Best Leg Exercises of All Time


Best Leg Exercises of All Time

Exercise is the best thing that keeps everyone fit, active, and healthy. Exercises are of many types including arm, leg, hip, chest and so many exercises that keep you healthy. Above all, leg exercises are often ignored by people because many workout lovers take leg exercises on a lighter note. The leg exercise is equally important like other body exercises. It helps to improve the tone of your body because legs help you to move and walk easily, so you have no chance to skip leg exercises. You should work on improving the tone of your body, but first, you have to make your legs stronger and leaner. Burning fats also become easier when you make your legs strong because legs support and control your entire body movement.

We see many workout lovers do upper body exercises in the gym and avoid lower body exercises. The leg is a lower body exercise that should be a part of your workout routine. Make leg training an essential workout whether you go to the gym or do it at home. Leg training keeps you super fit because you control body weight through legs. Can you imagine life without strong legs? You can’t live a healthy life without strong legs. For those who ignore leg exercises and consider it an unimportant part of the training, we have found some best leg exercises for them. Mentioned below are some of the best leg exercises!


The most important and easy for beginners is lunges. If you are a beginner and planning to start some healthy leg exercises, you can start from lunges. You can start from a single move and then you can gradually increase the counts. You need to stand straight to your feet by hands on your hips, now take a right foot forward and take a big forward step. Repeat this process again and again until you are tired. Make sure your back leg makes a 90-degree angle to your knee. The speed should be normal when you practice lunges.

Don’t practice in a hurry and spend at least 10 minutes doing lunges. You can take small steps if you are not good with your knees because of injuries. For finding some variations in lunges, you can practice walking lunges to bring some change in exercise. Walking lunge is effective for experts, but for beginners, the basic lunge training is good enough.

Heel Raises

The heel raising technique is for those who don’t have time for doing leg exercises. This is the best and easiest leg exercise that can be practiced anywhere, even at home. If you are not going to the gym, then you have no excuse for doing hail raises. You can practice it in your living room by using a chair. You need to stand straight on your feet holding both hands on the chair and lifting heels high on tiptoes. Hold your heels up for at least 10 seconds. Do it for a minimum of 20 times and there is no limit for maximum heel raising practice. The purpose of heel raising exercise is to strengthen your calf muscles and it is no doubt the easiest exercise for legs.


If you are lazy and don’t have sufficient time for running, swimming and walking, you can do the training of plies at your home. It is another easy exercise for legs that can keep you fit and healthy. The purpose of doing this exercise is to strengthen your inner and outer thighs. How can you do plies training? It is simple! Open your legs for around 45 degrees and stand straight on your legs. Turn your feet outward and do sits and ups for as many times you can do in the same position. For finding balance while doing plies, you can keep your hands on a chair and hips, but the better is to not use any support while doing plies. The best is to repeat the plies for at least 25 times. Do it daily to strengthen your legs, especially outer and inner thighs.

Front Squat

Searching for some best leg exercises, you should do proper training front squat. A perfect exercise people do for strengthening their legs especially ankles and hips. Front squats cover dual benefits, other than providing strength to legs the exercise is also effective for shoulders. It is a kind of abs workout done for strengthening legs. For doing the front squat, you need to keep your elbows high and keep hip and knee position straight with straight shoulders. Make sure the heels and toes are touching the ground. Further, up and down movement should be done with balance.

Leg Press

Looking for best leg training? You can try leg press exercises to find balance in your legs. The leg press is so beneficial for your health because it covers so many variations when you apply pressure on your legs. The leg press is effective for your legs, hips, knees, and back. It provides strength to your backbone because you keep your legs straight on the wall and machine you use for leg press. After putting your legs straight on the machine, you start pressing your legs backward and forward. This provides pressure to your knees and you feel good with your back. You can do maximum leg press; it is up to your strength and force.

Glute Bridge

There are so many exercises for legs that can make you fit, but no exercise comes close to Glute Bridge when it comes to finding the right balance and back support. For doing this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor to take a position. Lift your back up by keeping your knees and legs straight. Lift your back up and down again and again to repeat the process. This provides the right balance to your legs when you lift your legs higher. You can do Glute Bridge anywhere; even at home, you can practice this exercise.

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