How to get a thick neck


How to get a thick neck

A neck which is thick and muscular is common with bodybuilders and other athletes. And many people fancy it for some basic reasons. While some see desire to have one because they see it as a sign of strength and healthy physique others want it for aesthetic purposes. Whatever may be yours you can get a thick neck.

While you need to understand that there are various exercises which you can undergo that take cables, a specific machine or harness, it is very good to lay emphasis on those ones which you can do simply do with a barbell, weight plates or DB’s or even without them. Here are some exciting neck exercises you may like:

Neck Flexion

You can opt for this exercise to get some thick neck without even using equipment. You may also make use of a four-way neck tool. Begin by standing up high with straight spine. Then, you can gradually twist your head downward. You can thereafter try bringing your chin close to your chest and then close your mouth. Repeat this position again.

Neck Lateral Flexion

You can also do this without using kits. You would need to improve the difficulty by making use of a resistance band, a four-way neck tool and a partner. Begin by standing with proper posture and looking straight ahead. Slant your head sideways and bring the ear in the direction of your shoulders.

After this, ensure you make your shoulders flat all through the exercise and make sure you do not lift them. Finally, get back to the position you started from and exercise the opposite side as well.

Neck Extension

This one requires a four-way neck machine and it may not, depending on your choices. Begin by pressing the rear of your head towards the back and tilt your chin right away from your chest. Get back to the starting posture. From an upright position, tilt your head sideways and view over the shoulder.

While you ensure the other parts of the body are kept stable return to the beginning position and repeat again the opposite side. You can then make use of your hand to offer some resistance.

After this, ensure you stand as your back is made straight and you tuck your chin into your chest. Then, drop down the shoulder blades as close together as much as you can. Stay in that position for some seconds and get back to the position you originally began from.

You may then stand tall as you handle a dumbbell in both hands each as your palms go facing the body. As you exhale, lift up the shoulders as tall as they can go. Maintain this posture for, in the least, few seconds and lower your back to the position you started from.

The Benefits

If one asks you why you want a thick neck you surely would want to point at the benefits. One of these benefits are that they help you release tension, stiffness and tightness. A thick neck also help decline pain and enhance flexibility.

What to watch out for.

A very strong neck may also assist in preventing injuries occurring to the neck too. It is actually a fitness key to keep a thick neck. It also gives great strength to the neck muscle as well.

Building a thick neck might be risky if exercising it causes you pain and injury due to worn joints, strained muscles, and sometimes nerve compression. So, ensure the exercises don’t involve excessive or unbearable pain.

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