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Should You Train Your Neck

Mark Robertson
Should You Train Your Neck
Table Of Contents


Many of us are affected by neck pain at some point in our lives. The main lawbreaker is YOU misuse or holding your neck muscle for a longer period. To avoid these situations, you need to be more careful and attentive.

Nowadays, most workplaces are computer-oriented, which impacts your neck because many of us sit on our chairs for a longer period. Your shoulders are drooping, and your heads are more focused on the monitors.

The neck structures contain the seven cervical spines and enclosed spinal cord, carotid arteries, jugular veins, larynx. Vocal cords, esophagus, and the sternocleidomastoid are in front, and the trapezius and other nuchal muscles are at the back.

Your neck is responsible for breathing, swallowing, speaking, support your brain and cervical spine, and controls the lymphatic inflow and outflow from the head.

How to Prevent Neck Pain

Many people believe that if they work on a muscle twice or thrice a week, it will grow quicker and bigger. It can cause neck pain that is very common in our lives. It usually happens when you hold your neck in the same position for too long whereas, and this can occur by strained muscles, nerve compression, and worn joints.

When you're working on your neck, you need to be more focused on stress or strain should occur. Your posture should be accurate, lift that weight that you can easily lift, move your muscles slowly to complete the exercise.

What Causes You Can Face?

Some people get crazy and are attracted towards the other’s body that took them to make years and years. However, too much exercise for every muscle can cause muscle pain or injury that will last long. Some causes that contribute to neck pain such as:

  • Sleeping awkwardly
  • Stress or worry
  • A sprain or stress
  • Stiffness
  • A flare-up of cervical spondylosis, which can happen as the discs and joints in the spine age.

How Many Times A Week Should I Train My Neck?

Every human has different degrees of neck strength and firmness, so if one routine works for some, it may not work for others. However, you should not work out every day on your neck. Give some time to rest your muscle; this will help your muscle to grow.

A beginner can do 3-4 times per week for 5-10 minutes. All you need to look at your muscle, how it responds and how quickly it's increasing. It will tighten up your neck muscles and will eliminate excess skin.

Why Athletes Prefer Neck Training?

Strong neck muscles are specifically crucial for athletes, MMA fighters, wrestlers, footballers, etc. Having a thick neck help reduces injuries and concussions when an individual suffers direct blows to the head, not just because of fighting or playing sports but also due to an accident.

It empowers athletes and wrestlers to recover from an impact made directly to their head comparatively fast. When you've been hit on the head by the opponent, a strong neck will prevent the spinning of the head and absorb the blow quickly, allowing you to fight back.

The recent research from the University of Rutgers shows why size, strength, and neck position play a vital role and why researchers recommend neck training exercises.

Here's a quick overview 

  • Stronger Spine: Standing up straight is the vital key to athletes from all walks of life.
  • Posture Improvement: Your head should be aligned! Chin tucks are one of the exercises recommended. Stand by your upper backbone, touching a wall, feet shoulder-breadth apart. Face frontward, fold your jaw down and pull your head. Hold your stretch for 5 seconds already resting, and replicate this 10 times.
  • Cure for Head Injury: Any unforeseen situation may arise during vigorous sports such as football, hockey, soccer, etc. Do your homework consistently. 
  • Reduce Injuries: Serious injuries, including whiplash, disk injury, vertebral fracture, and spinal cord damage, can be extremely painful. The exercise effectively targets each muscle, which certainly contributes to relieving pain.

Wants to Strengthen Your Neck?

Now that we have looked upon the importance of having a strong neck, you must be thinking about what exercises you can do and what equipment you will need.

Below in this section, you will find all the necessary workouts that must be followed to build a thick neck.

How to Warm-up Your Neck Muscle 

  • Before attempting direct training, it's highly recommended that you invest 15-20 minutes in doing brief warm-up exercises to engage muscles and enhance blood flow.
  • Move your shoulders side by side to lose their muscles.
  • Slightly move your head backward to stretch the front of your neck.
  • Turn your head gently to the side as far as possible and hold it there. Avoid putting stress on neck muscles.
  • Relax up the sides of your neck with a chicken wing stretch
  • Move your head to the side as far as possible and hold it there.

