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Endomorph Body Type: Can the Endomorph Diet Help You Lose Weight?


Endomorph Body Type: Can the Endomorph Diet Help You Lose Weight?
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When it comes to fitness and nutrition, it's vital to understand that one size does not fit all. Our bodies are unique, and our physiological makeup impacts our health, fitness, and weight in distinct ways. Among these variances lies the endomorph body type - characterized by a naturally higher body fat percentage, wider waist, and a tendency to gain weight more easily.

The term 'endomorph' often sparks interest, and questions frequently arise: Can an endomorph effectively lose weight? How should an endomorph adapt their diet for optimal health? That's where the concept of the Endomorph Diet comes into play. This nutritional approach is specially tailored for individuals with an endomorph body type, aiming to aid in weight loss and promote overall well-being.

This article delves into the endomorph body type and explores whether the Endomorph Diet can truly aid in weight loss. We'll dissect the scientific reasoning behind this diet, assess its effectiveness, and provide guidance on how you can integrate it into your lifestyle, if it proves a viable option. Join us on this journey of understanding the unique needs of the endomorph body type and the potential solutions to its inherent challenges.

Different Body Types

Different Body Types

Somatotype or body type refers to the concept that there are three comprehensive body compositions people are inclined to have. Dr. W.H. Sheldon first proposed this idea in the early 1940s and named the three somatotypes endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.

A person's somatotype was once thought to be irreversible, and some physiological and psychological features were even determined by which one they aligned to.

"I've been called every name. I've been called too skinny. I've been called too fat. I've been called too muscular. I think once you get to a place where there are so many more important things, like how you're training and what your training goals are, you stop caring. I'm at a point where I don't even care how I look. I think I look fine and I look happy, but that's not my main focus anymore, which is so freeing. I can go to the gym and only focus on this one thing-getting better and getting stronger." -Meg Squats: Powerlifter, Coach, Team Bodybuilding.Com Athlete



Endomorphs must carefully monitor their calorie intake to prevent exceeding their daily caloric needs. A bigger physique and inability to lose weight are other traits. These traits are different from those of the ectomorph and mesomorph body types. They include:

  • Higher Body Fat Percentage: Endomorphs tend to have a higher proportion of body fat compared to mesomorphs and ectomorphs. They may have a rounder, fuller physique and may struggle with weight loss.
  • Difficulty Losing Weight: Endomorphs tend to gain weight easily and have a harder time shedding fat. This is largely due to their slower metabolism, which doesn't burn calories as efficiently as other body types.
  • Strong Lower Body: Endomorphs often have strong, muscular lower bodies. They can excel in sports and activities that require power and strength in the lower body.
  • Smaller Shoulders: Compared to their hips, endomorphs usually have less broad shoulders, often creating a pear-shaped body.
  • Slow Muscle Definition: While endomorphs can build muscle relatively easily like mesomorphs, the higher body fat percentage can make it harder for muscle definition to show.
  • Sensitive to Calorie Intake: Endomorphs need to be mindful of their calorie and macronutrient intake. A diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates, paired with regular exercise, can help manage weight and improve health.
  • Benefit from Regular Exercise: Regular, consistent exercise - combining both strength and cardiovascular training - can help endomorphs maintain a healthy body composition and improve metabolism.



Mesomorphs are typically identified by their ability to gain muscle and lose fat with relative ease compared to other body types. This is a result of their genetic predisposition, which lends them certain unique characteristics. Here are some additional traits often associated with the mesomorph body type:

  • Well-Built Physique: Mesomorphs often have a muscular and athletic build, with well-defined muscles and strong arms and legs. They usually possess a rectangular or hourglass-shaped body, depending on their gender.
  • Easy Muscle Gain: Mesomorphs have an easier time building muscle compared to endomorphs and ectomorphs. Their bodies respond quickly and effectively to strength training.
  • Efficient Metabolism: Mesomorphs typically have a balanced metabolism, which allows them to lose fat and gain muscle at a moderate rate.
  • Natural Strength: Mesomorphs are generally physically strong and can excel in sports and activities that require short bursts of power or strength.
  • Broad Shoulders: Compared to their waist, mesomorphs typically have wider, more pronounced shoulders, giving them a well-proportioned silhouette.
  • Flexibility with Diet: Mesomorphs can typically handle a balanced diet with a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. However, they can still gain weight if their diet is high in fats and sugars, and low in essential nutrients.
  • Exercise Response: Mesomorphs often see quick and visible results from exercise, which can be highly motivating. However, without regular exercise and a balanced diet, they can gain weight and lose muscle tone.



