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  • A man touching his right foot toe with his right hand by balancing on Dmoose balance board with his left foot

    Challenges your core muscles

    The balance board for core strength continually challenges your core. Your imbalanced position stimulates your intercostal and abdominal muscles while you keep trying to keep yourself upright. This makes your trunk muscles more robust than ever!

  • Rehabilitation made easy

    Recovering after an injury can be very hectic and frustrating. Whether you suffer from a sports injury or a work-related injury, anyone can benefit from stability training. The balance board, used for exercises, also aids you in a quicker recovery process, making you resume your training routine as soon as possible.

    A woman doing core strengthening exercise using DMoose balance board in gym
  • A woman doing core strengthening exercise using DMoose balance board

    Improves the Mind-Muscle Connection

    The ability to focus on the task is what separates success from failure. Every second on the balance board requires you to be in sync with what your muscles are doing, forcing you to connect your mind with every workout you do. This connection improves your focus on training and maximizes your results.

  • Say goodbye to poor posture

    Poor posture is the most common issue these days. The balance board strengthens the torso's stabilizer muscles, helping you build a solid foundation for your spinal bones. This provides you with enough strength to keep your shoulders up high, improving your posture!

    A woman stretching her legs by using DMoose balance board
  • A woman holding her right foot in air doing core workout using DMoose balance board

    Become less prone to injuries

    The leading cause of day to day injuries is your low balance and weak coordination. The wooden balance board is the trainer that trains you to adjust your body's position whenever you see a threat of injury ahead. It also strengthens your key joints, reducing any chance of injury.

  • Take your agility to the next level

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to be the finest athlete? It is the ability to make the quickest transitions in the smoothest ways. The wooden balance board improves your agility, allowing you to instantly transition from offense to defense and better react to your opposition.

    A man balancing his weight on his left foot by placing it on Dmoose Balance Board

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Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Not just a Balance board

As a trainer, i normally work with different types of equipment and try different products to help my clients. I have used Bosu balance trainers in the past but never balance boards. However, trying this board was a game-changer for me and I know it will help my clients. This balance board will help you hit those lower body muscles as well as upper body muscles... most importantly your core. I will be sure to add this to some of my routines for myself as well as my clients.

Cool and useful

I just had knee surgery and got this for balance drills and core training. Great for getting your strength back!

Great for the price.

Been using for a few weeks now great for the core.

Well made

I gifted this to someone who said it's good quality and they feel comfortable on it. The board appears well made.

Awesome find, great for core and legs

Wow! This will really workout your core and legs. I’m slowly finding items to put in my home gym, so glad I found this. Great buy for sure

Tammie D
It works!

I did my first workout on this balance board last night. It works very well.

Juan M
Great gift!

I purchased this for my son who is 5 and very sensory and he loves it! It’s wonderfully made and you can’t beat the price!

Works as described!

After having a hip replacement and many other health issues I was having balancing issues as well as needing to strengthen my hip I purchased this item. Going to therapy I used a balancing board and looked for one to use at home. I’m very pleased with this wooden balance board. It seems well made and works well for what I need.

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It always depends on you. However, it activates your smaller stabilizer muscles, which help your body burn up to 100 calories an hour.

It can support up to 300lbs.

Yes, of course! Using a balance board at your standing desk helps your core, lower back, and leg muscles to remain engaged throughout the day.

You can rock side to side, balance, and rock back-and-forth while you work at a standing desk to strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture!

It’s for everyone! Whether you’re a teenager, an adult, a senior, or even have a kid who wants to play with it!

15.5 inches.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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