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Why Ankle Straps are The Best Choice for Lower Body Perfection


Why Ankle Straps are The Best Choice for Lower Body Perfection

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If you want to achieve toned and tighter legs, ankle straps exercises are what you need. By using ankle straps for the cable pulley machine, you can add to your legs and hips' existing size, strength, and tightness. You can surely have better-looking legs by incorporating ankle strap exercises into your workout routine. So let's learn how ankle straps for cable machines can help you achieve the perfect body you have been aiming for a long time. 

Before discussing more about ankle straps, let's understand why toning your lower body is so important.

Why is Toning the Lower Body Important?

Despite having a regular workout routine, there are high chances that you ignore exercises that target your lower body muscles, such as hamstrings, calves, etc., because it takes a long time to witness significant results in these areas. Contrary to this, you can easily bulk up your arms and shoulders in a much shorter period by training them regularly.

But you would not want to have bigger arms, and stronger chest muscles propped on skinny legs. So you must not neglect your lower body, and understand how toning and strengthening your lower body can help you enjoy multiple benefits, such as:

Enhance Your Balance and Agility

Your body’s largest muscles, primarily responsible for stabilizing your entire body, are found in the hips, butts, and legs. Toning and strengthening your lower body will help you improve your agility and balance. It will also help you avoid any injuries and falls during workouts.

If you want to avoid muscle imbalances and perform a well-rounded workout, you cannot get away with strengthening and toning your lower body.

Improves Your Athletic Performance

If you are into football, basketball, or rugby, having a sturdy lower body can help you improve your athletic performance. Such sports highly depend on the power you gain from your lower body; therefore, good leg strength is a must. You must dedicate proper time to cable ankle strap exercises if you want to tone your lower body and witness a noticeable difference in your sports performance.

Boost Metabolism and Increases Your Stamina

You cannot increase your stamina without strengthening your lower body. Toned and sturdy hips and legs will help you power through your workout routine or everyday chores with minimal effort. Besides, by strengthening your lower body muscles, you can burn more calories and lose weight quickly.

Moreover, since toning your lower body requires you to work harder, it is far more effective than cardio. To perform lower body exercises to boost your metabolism.

Reduce Pain

Even a minor weakness in the muscle tissue can result in painful knots. However, toning and strengthening your lower body can help you minimize widespread muscle pain. If you spend a considerable amount of time working on a computer or lifting heavy objects, toning your lower body can help you overcome the discomfort that comes with excessive strain.

Besides, cable back exercises also help stabilize your entire core; therefore, you will also improve your posture. Toning your lower body will help you avoid back and neck pain, which usually results from poor posture.

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of toning your lower body, let's discuss what ankle straps are and how they help tone your lower body.


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What are Ankle Straps?

Ankle straps are a highly useful gym accessory that you can use to achieve a perfect lower body. The straps tighten around your ankles and come with a hook on the back or side. You can hook these straps into a machine called a cable pulley.

Doing so will allow you to work out your legs and abs in different planes as cable pulleys help you move freely. The unique nature of ankle straps will help you train your legs better than any other gym equipment.

When combined with a cable pulley machine, Ankle straps allow you to perform an effective workout that can strengthen your lower body; this is why many athletes use ankle cable ankle strap. Some of the other benefits of ankle straps workout are discussed in the next section:

Why Do Athletes Use Ankle Straps for Cable Machines?

As ankle straps with cable machines make your training more efficient and help you achieve faster results in toning your lower body, many athletes commonly use it. Some of the reasons that athletes use ankle straps is because it:

Helps Sculpt Your Lower Body to Perfection

Using the ankle straps for the cable machine helps you target your lower body, legs, hamstrings, glutes. The amazing gym accessory helps tone and tighten your muscle groups and create a leaner and muscular body. You need to attach it to your cable machine, and you can dive into a perfect glutes workout and experience some substantial gains.

Perform Various Exercises

You can use the ankle straps with almost all standard cable systems and other similar equipment. The ankle straps for the cable machine can help you perform various exercises, such as leg extensions, hip abductors, leg workouts, and glute workouts. If you want to add variety to your lower body workout, ankle straps are the best gym accessory that you can invest in.

