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How to Use Neck Head Harness


How to Use Neck Head Harness
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If you dream of building your body and getting muscles, you need to work on all important areas. Just like you exercise and use machines or any other gym equipment to work on your lower and upper body, you need equipment to build a stronger and more muscular neck. Ignoring this region should not be an option at any time.

Apart from aesthetic value, working on your neck muscles is still important. It is a passage for various veins and nerves, so you should focus on making it stronger. A neck harness is an essential gym tool that exclusively works on your neck muscles. It includes all muscles of your head and neck and makes them stronger.

A stronger neck works as a cushion against accidents. It is a great shock absorber and can save you from many harmful events. The neck is also delicate, so you need to work on it carefully. You can reassure yourself that you are training your neck with safety with a neck harness. It controls the movements of your head and does not allow any irregular motion.

The neck harness usually comes with an adjustable strap that you can fit perfectly into your skull. It is necessary to understand that you have to be careful before using them to ensure your safety. Understanding the functions and features of neck harnesses before exercises will allow you to use them to perfection.

The neck and head harness is made from a soft neoprene material that does not cause any pressure to your neck. It is flexible and also breathable. Furthermore, a stainless chain is attached to the harness for added support. The extra-heavy D rings on the side provide complete protection and support the maximum weight. Using a neck and head harness will effectively help you deal with neck pain.

Benefits of Neck and Head Harness

A neck and head harness is practical gym equipment that works your neck muscles. Following are some of the benefits that you can see from using a neck and head harness.

1. A Multipurpose Tool

The neck is the most ignored area in any training regimen. While many programs focus on different body muscles, no specific plan emphasizes using neck and head muscles. But with the help of a neck and head harness, you can build a stronger neck. It is a multipurpose, effective tool that you can use in any routine easily.

While using the tool, you need to ensure that you are using the right weight. Experimenting with more weight is not the option here. Start slow and see the benefits that will unfold for you. Your neck flexibility will get better with the use of a neck harness.

2. Subsides Neck Pain

Many people these days have postural problems, which play a significant role in developing neck and back problems and pain. The neck pain is due to many reasons, such as nerve compression, wrong posture, or muscle strain. In any case, the pain is quite disturbing and can affect normal functions.

The research proves that stretching the neck muscles can subside neck pain effectively. If you train your neck and head region with the help of effective equipment like a harness, you will not feel any pain in the region. Even if you have any pain, the harness will subside it effectively.

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3. Prevents Injuries

Neck injuries are quite common. From sports-related reasons to accidents, there are many causes of the injuries. When someone has weak neck muscles, they are likely to develop injuries. Hence, it is essential to work on your neck muscles so that the chances of injury are less than normal.

According to research, training neck muscles can help in reducing the intensity of injury or even prevent the injury at all. “A stronger neck can reduce the amount of energy transferred to the brain during an accident and can reduce the severity of the injury,” says Carrie Esopenko. So, neck training with a harness should be a part of the routine.

4. Improved Range of Motion

The range of motion determines the movement of your neck. If you do not train your neck muscles, you might not have an ideal range of motion, and certain movements might be restricted. The most convenient way to improve the range of motion of your neck muscles is to get involved in neck strength training.

Make a habit of regularly using a head and neck harness to gain maximum strength in the muscles. In this way, you will feel a difference in the neck muscles, and your neck movement will also get better and more smooth.

5. Stabilize Your Neck and Upper Back

You have to stand straight when using a neck and head harness. It involves all muscles from your head to toe and recruits multiple muscle fibers. It also helps in stabilizing your entire body movement. Your neck muscles are more stable and flexible with the help of harness training. With that, your posture also gets better as your upper back is stabilized.

The neck and head harness require a correct and perfectly aligned position. So, you need to have the correct posture. With this training, you can focus on exercises and learn to maintain the right movement. The right posture further helps you in maintaining your spine health.

How to Use It?

Following are some of the important tips and techniques to use a head and neck harness to develop stronger muscles:

  • The standing position should be perfect. You need to engage your core and glutes. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your chin tucked in.
  • Place the neck and head harness around your head and adjust it according to your size. The neck and the head harness have an adjustable strap that you can adjust as per your preference.
  • Select the weight with which you are comfortable. If you are new to using it, start slow and advance it gradually. Secure the weight with the chain attached.
  • After you are done with securing weight, make sure to check everything. It will help you to ensure your safety.
  • Do not wait to finish the number of reps if you feel uncomfortable. Stop right away and take some rest.
  • Use the harness safely and change your movement as per the exercise you are doing.
  • Make sure that the weight is not hanging freely, or it might cause neck problems. Add weight only when you are ready to start the exercises. As soon as you finish your workout, remove the weight from the chain.
  • You should not be locking your neck muscles at all. Leave the typical bodybuilding mindset to do the reps more than your force. Stop after doing a few reps.

If you are looking for a perfect head and neck harness that ensures your complete safety, then the DMoose head and neck harness is the best option. It comes with adjustable Velcro straps that you can fix as per your needs. It also has nylon straps that provide maximum comfort. It has a high-grade material that absorbs sweat and does not harm your neck or head.

Neck Harness

If the fear of getting neck injuries keeps you on the sidelines, the Neck Harness by DMoose ...

Supported Exercises

Following are some of the exercises that you can do with the help of a head and neck harness:

1. Neck Flexion

  • Stand straight and fix the neck harness according to your size.
  • Keep your feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Move your torso forward with a slight bend in your knees.
  • Place your hands on your knees.
  • Lower your neck while inhaling.
  • Bring it to the original position while exhaling.
  • The entire movement counts for one rep. Aim for ten reps and increase the reps gradually.
  • Remember to take it slow and easy.

2. Neck Extension

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Fix the harness on your neck according to your preference.
  • You don’t need to lean forward for neck extension.
  • Bend your neck backward slowly, towards the ceiling.
  • Hold the position for at least 5 seconds.
  • Return to the original position.
  • Aim for five reps at the start.

Final Thoughts 

A neck and head harness is an easy-to-use and highly effective workout tool. It supports your skull and neck muscles and makes them strong. If you do not feel comfortable using it first, it is better to get help from a trainer. In this way, you will save yourself from a lot of problems.

You also need to check the weight you are stacking up in the harness. Choose a weight that you can easily control. Aim to perform neck workouts 2 to 3 times a week and not to stress your neck muscles. Give enough time to yourself for rest to see the best results.

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