Ectomorphs are long and thin, with minimal muscle and body fat. They struggle to put on weight. This group includes basketball players and fashion models. A few male and female ectomorphs may not be delighted with their narrow-chested forms, while most love to despise this genetically endowed personality. Here are some additional traits often associated with the ectomorph body type:

  • Lean and Slim: Ectomorphs are often recognized by their slender, lean build. They typically have smaller frames, and muscle or fat gain can be a challenge.
  • Fast Metabolism: One of the most defining characteristics of ectomorphs is their speedy metabolism. This allows them to burn off calories quickly, making it hard for them to gain weight, whether it's fat or muscle.
  • Difficulty Gaining Weight and Muscle: Despite eating well, ectomorphs may struggle to put on weight or muscle mass. This is primarily due to their high metabolic rate.
  • Narrow Shoulders and Hips: Ectomorphs usually have a more linear body shape with narrow shoulders and hips. Their limbs also tend to be longer and thinner compared to other body types.
  • Low Body Fat: Ectomorphs naturally have low body fat. However, low body fat doesn't always equate to being healthier, as it's essential to have a certain amount for normal bodily functions.
  • Higher Carbohydrate Tolerance: Ectomorphs can often handle higher amounts of carbohydrates in their diets without significant weight gain compared to other body types.

Benefit from Strength Training: Because they have a harder time building muscle, strength training can be particularly beneficial for ectomorphs.

Endomorph Diet and Exercise Tips

People with endomorph bodies can frequently achieve and maintain their health by sticking to a specific diet and exercise routine. Experts have developed endomorph diets and exercise programs to help people with endomorph body types shed pounds or maintain a healthy weight. These people must pay closer attention to regulating when, what, and how much they must intake.

A diet that balances healthy fats, proteins, and carbs from fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed, high-fiber foods may benefit people with an endomorph body type.

There is always at least one surefire strategy to lose weight, regardless of your body type: expend more calories than you intake. No matter what food you eat, you will lose weight if you follow a diet.

There isn't a "perfect" diet that always gives positive results for everyone. The greatest diet will be the one you can stick to over the long run because everyone has different needs and routines.

The optimal diet for your body type may be one with greater consumption of fat and protein and a lower intake of carbohydrates, like the paleo diet. This is because some people think endomorphs are less able to tolerate carbohydrates. While maintaining high energy, this diet can help you decrease body fat.

Among the best sources of proteins and fats are:

  • Macadamia nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Beef
  • Egg yolks
  • Fatty fish
  • Almonds
  • Cheese

Fruit is a beneficial component of any diet plan. Eat fruit within the limit if you are sensitive to carbohydrates. Avoid processed foods heavy in calories and fat, such as cookies, bread, and cakes. Vegetables and protein should be included in every meal.

You use the following formula when arranging your daily meals:

  • 30% of the diet is carbs
  • 35% of it is the protein
  • 35% of it is fat

As an endomorph, portion control is essential when losing body fat. By doing this, you can prevent consuming too many calories. You can also assist yourself to lose weight by cutting 200-500 calories from your daily caloric intake.

However, Catudal also proposes his formula for the Endomorph diet: Catudal advises consuming more protein (40 percent of calories per day), healthy fats (40 percent of calories per day), and fewer carbohydrates (20 percent of calories per day).

He suggests eating a lot of fiber-rich vegetables to maximize your intake of calories and carbs and increase volume.

Catudal said: "These are the carbs that will keep you full."

Master Your Metabolism

Endomorph body types typically exhibit some glucose and insulin levels from a metabolic aspect. High-carbohydrate diets quickly turn into bloodstream sugar and are more likely to be stored as fat than as fuel.

Due to their increased body fat percentage, endomorphs are more likely to experience diabetes, infertility, some types of cancer, gallbladder problems, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and depression. Thankfully, hormone abnormalities can be avoided or treated with a diet and exercise plan that decreases body fat.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

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How Does Endomorph Type Lose Body Weight?

It may be frustrating and demotivating when your efforts don't result in weight loss. However, you may lose weight and achieve your exercise objectives if you know your particular body type and the special difficulties endomorphs experience.

As an endomorph, you must minimize your refined carb intake and incorporate regular physical activity and portion control into your routine to reduce fat effectively.

