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Weight Loss: Can You Achieve Your Goal with Exercise Only?

The moment you plan to shed some extra pounds, the thought of not being able to eat your favorite foods holds you back from going on a diet. You think about achieving your fat-loss goal by exercising only. 

Steven Hill
Weight Loss: Can You Achieve Your Goal with Exercise Only?
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The moment you plan to shed some extra pounds, the thought of not being able to eat your favorite foods holds you back from going on a diet. You think about achieving your fat-loss goal by exercising only. You hope that you would burn more calories by following a proper exercise routine only and would, therefore, make up for additional carbs that you are guilty of consuming. 

Unfortunately, things do not work this way because weight loss is primarily about creating a calorie deficit, only possible by eating less and burning more calories at the same time. If you want to aim for a perfect body and a healthy lifestyle, it is high time you realize that exercise alone cannot help you achieve your fitness goals

This article provides a detailed insight into various factors that collectively play a crucial role in your weight loss journey. But before we move on to other factors that can help, you need to understand why exercise cannot work alone. 

    Why Is Exercise Alone Not Enough?

    While exercise can increase your fitness level, it alone cannot help you lose weight even if you overdo it. A study conducted on 81 overweight women, who were used to living a sedentary lifestyle, supports this claim. 

    The women in the study were asked to do the treadmill for 30 minutes three times per week for 12 months. All these women worked harder and consumed oil-free food but did not make any change in their diet. 

    The study concluded that none women could reduce an inch from their waist and did not shed kilos even after exercising for 12 weeks. About 70 percent of the participants even ended up gaining weight by the end of the study. 

    Working out can even increase your appetite, so if you fail to keep track of what and how much you are eating, you can take more calories than you were consuming before you started your workout plan. As a result, solely relying on exercise may result in gaining more weight by the end of your workout journey. 

    According to another study, a group of obese, lean, and overweight women followed an exercise-only program for eight weeks. By the end of the study, these women failed to lose fat, and their appetite-hormone levels also increased. The hormonal changes were primarily the result of being unable to reduce fat at all. 

    Exercise can only help you burn a negligible percentage of calories. According to an analysis by Harvard Health, even a rigorous 30-minute strength training session can burn about 223 calories for an individual weighing about 155-pounds. 

    Many people feel quite satisfied after working out for a longer duration and assume that they are burning enough calories when, in reality, they aren't achieving much. When you overestimate the calories you have burned by a workout, you will consume higher-calorie foods. 

    According to a research study, you can end up eating two to three times more calories than that you have burned from a specific workout when you overestimate your calorie reduction. 

    While you may lose some fat through exercise alone, you are more likely to succeed if you combine exercise and diet. According to a study, obese postmenopausal women who performed aerobic exercise and followed a proper diet plan for one year lost more weight than those who followed an exercise-only or diet-only program. 

    In addition, women who followed the diet-only program lost more weight than those in the exercise-only group. 

    Therefore, to reduce weight without compromising your health, you need to figure out the right way to do so rather than following random exercise or diet plans. 

    The Secret to Losing Kilos Within Less Time 

    If you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, you must never forget that exercise would barely work if you indulge in the same unhealthy eating patterns. Eating high-calorie foods will eventually balance the calories you have burned through working out, and all your efforts shall go in vain. 

    Remember that when we are talking about shedding kilos, exercising and eating goes hand in hand. This section refers to the role that exercise and diet can play in losing weight. In addition, taking a supplement consisting of reliable ingredients can also play a crucial role in your weight loss journey. 


    As discussed so far, diet plays one of the most crucial roles in helping you achieve the calorie deficit that you need to succeed in your weight loss journey. However, the majority of the people equate the word 'diet' with 'starving themselves' when in reality, it is the opposite of it. 

    Diet for weight loss does not imply giving up on foods but consuming healthy and nutritious food. Nutrition is probably the most important factor that can help you with weight loss and maintenance. 

    Here is what you must incorporate in your diet to help lose and manage weight naturally: 

    1. Include More Protein to Your Diet

    If you want to lose weight, protein is one of the essential nutrients you must add to your diet. Adding protein-rich foods to your diet plan can help accelerate the process of weight loss. Protein keeps you fuller for longer and allows you to lower total body fat. 

    You must incorporate protein-rich foods such as oats, eggs, and fish into your diet plan to achieve a healthy lifestyle and ace your weight loss journey. 

    2. Give-Up Carbs and Sugar

    If you are on a weight loss journey, the one thing that you should do immediately is completely giving up on refined carbs and sugar. When you take carbs, they break down in your body and produce sugar, resulting in raising your blood sugar level. Carbs also result in water retention. Hence, it causes bloating, which you would want to avoid while reducing weight. 

    3. Say No to Fried Foods 

    By eating fried foods, you will undo all the efforts that you have made on working out and dieting to reduce weight. Fried foods make you lazy; hence, exercising becomes more difficult. 

