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Field Manual: A Training Manual for Those With Limited Time and Resources


Field Manual: A Training Manual for Those With Limited Time and Resources
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Hopping onto a fitness journey that you have been brewing in your head for ages and still having second thoughts? Limited resources and lack of equipment aren't helping either?

Why would anyone want to spend money on fitness equipment when there's no way of knowing if it will actually help them get in shape? Beginners have these fears all the time specifically with new exercises coming up so frequently!

Losing weight or building muscle is hard as it is and not having the right kind of equipment or enough space to work can further worsen the situation for you. They can work as a wet blanket no matter the level of motivation!

If these are your issues and you are at the helm of your dream fitness journey, you need a workout plan that requires minimal equipment and a smaller space.

Ideally, it should be simple, easy, flexible, and with a gradual increase in intensity. Beginners' plans should not be intimidating, nor should they be overwhelming to help them ease into the routine seamlessly.

A complete training manual workout that is not only suitable for beginners but introduces them to strength training exercise ever so subtly. This plan acclimates your body to muscle building in a way that the changes, no matter how taxing, occur unnoticeably.

So, without further ado, let’s get rolling.

Workout Summary

Main Goal

Build Muscle

Workout Type


Training Level


Program Duration

12 Weeks

Days Per Week


Time Per Workout

40-45 Minutes

Equipment Required

Bands, Bodyweight, Dumbbells

Target Gender

Male & Female

Recommended Supps


Whey Protein

Workout Description

Our beginners-friendly workout plan is the perfect thing for newbies and low-budget buddies. You do not need anything more than your own body weight, resistance bands, and a set of dumbbells- the most affordable strength training equipment ever!

We have curated this workout with perfect exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals in little time with even fewer pieces of fitness equipment.

The field training manual workout plan works on the principle of workout density which simply means achieving more in less time. This is done by putting together specific bodyweight exercises, weight training, and intensity techniques, including resting between some sets and not resting between some and doing HIIT at specific intervals to maximize efficiency without fancy equipment.

All muscle groups (upper body and lower body, especially legs) are targeted so you'll have holistic gains.


  • This workout plan is four days weekly routine, while 3 days go to muscle recovery. The recovery time is essential to let the muscles heal and grow in strength and size.
  • One-minute rest between regular sets and at the end of all super sets. However, the workout plan eliminates rest between supersets.
  • The HIIT section intensity progress gradually. You'll start with a 3 mins warm-up, followed by a two minutes low-intensity workout. The HIIT time increases each week until it's two minutes HIIT and 30 seconds low intensity.
  • The total number of reps on each set depends on one's ability, i.e., AMRAP.
  • Don't be afraid, of the exercises, no one's training for muscle failure.
  • It's not an exceedingly exhausting routine, that may discourage a beginner by merely looking at the duration. You will be working out for no more than 40-45 mins.
  • It's a six-week program; before six weeks you are not allowed to take any kind of break or start another regimen.
  • Muscle building is exhaustive: you need to stay on top of nutrition. Strengthen and supplement your body with important but natural supplements. If you are a beginner, it's best to stay with supplements that include nothing suspicious or synthetic.
  • It is essential to understand that keeping up the initial energy level will be a tough task, therefore don’t get disheartened if you are unable to finish your workout on the first day.
  • There is also a very high chance that somewhere in between the workout program, you may start feeling lethargic. And for that, we highly suggest adding high-quality supplements to your diet, so that you’re able to keep up the pace and energy required to finish off this program with the best results.

As a beginner, you will be anxious about supplements thinking they might have dangerous side effects. The truth is they can if they are synthetic, low quality, and contain steroids. The best scenario is to use DMoose pre-workout and Whey protein supplements to help you power through the course and feel no resentment.

Supplements help your body in numerous ways. They not only improve energy levels but optimize mental focus and even help you stay happier, leading to higher levels of motivation for workouts throughout the week.


Once you are used to being lazy and ignoring the workouts, the hardest thing is to get moving despite knowing that exercise is exactly what your body needs.

We are all well-informed on the efficacy of strength training but we lack motivation.

Now you may believe that motivation comes from within, but let us break this myth for you, with the following mentioned steps.

Try and perform as many of the points as you can and you’ll be amazed to see yourself getting up and performing your exercise routines without having any second thoughts.

Write Down Your Goals

First, grab a pen and a pad and jot down your goals. Goals are made in mind but executed in the real, physical world.

So, bringing it out into the world is actually a step forward toward its realization. A date, a perfect shape, a dress you'd like to fit in: anything goes. Just write your goal down.