Foods to Consume During Endomorph Diet

Foods to Consume During Endomorph Diet

In the endomorph diet, foods that are rich in protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates (and low in simple carbohydrates) are prioritized:

  • Salmon, beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, and other proteins.
  • Yogurt, milk, and cottage cheese.
  • Low-carb fruits, such as berries, melons, and avocados
  • Vegetables: high-fiber foods include celery, asparagus, and leafy greens
  • Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, etc.), starchy vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash, etc.), and legumes are known as grains and starches.
  • Fats: wholesome fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, and olive oil

Food to Avoid During Endomorph Diet

When following the endomorph diet, you must stay away from simple carbohydrates and sugary meals, such as:

  • Food higher in sugar, like sweets, cakes, pastries, and donuts.
  • Beverages with added sugar, such as juices and soft drinks.
  • White bread, other simple carbs, and foods with added sugars like some prepackaged foods.

Risks Associated With the Endomorph Diet

The endomorph diet, in particular, has received little investigation, although persistence is the primary problem with any restricted diet.

It can be challenging to reduce your intake of carbohydrates or alter your eating patterns if you are used to consuming a lot of them.

Without following a very low-calorie restriction diet, portion control may help reduce caloric consumption. Too-restrictive diets are tougher to maintain over the long term; you face the danger of "cheating" and ultimately giving up on a diet.


Endomorphs require both cardio and weight training in their fitness routine. It's not difficult to gain muscle, but you must watch out for overtraining. Your exercise program should burn calories and produce a lower calorie balance because your body type is susceptible to weight gain.

For endomorphs, gaining muscle is simple; however, maintaining a lean body mass is considerably more difficult due to a slower metabolism and more body fat.

Cardio Exercise

Although endomorphs often like to relax and take things easy, they must be active nearly daily to overcome the desire to calm down. The endomorph must incorporate cardio workouts to burn more calories and increase their calorie deficit.

This is a crucial element of your workout schedule. At least two or three days a week, you should perform aerobic activities for 30 to 60 minutes. You should consider high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which will increase your strength and lose fat.

You should develop the habit of remaining active throughout the day in addition to these structured activities. Your health will improve if you get up earlier, watch less television, and list fitness objectives.

Weight Training

During weight-training sessions, the goal is to maintain or increase lean muscle mass while reducing body fat and boosting metabolism. Increasing the metabolic rate during rest promotes fat burning and building more active muscular tissue. You can add Fat Burner Supplements to your diet to add greater effects of burning fat and lose the excessive mass.

Fat Burner

Foggy brain and depleted energy dams are often the side-effects of intense weight-loss plans. The painfully slow weight loss process makes it is difficult to stick to your diet plan, and local belly fat burner pills do no good.

Weight training provides the following benefits:

  • Getting more lean muscle
  • Reduce body fat
  • Accelerating your metabolism

Your resting metabolic rate rises due to more muscle mass, encouraging your body to burn fat for energy. An excellent exercise regimen for you emphasizes the big muscular groups (legs and back).

Try to complete each exercise for at least 15 reps. Moreover, it is preferred to do circuit training with quick breaks between sets. Do strength exercises using DMoose adjustable dumbbells to achieve your workout goals in no time.


1. What is body composition?

The phrase "body composition" is frequently used by medical practitioners. It tells the percentage of your body's bone, muscle, and fat. Doctors utilize body composition to determine what proportion of your body weight is fat. This aids them in determining your state of health.

2. Are endomorphs naturally strong?

Endomorphs perform well in middle-distance activities due to their native strength, stamina, and mobility. Sports involving strength and body weight force are another area where endomorphs dominate.

3. Can we change our body type?

Although the sort of body you were born with cannot be changed, the appropriate activities can improve your physique.

4. What type of body gains muscle easily?

Mesomorphs have a high ratio of muscle to fat by nature. This body type often responds well to weight training, so they can easily gain and retain more muscle mass than others. It can also be simpler for them to put on or lose weight.


The endomorph body type, characterized by a propensity for weight gain and a higher body fat percentage, presents unique challenges when it comes to weight loss.

However, understanding these challenges is the first step towards overcoming them. The Endomorph Diet, which focuses on a balanced intake of macronutrients and emphasizes whole foods, may offer a beneficial framework for those with the endomorph body type seeking to lose weight.

However, it's important to remember that everyone's body is unique, and an individualized approach to diet and exercise will always be the most effective. While the Endomorph Diet provides a great starting point, adjustments might be needed based on personal responses, preferences, and lifestyle.

One should also not forget the significance of consistent physical activity paired with a nutritious diet. The key to successful, sustainable weight loss isn't just the type of body one has or the diet one follows, but the commitment to a holistic and balanced lifestyle.

Lastly, while it's beneficial to understand body types and their associated traits, they should not define self-worth or success. Whether you're an endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph, or likely a mix, every body type is capable of achieving health and fitness goals with the right strategies, persistence, and a positive mindset.

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