How to Strengthen Your Neck without Equipment

Here are multiple exercises you can do to strengthen, tone, and thicken your neck. Do 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise, or do according to your needs.

Neck Flexion

  1. Stand up high with an erect spine.
  2. Slowly curl your head downward.
  3. Try to bring your chin inwards to touch your chest.
  4. Keep your mouth closed.
  5. Return to the initial disposition.

Neck Extension

  1. Sit on a chair
  2. Ensure your neck, shoulders, and trunk are straight. 
  3. Pull your head back so that your chin is pointing toward the ceiling.
  4. Repeat.

Neck Curls

  1. Lay down flat on your back. 
  2. Make sure your shoulders are a little bit curled up, and your neck is not touching the ground. 
  3. You are in the proper position now. 
  4. Go back until your head goes as far as it can while keeping your neck straight.
  5. Curl your chin in so that you're doing a full proper neck curl. 

Neck Side Bend

  1. Lie down on your right side, having your right arm lying straight out.
  2. Rest your head on your arm.
  3. Lift your head gradually towards the left shoulder.
  4. Hold for a few moments. Repeat ten times.
  5. Shift to your left side and repeat the exercise, lifting your head toward your right shoulder.

Neck Lateral Flexion

  1. Stand with the right posture and look straight ahead.
  2. Move your head to the side and bring your ear toward your shoulders.
  3. Ensure to keep your shoulders levelled throughout the exercise (don't lift them).
  4. Return to the initial disposition and repeat on the opposite side.

How to Build Your Neck Muscle with Equipment

If you need a quick and effective way to tone up your muscles, you need to do weight training or engage your body in an exercise program. Here are some exercises program you need to follow:

Neck Curls

  1. Wear a hat/cap to create a barrier between the weight plate and your forehead to prevent bruise. 
  2. Place the weight plate on your forehead and your chin towards the upper chest. 
  3. Try to keep your arms and abs disengaged and focus only on your neck.
  4. You should feel intense contractions in the neck and lactic acid building up.
  5. Repeat.

Neck Extension

  1. Place the weight plate on the back of your head and use both hands to support it on either side.
  2. Keep your elbows tucked in.
  3. Before starting, your neck should be in a flexed position. It would be best if you were looking down such that you can see the foot of the bench beneath you.
  4. Inhale before initiation. 
  5. Once settled, initiate the upward movement by lifting your head and arms together.
  6. Keep all the tension in your neck. 
  7. Exhale during the concentric movement. 
  8. Your head should be just slightly above the shoulders, not craned or over-extended up. Your uppermost part of the back may feel like it is working at the top of the rep. 
  9. Ensure not to overextend and keep your lower rib cage in contact with the bench at all times. 
  10. Lower your head at a controlled pace.
  11. Repeat.

Neck Side Raises

  1. Lie on a bench. 
  2. Place the weight on your head. 
  3. Flex your neck sideways. 
  4. Repeat.

Neck Strengthening With Neck Harness

Hands down one of the best products to ever hit the market, a weight lifting neck harness is a must for neck training!

  1. Attach the neck workout harness to your head. You will have a chain dangling in front of you.
  2. Attach a free weight to the dangling chain.
  3. Lie down on a bench facing downwards (you can also perform the exercise while standing up with bent knees and your hands set on your thighs or do it in a seated position).
  4. Lift your neck gradually. It will help if you are facing the ceiling.
  5. Bring your head back down. It would help if you were facing the floor.
  6. Repeat.

Why risk your neck! If you fear getting neck injuries and want to build your neck stronger. Try out! The most perfect equipment Neck Head Harness for your neck to lower the risk of everyday pain.

When can I expect to see outcomes?

You will start feeling your results when they become more visible in your body within a few weeks or months if you consistently exercise. Different factors depend on your fitness level; diet, strength for lifting weights, and body fat.

Closing thoughts on Neck Training

Frequently refer to your consultant before starting any workout program. All you need to be consistent and go with your speed. Sometimes you'll be able to increase your strength and duration of the workout. The struggle is real, but you should be focused and train hard; you will be surprised.

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Mark Robertson

Mr. Robertson is a competent writer, and speaker who specializes in helping families transition to plant-based lifestyles. He believes awareness, evidence-based information, and humor are three key ingredients for leading a healthy life.

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