    Besides, fried foods are trans fats and increase inflammation in your body. As weight loss is more about a healthy lifestyle change, you must get rid of all unhealthy patterns in your life now! 

    4. Avoid Preservatives 

    When on a diet, you must be very careful while doing your grocery shopping. Carefully scan the food labels, and avoid all preservatives, including artificial colors, additives, and MSG. Foods with preservatives are generally high in sodium; therefore, you must completely abandon them when are aiming for a healthy lifestyle. 

    While you may start your weight loss journey by following the tips on clean eating discussed above, exercise remains crucial to succeeding in this journey. 


    While a healthy and nutritious diet remains crucial to losing weight, exercising and diet can help you get through your weight loss journey. According to a study, an individual can lose about 0 to 1 percent weight by resistance training and 0 to 3 percent by aerobic exercise. 

    Similarly, they may lose between 0 to 3 percent fat by combining both aerobic and resistance training. However, the same individuals may lose between 5 to 10 percent fat by combining dieting and aerobic exercises. 

    According to the American Heart Association, performing a moderate-intensity activity for about 150 minutes per week (30 minutes for five days a week) can help you shed the extra pounds.

    Just like you may not lose weight by exercise alone, solely depending on a diet would not guarantee results if you have a sedentary lifestyle; therefore, you must follow a proper exercise routine. In addition to cardio, strength training can also help you lose weight. 

    A lot of people have this misconception that strength training is only for the sake of getting bulky. Contrary to this, strength training can also help you the most when trying to lose weight and facilitate you in keeping that weight off. Strength training will allow you to burn more calories by raising your resting metabolic rate. 

    Now that you have adequate knowledge about the role of diet and exercise in losing weight, it is time to learn about the third factor that can do wonders for your weight loss goals. 


    If you are on a weight loss spree, a reliable supplement can help you achieve your goal. Supplements can help you with weight loss by increasing your metabolism, reducing fat absorption, and helping your body burn more fat. 

    While many people have doubts about taking supplements, especially fat-burning supplements, most fat burner supplements consist of ingredients that would not cause any harm when taken in a small or recommended quantity. 

    Most of the fat-burning supplements, such as the DMoose fat-burning supplement, contain caffeine. Studies reveal that caffeine, when taken in moderation, can be beneficial for your weight loss journey. It can help increase the fat metabolism and assist your body in burning more calories while helping you overcome the hunger pangs. 

    The fat-burning supplements also help raise your energy levels which helps you exercise better and prevents you from consuming a higher-calorie food. However, to gain the real benefits from using supplements, you need to choose a reliable supplement that contains safe and tested ingredients. 

    To make the best decision about purchasing supplements, you must know about the ingredients you look for. 

    The Best Supplement for Weight Loss 

    As discussed in the previous section, fat burners for weight loss are the best supplement you can incorporate into your fitness regime to achieve the most desirable results. Body fat burner pills contain everything you need to ace your weight loss journey, from speeding up the fat metabolism process, minimizing hunger pangs to increasing your energy levels. 

    However, the key is finding the supplements with the best ingredients. 

    What Ingredients to Look for in Fat Burners?

    While you may find various belly fat burner pills in the market, the key is finding fat burner pills that are safe, tested, and contain a perfect blend of ingredients that can speed up your fat loss process. 

    For instance, Ashwagandha is one magic ingredient that is quite effective for reducing weight; therefore, it would be best to buy fat burner pills that contains this wonderful ingredient. fat burner contains 150 mg Ashwagandha which can help you reduce weight by burning fat in the body. 

    The best part about this ingredient is that it helps you reduce overall body weight within a limited period. It is a powerful adaptogen herb that improves cortisol levels and thyroid functions in your body. 

    Another crucial ingredient that you must look for in a stomach fat burner pill is green tea extract. Green coffee bean extract is an antioxidant that protects your body cells from free radical damage; therefore, it prevents you from gaining weight or facing any weight-related problem.  fat burner pills contain 150 mg green tea extract that can do wonders for your weight loss journey. 

    Very few fat burner pills contain the perfect ingredients your body needs, and fat burning pills are one of them. Apart from the magic ingredients such as caffeine, Ashwagandha, and green tea extracts, it also contains raspberry ketone, facilitating weight loss by increasing the fat metabolism process. 

    Raspberry ketone can promote weight loss along with reducing the risk of diabetes. The fat burner pills consisting of raspberry ketone also helps increase your satiety levels and increase your energy while minimizing the appetite pangs. 

    So what are you waiting for? Follow a healthy diet plan, hit the gym, and buy fat burner pills to reduce the extra pounds! 


    Many people want to reduce weight; however, they are barely aware of what could help them do so. If you want to reduce weight, and ensure a healthy lifestyle, know that exercise or diet alone cannot help you achieve your goal. 

    A perfect and nutritious diet consisting of all essential ingredients along with a proper workout routine is what you need to shed those extra kilos. Besides, a fat burner supplement consisting of reliable ingredients can help you maximize your gains by the end of your weight loss journey. 

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