"Very good quality. Love using these for booty gains"
- Ashley

Booty Building Bundle

Booty Building Bundle

Ankle Straps + Resistance Bands + Hip Circle + Squat Pad

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Sculpt and tone your glutes, while maximizing strength within weeks!

  • Ready to grow your legs?

    Are you tired of doing your lower body workouts repeatedly, with no results? Maybe you need to spice things up a little. We’ve got just the perfect solution! Our Booty Bundle! It includes all the equipment your booty needs to deliver fast results by intensifying the workouts. So get ready to have a firm booty!

  • Level up your glute workouts

    Do you want to sweat it out in the gym all day with no results? If you're like most people, the answer is probably no. That is why you need a booty bundle to isolate your muscles and power through your training. Your lower body will thank you and hate you at the same time for inducing the major burn.

  • The Perfect Booty Building Kit

    The perfect bundle for anyone who loves lower body training. The DMoose Booty Bundle has one hip circle band set, one pair of ankle straps, one squat pad and three long bands, made from high-quality materials and designed to give you everything you need for excellent glute activation exercises.

Build A Better Butt!

Isolates the Muscles

The perfect gym equipment like bands and the hip circles will isolate your muscles effectively and effortlessly, enhancing the burn, where it matters the most.

Stronger & Bigger Glutes

Strong glutes can improve your posture and ease back pain. Bigger and perkier glutes also boost your confidence and help you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Tone Your Lower Body

It’s time to invest all your energy in doing lower body workouts with this magical booty bundle so that your overall look is toned, with an upright posture.

Ankle Straps

Boost T Levels

Adjustable ankle straps ensure that every minute spent on the cable machine is as productive as it can be. We promise the burn will be very real!

  • Better leg strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Intensifies your regular workouts
  • An improved range of motion

"I use my ankle straps 2-3 times a week. The velcro has held up whem putting them on. The padding in the inside so keeps from scraping my ankles."


"Durable, comfortable, easy to take on and off and make me feel pretty cool when I’m at the gym"


"I ordered the cyan color and honestly love the look of it. They feel extremely sturdy and super comfortable once they’re on! The only downside is that I have skinny ankles and the straps don’t tighten all the way, it stops at a certain point."


"It looks strong, needs to be tested but because of the packaging and arrival everything is perfect."



  1. How to use Ankle Straps?

    Open the ankle strap by pulling the fabric fastener straps apart, and then wrap the strap around your ankle with the soft side facing toward your skin. Pull the strap through the D-ring at the end of the ankle strap and then secure the rough end of the fabric fastener to the soft side of the fastener. Clip the O-ring on the ankle strap to the pulley machine cable and start your workout! (Visual demonstration would help)

  2. How to work with straps on a cable machine?

    You can hook your straps into a cable machine and start your workouts!

  3. How to make sure that straps fit my ankles?

    The length of the ankle straps is 10 inches. If your ankles fall in this range, then yes, they can fit!


Boost T Levels

Hip circle bands ensure that your regular squats and glute exercises become much more exciting and intense, leaving you gasping at the end of the workout.

  • Tones your hamstrings
  • Works well for full-body workouts
  • Available in different resistance levels
  • Bigger and stronger glutes

"Just broke my hip circle in and I must say I LOVE IT! Hip thrusts never burned so good. This is my first time using it but so far it’s very durable and doesn’t roll up on my thick thighs. For the price you can’t beat that! Get it now for the booty gainz!"


"Love the quality of the band. Easy to use and very durable. My 8 and 10 year old are loving this for baseball leg strengthening as well. I cannot wait to get awesome results from this!"

-Lynnette Cody

"I have HUGE thighs, and usually bands are either to small or they're flimsy/loose because they sacrifice quality to accommodate size. This fits great and it's very sturdy with no slipping or folding during use. This has given my leg workouts a huge boost. Would definitely but again!"

-Jennie Gonzales

"I was shocked how well this worked and improved my lower body exercise. Seems like it will last a very long time!! My favorite tool at the gym right now. My glutes burn after working with this band. Absolutely love this product!"



  1. What is the width of the hip circle?

    The width of the hip bands is 3 inches.

  2. Are these bands washable?

    Yes, you can wash them but washing them in a washer can decrease their durability. It is better if you hand wash them to wipe them with a wet rag.

  3. Are fabric resistance bands better than rubber ones?

    The fabric hip bands usually provide more resistance than rubber bands.

