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Full Body Torcher – 12 Week Full Body Fat Loss Workout

It's time to get rid of those pesky love handles surrounding your waist. This 12-week guide will help you do that with a list of effective and challenging exercises.

Emilia Moore
Full Body Torcher – 12 Week Full Body Fat Loss Workout
Table Of Contents

New at bodybuilding and looking for a full-body fat loss workout? You are on the right track! At this point, a full-body workout is the only thing that'll work for you. You know why? Because with fat deposits everywhere, isolated exercises won't do the magic. You need a complete body workout plan that will help torch fat everywhere in the body and activate the muscle-building process simultaneously.

A full-body workout plan will tone up the body and add significantly to your strength. You will feel astonishingly vital, and it will be an all-pervading sort of feeling. The best part is you do not have to spend a hefty amount on getting gym accessories for this workout plan; it works with dumbbells and a little space in your garage. With commitment and determination, you are all set to achieve the body you always wanted.

Workout Summary

Main Goal

Lose Fat

Workout Type

Full Body

Training Level


Program Duration

12 Weeks

Days Per Week


Time Per Workout

60 Minutes

Equipment Required

Bodyweight, Dumbbells

Target Gender

Male & Female

Recommended Supplements

Protein Powder


Fish Oil

Benefits of a Full-Body Workout Plan 

There are some solid reasons for picking a full-body workout plan for fat loss and muscle gain when you are a beginner. 

Burn More Calories in Less Time 

A busy bee? Sure, you are. In fact, everyone has something or the other going on all the time. No one's got all day to do a workout targeting every little muscle in every discreet corner of the body. So the best hack is to go for a full-body workout plan that torches fat and builds all the major muscle groups in one shot. 

The best thing is that a full body workout burns more calories too. So, if you are trying to lose weight and burn fat, a full body workout is just the thing! It's quite self-explanatory that full body workout will burn more calories than an isolation regime which engages nothing more than on one muscle! 

A full-body workout plan is a good idea at any fitness stage, but it's definitely the best for beginners because it sculpts the body uniformly, leading to an overall strong body. 

Builds More Muscles

You would think, "aren't isolated exercises most trusted for muscle hypertrophy? "Oh yes, they are! But then you are usually doing them one day a week for one muscle group, and the rest six days are for recovery.

While this works perfectly for advanced and mature bodybuilders with a high muscle to fat ratio, it's not for beginners. They need to work up their bodies more frequently. So a full-body workout plan suits newbies much more than an isolated one and builds way more muscle because muscle activation is happening more frequently.

Allows More Time for Cardio to Torch More Fat

Since a full-body workout plan requires only two-three days in the gym, you get more time for other activities like cardio. Obviously, it's just your choice, and you can choose to do something other than cardio, but doing cardio will supplement the workout plan much more. 

Gain More Strength 

If you are doing this workout to get strong along with getting ripped and torching fat, then you are doing the best you can. Compound exercises engage most muscle groups and require total body effort for completion. This means they add a lot more to your overall and functional strength than isolated exercises. 

Increase Testosterone Levels 

Testosterone is an essential hormone when you are trying to build more muscle. You need it gushing through your body to speed up muscle growth. And guess what? With a full-body workout that includes compound exercises, you are most likely to increase testosterone release in the body and gear up muscle building. 

Exercises that work the whole body and require total effort are more effective for testosterone increase, and that's precisely what your full-body workout plan is going to do. 

Workout Description

This is a 12 week full-body workout plan for beginners based on a few but powerful compound exercises that will help build muscles and increase the fat-burning process. The workout is not demanding in terms of gym accessories or frequency; just dumbbells and your bodyweight are required. You can perform it anywhere, anytime. 

It's a 3 days a week, 60 mins program that gives ample time for muscle recovery and cardio exercises if you would like to do them. Using cardio in conjunction with strength training will really fire up the fat-burning process, and you will reap marvelous health benefits too. 

You may have apprehensions about using supplements when just a starter, but they really help. They are scientifically proven to be effective and safe and give your body the boost it needs while doing something as demanding and strenuous as strength training. Supplementing your body BCAAs and Protein powder is like fueling your muscles with energy to expand, grow and become stronger. These supplements have no side effects and only power up your body with more energy and get it ready to take up new tasks. 

Workout Plan for Fat Loss

Week 1 to 6




Dumbbell Shoulder Press



Hammer Curls

1 10

Inverted Rows



Triceps Pushdowns



Week 7 to 12





Dumbbell Rows


20 seconds

10 seconds

Seated Vertical Jumps


20 seconds

10 seconds

Mountain Climbers


20 seconds

10 seconds

Incline Push Ups


20 seconds

10 seconds


Compound exercises included in the full-body workout plan are the best thing for beginners trying to lose fat and gain muscle. Compound exercises target and strengthen your entire body and increase functional strength. Compound exercises also increase your testosterone levels, making it easy for the body to muscle up naturally. Supplementing your workout plan with safe and effective protein powder and BCAAs will expedite the muscle-building process and make it easy for you to do the drill by fueling your body with the required energy.

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Emilia Moore

Emilia Moore earned her master’s degree in community health education from a well known University. She’s a freelance writer based in America whose work has appeared in various online publications, including not only DMoose, but other known blogging websites. Today, it's easy to find health

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