• A man demonstrating use of DMOOSE Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebell

    A full body workout

    As some of you may have aimed to train your quads, while some will focus on buttocks; adjustable dumbbells with kettlebells ensure a full body workout by meeting the demands of all the fitness goals. It helps you build muscle mass of your pectoralis major, quadriceps, latissimus dorsi, gluteal muscles, leg muscles and body muscles.

  • Gives you everyday strength

    Adjustable dumbbells with kettlebell is a multi-focused equipment which provides you an all-round training program. It improves your functional strength which is basically the everyday strength required to carry out routine errands such as lifting grocery bags, or climbing a few stairs.

    A man lifting DMOOSE Adjustable Dumbbells
  • A woman doing workout using DMOOSE Adjustable Dumbbells & Kettlebell

    Perform various exercises

    This integrated tool comprising of adjustable weight sets with kettlebell gives you an opportunity to perform wide variety of exercises such as push-ups, weight training, and lifting etc. Easy conversion from one mode to another gives you dedicated muscle building, calorie burning, and resistance enduring sessions.

  • Push your limits

    The 6 in 1 Dumbbell set has configuration of multiple weights ranging from 6 LB, 10 LB, 15 LB, 20 LB, 30 LB, 33LB, 66LB, and finally to 77LB. This feature allows the fitness freak to regularly train with different set of weights, enhancing the resistance training for arms, chest, back, core and legs.

    A bodybuilder lifting DMOOSE Adjustable dumbbells & kettlebell
  • DMOOSE adjustable dumbbells & Kettlebelll for various full body exercises

    Anti-slip texture

    The non-slip surface promotes friction which results in firm holding of the equipment. Hence, longer and more productive workout sessions can be experienced without repeatedly trying to obtain a firm grip during pull-ups, etc.

  • Unique contour for comfort

    A 20mm foam cotton connecting rod is designed according to the curve of the human neck. This provides you a sense of comfort during intense training, prevents fatigue and strains, and shapes your body desirably!

    Close view of a hand press thumb on foam

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Ask Us Anything

Adjustable dumbbell doesn’t have fixed weights. There isn’t anything attached to it at the ends. When you have the weight you want already, you use the pin or dial to lock it. The dial holds the disks together, so they don’t make a rattling sound.

The handles are made up of high-quality ABS plastic, and there is foam padding on it for a comfort grip.

It is manufactured in China.

The weight is adjustable. It ranges from as low as 10lbs to as high as 77lbs.

The kettle-bell weights are adjustable and it can be adjusted according to your lifting capacity. Start with the lower weights then keep increasing.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Very good purchase. Easy to assemble and using them as both dumbbells/barbell. Worth every penny.

Dumbbells not for dummies!

Some dumbells are hard to grasp, but these are easy on the hands. Using them as a beginner to increase muscle. Would buy again!


I love these weights! You can use how much weight your desire for your workout. Super easy to assemble and comfortable to use.

Great set for home gym. Very versatile!

This is an excellent set of adjustable dumbbells! I love how versatile it is and easy to maneuver. I love that I can make a barbell, which I honestly love using for squats! I have loved how easy they stack and store as I don’t have a lot of room for my exercise/ workout equipment!

Good equipment

They are easy to use and nice to take around you when your traveling. I would definitely recommend

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