Take Some Clicks

Next, take a picture of yourself so you can look back at them and see the difference yourself, once you’ve completed the workout program.

Being able to see your body transition keeps you motivated. Keep taking your pictures every other week so you can see the differences.

Share Your Plans

Share your written goals with a friend, so you feel a slight social pressure. It will help you feel that much needed push during the days when things are too stagnant.

These steps may not seem to be boosting your motivation at the moment but they are perfect for pushing you out of your comfort, rather lazy zone.

These simple steps will train your brain for competitive thinking and make it easy to get off the couch every day.

Organize Your Routine

Motivation is extremely important, but you must build a conducive environment around yourself to support a workout.

While motivation helps you start; an organized routine helps you stay on track consistently. An organized routine keeps on reinforcing the motivation even when it seems to be fading under the pressure of redundancy.

Set a Time

Firstly, fix a time of the day for your workout, and don't leave it to your whims. Setting a time frame enables your brain to push you to it when it's time.

Early risers can start their day with a workout; busy bees can do it in the evening. Either way, the time must be predetermined.

Create a Space

Declutter the space where you would be working out. Keep it simple; remove all gadgets and other distractions that may catch your eye and distract you just when it is time to get moving.


While there are a few things you'll need, it's still beneficial to gather all the workout gear you'll need to support your gym time. Before it's time to train, these are the things you need:

  • A bench
  • Dumbbell set
  • Resistance bands
  • Buying your supplements


Gym time means a lot of sweating, which means you need to ensure your water reserves are not depleted while you work out. Whether you are working out in the morning or evening, keep yourself hydrated for maximum benefit.

Eat Right

To see the best results of your sweating efforts, support your exercise with a balanced diet. Eat protein, whole foods, nuts, fruits, and fresh vegetables. Needless to say that you should be kicking out all sorts of junk food that adds a lot of calories without a nutritional value.

If you are working out hard but neglect what's going on in your body, you might as well be killing time. A proper diet with amino acids, healthy carbs, and good fats is essential for muscle building.

Workout 1


Warm-Up Sets

Work Sets

Superset: Incline Dumbbell Press or Dumbbell Chest Press and Pull-Up

2 x 10-20

3 x 10-12 and AMRAP

Superset: Dumbbell Fly or Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

3 x 10-12

Superset: Alternating Dumbbell Curls and Kettlebell Guerrilla Rows

1 x 10-20

3 x 10-20

Superset: Hammer Curl and Dumbbell Kickback

1 x 10-20

3 x 10-12

Superset: Crunch and Plank

3 x 20-30 seconds on planks and 20-30 reps on crunches

Cardio: 15-20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Your choice of type

See notes above

Workout 2


Warm-Up Sets

Work Sets

Superset: Jump Squat and Goblet Squat

2 x 10-20

3 x 10-16

Superset: Bulgarian Split Squat and Barbell Squat

3 x 10-16

Superset: Dumbbell Lunge and Single-Leg Calf Raise

3 lengths of walks and 10-20 reps of raises

Superset: Russian Twist and Bicycle Crunch

3 x 20-30

Cardio: 15-20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Your choice of type

See note above

Workout 3


Warm-Up Sets

Work Sets

Superset: Diamond Push-Up and Inverted Row

2 x 10-20

3 x 10-12 and AMRAP

Superset: Incline Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

3 x 10-12

Triset: 3-way dumbbell raise ( Bent-Over Rows, Seated Lateral and Machine Side ) no rest

3 x 10 each angle

Superset: Diamond Push-Up and Dumbbell Curl

1 x 10-20

AMRAP and 3 x 10-12

Superset: Hanging Leg Raise and Reverse Crunch

3 x 20-30

Cardio: 15-20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Your choice of type

See notes above

Workout 4


Warm-Up Sets

Work Sets

Superset: Box Jump and Barbell Reverse Lunge

2 x 10-20

3 x 10-16

Superset: Walking Lunge or Dumbbell Squat

3 x 10-16

Superset: Walking Lunges and Hanging Leg Raise

3 x 10-16

Cardio: 15-20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Your choice of type

3 x 20-30

Superset: Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift and Calf Raise

See notes above

Bottom Line

Getting yourself to workout is not easy for anyone especially hitting that one rep at the end. What makes it even harder is the lack of equipment and limited resources. The field manual training program for beginners takes care of all possible mental and physical blocks, curating a routine that has simple and easy exercises, progresses gradually, and requires minimum strength training equipment. You can start your fitness journey without a gym membership or spending money on anything much. The article covers tips on self-motivation and organization to help you stay on track even when it seems a big task.

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