• Sculpt Your Booty to Perfection

    Do you want a bigger, better booty?
    If you’re looking to build a booty that turns heads, the Booty Building Bundle is perfect for you. These four products – hip circle bands, ankle straps, squat pads and resistance bands – will help you isolate and tone your glutes like never before. With this bundle, you’ll get everything you need to achieve the perfect booty. And don’t worry – these products are easy to use and can be incorporated into any workout routine. So what are you waiting for? Order now and start seeing results in no time!

  • See Results in Just Weeks!

    Our hip circle bands are perfect for targeting your gluteus maximus, and our ankle straps help with balance and stability while working out. Plus, our squat pads make it easier and more comfortable to perform squats correctly. Desire: With the Booty Building Bundle, you can achieve the booty of your dreams in no time! These products are essential for anyone who wants to focus on toning their glutes. Order now and see results in just weeks!

  • Look and Feel Great

    Hours a day, every single day, you spend slogging away at the gym but your backside isn’t getting any bigger. Your face says it all. Its time for something to change. Our team created this bundle of glute-building tools to finally add some muscle to your booty and make you feel great in your favorite bikini.

  • Perform Workouts Right Where You Are

    Having to use free weights and dealing with machines that don’t always quite ‘fit’ your body is annoying, uncomfortable and does nothing for your confidence. Keeping a personal trainer around is expensive, confusing and can interrupt your life far too often. You’ll have to go to them or make time for them. But we thought – why not keep them at home? Booty Building Bundle offers high quality resistance bands, hip circles, squat pads and ankle straps allowing you to perform the most effective workouts right where you are.

  • Maximum Gains in Size and Strength

    Designed for both home and gym use, the Booty Building Bundle promotes maximum gains in size and strength. The collection includes everything you need to perform targeted exercises that develop your glutes, quads, hamstrings and other muscles Unlike similar products available on the market, this bundle is backed by our highest-level of customer service; we want you to understand how to get results Click Add to Cart to purchase this Booty Building Bundle now.

  • Don't just sit there, feel the burn

    Many of our customers are gym freaks with a goal to build a big behind. To achieve this, we design gear that ensures constant tension throughout the exercise and prevents early termination of the training set, so your glutes work harder than you think. Booty Building Bundle helps you build a bigger booty and add layers of tension on specific muscles during squats or hip thrusts. We have seen a significant increase in glute development within our users and can help you achieve this result too. If you are interested in building a bigger booty of your own, then enter discount code "booty" for 20% off at checkout.

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Open the ankle strap by pulling the fabric fastener straps apart and then wrap the strap around your ankle with the soft side facing in toward your skin. Pull the strap through the D-ring at the end of the ankle strap and then secure the rough end of the fabric fastener to the soft side of the fastener. Clip the O-ring on the ankle strap to the pulley machine cable and start your workout! (Visual demonstration would help)

Ankle straps are only for your ankles and not the shoes!

You can attach the bands to the strap and then with the cable machine to experience more effective workouts!

The fabric hip bands usually provide more resistance than rubber bands.

Yes, they are all the same size, but all three have different resistance levels.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good product for personal training

I'm a personal trainer and I decided that I can't really be doing training without any equipment so I got this and a couple of other things and both me and my clients are happy! Great purchase.

Not relying on grip strength as much

Bought these for my son and he really likes them. Says he can lift more during pull exercises since there's not so much pressure on his grip strength.

Erica Raneblad

Absolutely amazing customer service and a great product! Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Great Quality

I bought just one. But it is great quality and very durable. I would recommend to others.

Kyle Pappas-Adamson

I'm definitely not being payed for this review. The dmoose HIP CIRCLE have changed my workouts. I absolutely love them, and on heavier weights the padding feels very comfortable.

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