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7 Foods That Kill Testosterone and 7 Foods That Boost It

You are going through the signs of low testosterone. Here we have the foods which should be eaten and the foods which should be avoided to increase testosterone.

Daniel Murphy
7 Foods That Kill Testosterone and 7 Foods That Boost It
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Testosterone is a sex hormone that has many important functions in the body. The hormone is present in both genders and plays an integral role in growth, reproduction, enhanced muscular strength, distribution of body fat, regulating bone density, and impacting sexual functions. These crucial functions in the body require a steady supply of testosterone.

In males, testicles are the primary area of production of testosterone. Whereas in females, ovaries are the main site of testosterone production. The adrenal glands also contribute to the small production of testosterone in both genders.

Testosterone is the primary hormone in both genders that links with improved performance of the body. The deficiency of this hormone can lead to many negative health effects on the body, such as:

  • Enhanced fat deposition in the body.
  • Reduction in bone mass.
  • Reduced energy levels.
  • Loss of hair.
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Effect on mood.

Diet and certain foods play an integral role in boosting the levels of testosterone in the body. A balanced and healthy diet with all essential nutrients can continue the smooth production of testosterone. However, certain foods do not work in favor of testosterone and become a source of killing it.

You have to be careful in selecting the right food for boosting your testosterone levels. The following article will give a brief insight into all food items that you should eat or should not eat for testosterone in the body.

Foods that Kill Testosterone

The specific content or ingredients of some foods can affect the testosterone levels of the person. A balanced diet is ideal for managing the hormonal levels of a person. Eating too much of these foods can affect the body systems, which are responsible for producing testosterone. Some of these common foods are:

Processed Foods

Processed foods are prepared with high amounts of fats, sugars, and their processing adds too much fattening content. Trans fat is the major contributing factor that lowers the amount of testosterone in the body. Avoiding processed food of any sort would help you to maintain adequate levels of this essential hormone.

Obesity is one of the primary reasons which lowers down the amount of testosterone in the body. Eating too many processed food items can cause obesity because of its higher sugar and sodium content. The result is the inflammation of glands which diminishes its capability to inhibit the production of testosterone.


Almost everyone is quite convinced of the positive health effects of flaxseeds. They are good types of fats packed with many healthy fats that are good for your heart health. They also have a lot of fiber and give you a perfect amount of various vitamins and minerals. However, they can also affect your testosterone production.

Eating flaxseeds is good for reducing the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is common in females. But, those men who aim to boost their testosterone production should avoid eating flaxseeds altogether as they have a compound in them that can affect them.


Drinking sodas are carbonated, and above all, they have a high content of sugar in them. Due to their sugary nature, they cause more inflammation in the body which then results in obesity. That is why it is said that sodas of any nature can harm the production of testosterone.

Apart from reducing hormone production, sodas have many other unhealthy effects on the body. They also have artificial sugars in them, which can impair some important functions of the body. Research has also backed this information that sodas are not a good choice for boosting testosterone in the body.

Soya Products 

Whether or not soy products affect the production of testosterone is still a debatable topic in the world. Some researchers suggest that eating soy can significantly decrease testosterone production. But, according to others, soy does not have any sort of effect on testosterone.

Soy has phytoestrogens in them, which act like a female hormone and are believed to have counter effects on the body. So it is best not to add too many soy-based food items to your daily meals to avoid this situation. Soy also has a high lipid profile, which can cause ingestion of trans fats that play a role in obesity.


No matter how much you love mints due to their refreshing effects, you still have to cut them down from your daily routine. The cooling effects of mint harm testosterone production. Avoid all products that have mint in them to save yourself from having low levels of testosterone.

A research carried out on male rats supports this evidence that mints can reduce the levels of testosterone. Other than that, mint also affects the production of some other integral and important hormones. It is better to avoid all mint products for good results.

Sweets or Desserts 

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and for many, it is eating sweets and desserts in large amounts. It does feel good to have them and satisfy our sweet cravings, but here is the bad news, sweets are not good if you want good and balanced testosterone levels.

The sugar content in them plays a role in the fat deposition in the body, majorly in your belly. Thus eating too much sugar contributes to the development of various metabolic diseases such as diabetes. The increased inflammation in the body results in low levels of testosterone.


Excess consumption of alcohol can be a reason for so many health problems. Alcohol also has a strong impact on glands that balances the production of hormones. The changes that alcohol induces in the body last for a longer time. Testosterone is one of the primary hormones that is affected by the overconsumption of alcohol.