Resistance Bands

Boost T Levels

Have you been doing kickbacks, fire hydrants, and deadlifts, yet failing to see the desired results? Use resistance bands and see how they intensify your workouts.

  • Toned and bigger booty
  • Diversifies the workouts
  • A better overall body strength
  • Builds and strengthens the muscles

"If you can’t do a pull up, use these to help you on your journey! Very solid!"


"It is offering a wide range of force as advertised. Good warnings on potential for moisture sensitivity/damage to prolong life."


"I bought the purple one to use on my base bar for help with my L sit pullups and it works like a charm and I am 185lbs. Went from two pullups to seven. Good product."


"Great bands. Durable and reliable. Much like the ones I used in college. Thank you for a great product."



  1. What are pull-up bands used for?

    The Pull-Up Bands provide more assistance at the bottom (where the band is taunt) and less at the top during fitness training. The bands enable you to Strengthen the back, arm, and shoulder muscles. It enhances overall body strength and fitness, giving you all the benefits of an expensive gym.

  2. What does the colour on each band specify?

    Each colour of the Pull-Up Bands corresponds to a specific level of resistance to make the most of your workout.

  3. What are the benefits of these pull-up bands

    Pull-up bands are great to pay your way to un-assisted pull-ups. Pullups are one of the best ways to build your back and biceps, and the bands are best wrapped around a pullup bar and then around your knees to help assist.

Squat Pad

Boost T Levels

Weightlifting is the key to getting a more robust and toned lower body, and squat pads make the process much more convenient so you don't miss out on your leg days.

  • Challenges your workout routine
  • Makes weightlifting easier yet intense
  • Saves your neck and shoulders from bruising
  • Less Joint Stress

"Good purchase for the time being. It looks very good quality, it arrived ahead of time."

-Claudia E. García Silva

"Easy to attach on and works perfectly! Just what I need. Love it."


"Amazing for hip thrusts. No more painful lifts or bruised hips. 100% recommend"


"Great bit of kit for overloading them squats without killing your neck and shoulders."

-Rodge J


  1. Are these squat pads safe?

    Yes, using squat pads for front squats will allow you to reduce stress on your joints and perform your exercise comfortably.

  2. Do these fit on a curl bar?

    Yes, it can fit a curl bar. Just make sure to tighten the straps for extra safety.

Your Key to a Peachey Booty

Use our booty bundle consistently and dedicatedly for 90 days straight and experience spectacular results!

  • Feel stronger and more confident
  • Improved muscle strength and mass
  • Toned hamstrings and quads
  • Better lower body strength

From novice to expert, this bundle holds the ability to power up intense workouts that don't only tone your glutes but also builds up insane strength. However, consistency and discipline along with the booty bundle is the key to those envious curves.

So don't wait anymore, take control of your dreams and change them to reality now!

Your Stronger Glutes Are Waiting!

Get your booty bundle and tighten and lift your butt in no time!

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    30-Days Money Back Guarantee

  • Delivery

    Free Standard Delivery Over $49

  • Free and Easy Returns On All Orders

The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. If you are not satisfied with the product, then let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will give you a full refund.

Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6461 reviews
Great Multi-Use Bands

I bought these primarily as a pullup-assist, but will probably also use them for various resistance exercises while traveling. Using the band to assist on a pullup has allowed me to work towards the goal of building a stronger back without using a lat pulldown or assisted pushup machine (both of which have their drawbacks).

GR Cole
Amazing product

Love the design and wrapped edges that don't dig into the skin. I will defiantly be getting more products from DMoose!

Shannon Parks
Fantastic gear!

I have purchased many Dmoose gym gear pieces. Every item that I have purchased has worked well for what I bought it for in the gym. The ankle straps are good quality, comfortable and easy to use with my bands and cable machine. I also have weight belts and dead lift hooks for heavy lifting on back day. The price is exceptional for the quality of these items. I love the Dmoose company and will continue to tell my friends and coworkers about their products as long as they maintain the same quality and prices they always have.

Doug Freitag
Great ! Great ! Great !

This beats taping a towel to the bar any day . It takes a little getting used to but its money well spent . I totally recommend this .

Stable Straps

These are some stable straps that can take anything you throw at them.

Great addition to my workout

This pad has helped my barbell workouts tremendously. The comfort is awesome. It has saved my neck and shoulders from bruising.

Need a little help?

If you can't do a pull up, use these to help you on your journey! Very solid!

Iona M.
Very comfortable

Great comfort for squats. Moves slightly on hip thrusts. Tight fit on the bar but love it . Very comfortable on the shoulders. Recommend it for sure