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Seated Cable Row 

Seated Cable Row 
Table Of Contents

Exercise Description

Main Target Muscles

Upper Back

Secondary Target Muscles

Biceps, Lats, Shoulders

Workout Type


Gym Gear


Fitness Level




Power Move 


Target Muscle: Upper Back

Seated Cable Row Overview

This strengthening exercise focuses on the upper back as the primary target muscle. Other than building glutes, it also indirectly targets biceps, lats, and shoulders. 

The exercise activates multiple muscles in your upper body building exemplary strength. It eliminates stress on your lower back so that you are working on the upper body in isolation. It helps you achieve a better posture, build better back definition, and increase core stability.  

This is a safe and effective exercise to try and to be included in your everyday routine. 

How to Do It

  1. Sit down on the bench with your knees bent and grab the cable attachment.
  2. With your knees bent and torso straight, extend your hands to grab the handle. Your lower back should not be curled over as you reach forward.
  3. Keep your core engaged and pull the handle and weight back toward your lower abdomen while avoiding using too much momentum.
  4. Target the middle to upper back by keeping your back straight and squeezing your shoulder blades together as you row your chest out.
  5. Return the handle forward under tension to full stretch while keeping the back straight and flexed at the hips.
  6. Do the desired number of repetitions.

    Barbell Hip Thrust Tips

    1. Your back must remain straight through the entirety of your workout. Keep your torso as still as possible.
    2. Make sure your shoulders do not hunch over your extended arms.
    3. Do not lean forward to swing the weight, use your upper body muscles instead.

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