The Ultimate guide to Training for Beginners

The Ultimate guide to Training for Beginners

Newcomers at the gym are often confused about how to start their workouts. The exercise options at the gym are numerous with different machines and weights, but starting gradually is the way to go. To avoid complexity, this guide will provide you with a framework as to what to do when you are starting out in the gym. 

Your First Two Weeks in the Gym

Before you focus on building muscle, you should always ensure your body is prepared to endure the tougher workouts in the future. Professionals suggest that you designate your entire first two weeks in the gym to a full-body split workout. Done three times a week, it requires you to hit every muscle group in your body so you learn the basics of different forms and techniques for different exercises. The sooner your muscle fibers learn to perform the exercises, the easier it will be for you to transition into muscle-building exercises. 

During this phase, you will need to perform the basic exercises that hit the muscles in your arms, chest, back, and legs. Several sets and reps of bench press, dumbbell curls, and squats with light weights must be done at least once a week so your body gets used to the muscles contracting in certain ways.

This program for the first two weeks must not be overdone, so it is advised to perform this workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A break in between after each workout is mandatory as your body needs to refuel and reenergize after going through a routine. 

Switching Things Up After Two Weeks

After a full-body workout in the first two weeks, things need to change. So, for the next couple of weeks switching things up will get your body to experience a different gym routine and will get you acclimated with the gym life easily. After making your body go through a full-body workout, you will now revert to a two-day training split program. In this workout program, you train half your body one day, whilst training the other half the day after. This workout ups your visits to the gym four times a week. 

During this phase, you will focus on the same mass building exercises you repeated in your first couple of weeks but with heavier weights. You may also switch things up and target specific muscles like your traps and glutes. 

During this phase, several muscles are hit with a lot more intensity. This transition in the gym is significant because for muscles to keep growing, the intensity level in the gym must be upped consistently for continued progress.  

Gym Routine After One Month

After spending a month in the gym, you will now begin to feel comfortable with your gym routine. At this point, your body is climatized to the gym life and is prepared for the next target. To train your muscles to grow bigger by mass and volume will require you to increase the weights and intensity again. The higher you raise the bar, the better results you are likely to get. This next phase will revert back again to training your body to three times a week. Switching to this workout is crucial during this time since you can train for specific muscles more intensely to provide definition to your body. 

During the week, it is important you assign at least 25 sets for your entire body in a wee, hitting as many muscles as you can whilst increasing intensity. 

End of The Beginner Workout

During the end of the beginner workout, you will start hitting your core muscles along with the primary muscles more intensely. How do you know if you are past the beginner stage? Here's a simple mechanism, the human body is an amazing creation. It is bound to get accustomed to things and then show it too. Let's say you began with 5 push-ups initially. By the end of week 1, you should pantless and sweat less after 5 push-ups. That's how you get to know you can take a step ahead and aim for 10 push-ups and perform 7. It's ok to take it slow and steady. Everyone has a different body type and it reacts differently too. Some of you might jump to 10 reps in a week's time while some might take a whole month doing that. So there's no need to worry and beat yourself about it. Take your due time and master the workout!

Good luck and don't forget to give us your feedback.

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