Ever watched action movies and saw a large, bulky man with their thick necks and ended up in a daydream of wanting similar necks? People are right in saying that nothing comes easy, but what if we tell you that we, here at DMoose Fitness have developed the perfect antidote to assist you in developing the neck fitness freaks drool over!

The DMoose Neck Head Harness is manufactured to help you train the muscles in your head and neck effortlessly and safely. It not only incorporates countless muscles in your head and neck but also diversifies your workouts. This Neck Head Harness comes with an adjustable strap to ensure that it fits all shapes and sizes and assists them to not only exercise better but also get bulkier!

The DMoose Neck Head Harness made with a stainless steel chain and flexible, breathable Neoprene comes with extra-heavy D Rings and a quick fastening strap; its reinforced stitching allows it to support up to 100lbs.




  • Stand straight up. Place the DMoose Neck Head Harness around your head and fit it according to your size.
  • Select a desirable weight, but not more than which you can bear and secure it carefully to the chain attached to the neck strap.
  • Keep your feet more than shoulder width apart and remember to keep your toes pointed out.
  • Slowly move your torso forward while simultaneously bending your knees. Bend your knees until they are parallel with the floor
  • To come into the starting position, place both of your hands on top of your knees.
  • Breathe in and while breathing in, slowly lower your neck down until it touches the top part of your chest.
  • Breathe out. While breathing out bring your head and neck back to the position you started in
  • One rep of this exercise is complete. Repeat it to achieve the number of reps you desire for!
  • Remember to keep the movements slow and calculated. Any sudden jerk can cause you to strain a muscle.


  • Wear your DMoose Neck Head Harness, securing it to your head and attaching a weighted plate.
  • Hold the plate in your hands, and lie on your side on a flat bench. Your shoulder should touch the end of the bench while your head extends off the end.
  • Lower the plate with extreme caution, allowing to be suspended in the air by the Neck Head Harness
  • Lower your head until you feel a gentle stretch on the upwards side of your neck. Keep this at it.
  • While exhaling slowly, laterally flex your neck and lift the weighted plate by its collected motion
  • Hold this position momentarily
  • Now inhale slowly and lower your neck, bringing the weighted plate back to its starting position
  • This completes one rep
  • After a certain number of reps according to your tolerance, repeat on your opposite side

This exercise targets the muscles in the neck concerned with its flexion and the rotation of the head and the spine like the previous exercise. Refrain from any sudden movements and keep the flexion of your neck mild and the motion in control. As it is a neck exercise, keep the weights light and prevent them from touching the 


  • In order to keep your head and neck exercises safe and effective follow these following tips. 
  • Before starting your exercise, warm up your body for at least 10 minutes with general stretching. 
  • End your exercise with another session of stretching to cool down your body. 
  • Remember to try to keep breathing evenly throughout the workout 
  • Keep your body correctly aligned and do not let your desire for extra reps cloud your judgment. 
  • keep your motions smooth, calm and collected as otherwise a serious injury might come your way. 
  • This will also help you maintain tempo and control. 
  • Don’t increase the weights overnight. 
  • Allow your muscles to build tolerance and increase the levels over a period of time. 
  • Maintain a routine of 2 to 3 workouts a week, but don’t exceed to allow the neck muscles to gain strength and not be fatigued by the overload! 
  • With DMoose Neck and Head Harness a thick, strong, burly neck never seemed easier!

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