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Inverted Row


Inverted Row
Table Of Contents

Exercise Description

Main Target Muscles

Upper Back

Secondary Target Muscles

Biceps, Lats

Workout Type

Strength training 

Gym Gear


Fitness Level




Power Move


Targeted Muscles: Upper Back, Biceps, Lats

Inverted Row Overview

The inverted row is also known as a horizontal pull-up. It is a multi-joint upper-body exercise with a closed kinetic chain that can strengthen an athlete's shoulder girdle. It offers spine stability and generates high forces during pulling activities such as rope climbing, rock climbing, gymnastics, rowing, and swimming.

The inverted row is a fantastic back workout for people of all fitness levels. It's very beneficial for beginners who can't do pull-ups. There are more accessible alternatives that will meet your fitness level, even if you're a beginner without the strength to complete the traditional inverted row technique.

How to Do

  • The inverted row is a wonderful exercise for increasing upper back depth. Place a level bench in front of the smith machine and place it lengthwise.
  • Set the smith machine bar's position to roughly 4 feet off the ground.
  • Align yourself on the seat with your heels on it and your hands somewhat wider than shoulder width.
  • Upright your spine. This is where you'll begin.
  • Pull in your upper body to the bar level while keeping your body straight.
  • Return to the starting position after a brief pause.
  • Rep until you've reached your desired number of reps.

Inverted Row Tips

  • Position yourself so that the bar reaches your centre chest when you pull up. The bar should not be raised or lowered any further.
  • Maintain a straight posture and avoid sagging in the middle of your body.
  • Add some weight plates to your body to make it more challenging!

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