze. Not only can they save you time, with their ability to quickly raise and lower a loaded barbell, but they also make heavy lifts much easier and safer. The following are the prominent benefits of the Barbell Jack:

Helps Adjust the Weight on the Bar

This device makes adjusting the weight on a barbell incredibly easy, allowing users to save time between exercises and stay focused on their workout. By placing the barbell jack below a loaded barbell, users can move the jack handles vertically to lift the weight off the ground with almost no effort.

This allows users to quickly switch out plates as needed between sets and maintain consistency throughout a training session.

Puts Less Strain On You

A barbell jack is an incredibly useful tool in any gym or weight room, as it allows you to easily and quickly switch out weights without having to lift them off the bar manually. This helps reduce overall fatigue and puts less strain on your muscles, allowing you to manage more weight for extended periods.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Not only do Barbell jacks help you move heavy weights quickly and safely, but barbell jacks also reduce your risk of injury. By having dedicated tools to rotate and lift a barbell, you can focus on the weight you're lifting instead of worrying about maneuvering a large item.

The stabilizing elements designed into barbell jacks prevent the bars from rolling or shifting during movement, which can reduce both strains on your muscles and stress on your skeletal system.

Allows You to Workout Efficiently

You will need to swap weights less frequently, which will free up more time to focus on your workout rather than on making changes between sets.

It also removes the constant thought of changing weights after setting, giving you a more relaxed mind to focus on your form and the exercise.

How to Use a Barbell Jack

Using the barbell jack is very straightforward and takes just a few seconds. Just follow the steps below, and you will use this tool like a pro.

  • To add or remove weight plates, hook the Barbell Jack so that it is not more than a few millimeters away from the knurl marks on the side of the bar you want to adjust the weights.
  • Bring the Barbell Jack vertically by pulling it inwards. This should lift up the bar from one side.
  • When you want to detach, push the jack back outward after adding or removing the weight plates.

Note - When working with a barbell jack, it is essential always to keep safety at the forefront of one's mind. Before attempting to increase or decrease the weight, the barbell jack must be securely established on a level, stable surface. When lifting the weights, be sure to do so with the correct technique, and avoid making any jerky motions that could lead you to lose your balance or drop the weight.


1. How much weight can a Barbell Jack hook and pull?

The weight-bearing capacity of the exceptionally constructed barbell jack is 500 pounds. No matter how much weight you need to move in the gym, there is most likely a barbell jack that can handle it.

2. What Barbell Diameter Does a Barbell Jack Accommodate?

Barbell jacks are great tools for lifting heavy weights, but it's important to note which barbell diameters they can accommodate before purchasing. Standard barbells have a diameter of 28mm or 0.98 inches, while specialty barbells often come in different sizes. Barbell jacks can typically handle any bar with a diameter between 20mm and 45mm (or 0.78-1.77 inches).

This versatility makes them a great choice if you utilize different kinds of bars in your workout routines. If you're looking to safely lift heavier weights, invest in a barbell jack that accommodates the diameters of your current and future bars!

3. What are most Barbell Jacks made off?

Most Barbell Jacks are made of wood but come with materials like steel or metal. The handles are often rubberized or covered with foam to prevent them from slipping during workouts. Each part of the barbell jack is composed of durably built parts with a lifespan of many years and proper maintenance.

Using wood is more sensible than using steel or other material as wood keeps the barbell jack overall lightweight and isn’t malleable, so it retains its shape long-term.

4. Does Barbell Jack work on a Hex or Trap Deadlift Bar?

Barbell Jack is often used with a standard Olympic bar, as it easily fits and locks into the two sleeves.

But the good news is that most Barbell Jacks are designed to fit both types of bars, making it an excellent investment for anyone who wants to simplify the loading process. This means no more struggling with plates while trying to load up your bar – just place the plates between the prongs and use the adjustable crank handle to position them onto the bar easily!

5. On which plates does the Barbell Jack work?

It works on plates ranging from as small as 5 pounds to as large as 45 pounds, allowing users of all strength levels to lift heavy easily. Thanks to its integrated handle and wide surface, it's easy to use, making it perfect for home gyms and professional weight rooms.

Its solid construction ensures that your weights won't slip or flick during lifts. With the Barbell Jack providing an impressive range of lifting options and a secure platform to rest your weights on, you're ready to take your lifting practice to the next level!

6. Why do I need the Barbell Jack when I can easily change weights myself?

Believe it or not, lifting the bar with one hand and inserting the plate with another may be a good short-term solution, but it can be detrimental to your posture in the long run. It takes immense control to lift and insert plates perfectly balanced in one hand - imagine yourself under the weight of an Olympic bar!

Your form has to be perfect so you don't risk injury or, worse yet—dropping the bar. The Barbell Jack offers an easier and safer way to achieve a balanced load. You can simply adjust it whenever needed - no embarrassing mishaps or risk of injury!


The barbell jack revolutionizes weightlifting, allowing users to get the most out of their workouts. With a simple turn of the handle and click mechanism, gym-goers can easily adjust plates on either side. Working out efficiently has never been easier: reducing strain on muscles from heavy lifting and reducing the risk of injury are just some benefits of this device.

If you use a barbell pretty heavily, then a barbell jack is worth giving a shot.

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