Avoiding alcohol altogether can induce some positive effects on your body. Alcohol also plays a key role in inducing obesity in a person. Quitting alcohol is always a good choice to increase the levels of testosterone.

Foods that Boost Testosterone

Some food items work in the opposite way to counter the effects of testosterone-killing foods. They have compounds and nutrients in them which promote testosterone production and bring positive changes in the body. Eating a balanced amount of these nutrients will work in the best way. Some of these food items are listed below:


The vitamins and minerals found in eggs serve as a precursor for the production of testosterone. Besides, eggs have high protein, which plays a major role in developing body muscle mass. It also helps in reducing the incidence of obesity which can affect hormone production.

Eggs have zinc and vitamin D in them, which are extremely good for balancing your hormonal health. Both of these nutrients play an active role in regulating various body processes. Consuming eggs will balance your testosterone levels along with fetching many other health benefits.

Oysters and Fish 

Oysters and shellfish have many important nutrients that contribute to your overall well-being. A balanced amount of seafood in your daily diet can increase your vitamin D levels and can provide a good amount of healthy fats to you, and are an excellent testosterone booster.

According to research, it is evident that nutrients in fish are the most effective way to boost your testosterone levels. Fish and oysters have high zinc content, which explains their capability to boost testosterone in the body.


Although eating too much red meat might have some health concerns. But the healthy cuts of beef can benefit you in boosting testosterone levels. The lean cut of beef can provide you with those fundamental nutrients needed for the production of testosterone.

It is mandatory to keep your diet balanced and in check when eating beef. Eating too much beef can affect your heart health and be a major reason for increased cholesterol. Alternating beef with other food choices would be a good way to boost testosterone.


Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. They contain the compound allicin, which plays a major role in enhancing blood flow. The other nutrients, such as magnesium, zinc, and selenium, have many positive effects on the body.

Garlic has also shown some improved production of testosterone in the body. You can add garlic to your diet in any way or can eat it in raw form for your better health and living. Allicin reduces the amount of stress hormone and consequently helps in increasing testosterone.


If you are suffering from zinc deficiency, then eating almonds is a good way to overcome it. They have a remarkably good amount of zinc in them, which can help regulate various cellular processes in the body. Eating a diet high in zinc signals the body to produce adequate amounts of testosterone which helps you in various ways.

Almonds have a prominent role in increasing the sex drive for men, and it also solves many of men health problems. They are a rich source of fiber and good fats that promote cardiac health and monitor your cholesterol levels in the body.

Sunflower Seeds 

Sunflower seeds are the healthiest way to increase testosterone levels in the body. They have a good amount of B vitamins in them, which are responsible for many health effects. You can easily add sunflower seeds to your diet.

Having sunflower seeds provides you with your daily dose of healthy fats. The magnesium and zinc in sunflower seeds also regulate many integral functions such as cell growth, repair, and carrying out important chemical reactions in the body. They are also rich in vitamin E, which ensures the smooth production of testosterone in your body.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Magnesium and testosterone production are directly related to each other. The more magnesium you eat daily, the more are the chances of balanced testosterone. Green vegetables are always a good choice to boost testosterone levels as they contain various vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables such as iron, broccoli, kale, and peas are good sources of fiber. Along with that, they have significant amounts of nutrients in them, which play an impressive role in boosting your testosterone levels within a safe limit.

Supplementation for Testosterone

Testosterone is required for daily functioning, and it accounts for many energy processes. If you are on severely low testosterone levels and want to give it an immediate boost, then a testosterone supplement is the best choice. The supplements work in the same way and promote the functioning of your glands to produce testosterone.

The real struggle is to select the right supplement for you. The testosterone booster from DMoose has shown many impressive health effects. It has almost all the vitamins and minerals that you need for increasing and balancing the levels of testosterone in the body.

The testosterone pills are made from all-natural compounds that target your glands to produce appropriate amounts of testosterone. It makes sure that you have more muscle mass, improved bone and heart health, enhanced performance in exercises, and reduced stress levels.

The supplements to increase testosterone are free of any anabolic steroid and are safe to consume. A serving of 3 capsules in a day will ensure that your body gets the right amount of nutrients to produce a good amount of testosterone.


Testosterone is responsible for regulating some important functions in the body in both genders. That is why it is essential to maintain a balanced amount of this crucial hormone to keep your body functioning at a good rate.

Some foods are believed to lower testosterone production and should be avoided if you are experiencing symptoms related to testosterone deficiency. However, to deal with the adverse effects of lower testosterone, some foods are available which ensure to produce the maximum amount of testosterone.

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