Who said anything about overall arm strength being reserved for only seasoned athletes and gym-goers? It is as beneficial for normal routine tasks as it is for gym exercises! Simple household tasks such as hauling heavy grocery bags, moving furniture or even lifting a kid require arm strength! If you are someone with an aptitude for adventure and your eventful life on the road includes climbing THEN EVEN YOU NEED ARM STRENGTH!

So the next time someone taunts you on your interest in developing some arm strength be ready to bash them with a list full of the advantages of having basic arm strength. To aid in this task DMoose Fitness has developed their Forearm Twister and Wrist Exerciser, within its line of fitness products. Allowing you to target the muscles in hands, wrists and forearms, this hand held equipment targets these muscle groups and builds lean, healthy muscles to generate the arm strength you so ardently wish for.

Now that you know what our Forearm Twister does, let us drop another bomb; it allows you to have customizable, versatile and progressive workout options that fit your lifestyle and athletic needs! Plus, our Wrist Exerciser and Forearm twister has a well-balanced, nonslip foam handle, alongside a strong, snap resistant Nylon rope and a stainless steel bar to provide you with a firm grip and security at the same time!



It is a great tool for gradual recovery from the medical condition ‘arthritis’ or medial and lateral epicondylitis (tendon inflammation) amongst others. To start using the product adjust to the desired resistance and add the desired weighted plates (these are not included with the product) PLUS, it’s a two-in-one product! The grip rod comes separate and has to be slid inside to setup the wrist roller. To increase the intensity of your lower arm training and integrate EVERYTHING from your elbows to your fingertips, just remove the rod and turn the black wheel by grabbing it with your wrists.

First Way

First Way
  • To setup the wrist roller, slide the grip rod inside the Forearm twister.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Grab the wrist roller with both your hands at either side of the bar and raise it at shoulderheight.
  • To load weight, attach it using a rope to the carabineer.
  • Rotate your wrists forward, one at a time until the weight is rolled up completely around the roller.
  • Once the weight has reached the bar, rotate each of your wrists in a downward motion, one at a time until the rope holding the weight is fully extended.

Second Way

Second Way
  • Remove the grip rod from the wheel.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Grab the wheel with one hand on each side. (This way of using a Forearm Twister offers greater resistance and indulges all the muscles in your arms starting from your elbows up to your wrist).
  • Attach weight by hooking it using a carabineer.
  • Rotate your wrists forward one at a time until the weight reaches the bar.
  • Rotate both wrists downward until the weight comes back in the starting position.

REMEMBER to unwind the weight slowly when it reaches the rod to prevent the weight from falling quickly on your feet!

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