Comfortable to Use

As compared to most gym accessories, ankle straps are much more comfortable on your body. You can easily train your legs, core, butt and build leaner and stronger muscles using ankle straps.

Remains snug

Each cuff of the ankle straps is fitted with a reliable fastening system and can support extra pulls, weights, and stretches, especially during a heavy workout. The unique fastening system ensures that the ankle straps remain snug and never move up and down while you work out.

Now that you know the basics and benefits of ankle straps, the next section will help you learn to use the ankle straps properly.

How to Use the Ankle Straps Properly?

Follow these simple steps to use ankle straps properly:

  1. Find a cable machine with an adjustable pulley
  2. Adjust the cable
  3. Attach an ankle strap around your both ankles
  4. Make sure it is secure
  5. Hook the ankle strap to the carabiner attachment on the cable pulley

After you have learned to use the ankle straps properly, let's go through the exercises that can help you tone your butt, core, and glute.



Aside from toning and tightening your lower body, this exercise strengthens your core as well, even though it’s a bit tough on the abdominal muscles! To perform this exercise, make sure you have a flat bench to lie down on. Wear your Ankle Straps on both your ankles and attach the cable to them at the same time keeping them together. Your whole body should be straight in a line, with your feet facing the pulley machine. to maintain your balance, you can either grab the bench you are lying on or some other support near it. With contained motion lift both your ankles in the air such that your whole body makes an ‘L’ Shape. Your legs should be straight. Slowly, lower back into the starting position. This completes one rep. do the desired number of reps.



The Hip Abductor is an exercise that targets your glutes and aims specifically at toning your butt and hips to give them the perfect shape! To prepare for this exercise, set the pulley machine at the lowest setting, wear your Ankle Straps, and attach one side to the machine. The shoulder to the leg that is not weighted should face the machine. Raise your weighted leg to the side, and squeeze your glutes. Then slowly bring your leg down. This completes one rep. After doing the number of reps, your trainer has recommended you, switch to the other leg and repeat



As the name explains, this exercise works the inside of your legs. It is the opposite of hip abductors. Stand in front of a pulley machine and attach the inside ankle to the cable using our Ankle Strap. After setting into position, lift the weighted leg off the ground and towards the side until you can pull no more. Hold this position for a second and then come back to the starting position. This completes one rep. after finishing this exercise for one leg, switch to the other.



As the name suggests, this cable exercise targets the Hamstrings Muscles and tones them in such a way that they gain a pump! As in the Hip Abductors, keep the machine at the lowest setting and strap just one ankle to it. Face towards the machine while holding it and raise the weighted leg such that your heels touch your butt. All your weight will now be balanced on one leg. Hold this position momentarily before returning to where you started. This completes one rep. Perform suggested reps on one side and then switch to the other leg.


This exercise targets your hamstrings and glutes muscles. Prepare a bench and place it at a little distance from the cable machine. wear your ankle straps on both ankles. Set the cable at its lowest setting and hook it up to both the straps on your ankles. Lie face down on either the bench or on the floor, as you prefer. Start with your body in a straight line. Slowly curl up your legs such that your heels touch your butt. Wait for a second, and then return back to the original position. complete your desired number of repetitions.



Like the Cable Hamstring Curls, this exercise tests your balance and activates your glutes, quads, and hip flexors as well as your hamstrings! Keep the same initial position as one in the cable hamstring curl, i.e., machine on lowest setting one ankle attached at a time. With the front of your body towards the pulley machine. Lift your weighted leg back slowly to make a right angle at your knees; then gradually extend your legs backward until they are fully straight. This action generates pressure on your quads and hip flexors. Return back to the 90-degree angle position. This completes one rep. perform a suggested number of reps on one side and then switch to the other leg.



Kickbacks not only fire up the glutes but also train the booty. With added weight through cables, the intensity increases ten-folds! This is an isolation exercise for the glutes so remember to contract them. With the pulley machine in its lowest setting, wear your  Ankle Straps on both the ankles and attach them to the cable. Facing the machine, hold it and extend your leg backward. Hold this position for a moment, then return back to the starting position. This completes one rep. repeat the same with the other leg. Do the required number of repetitions.


The muscle groups activated in this exercise are the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The added weight due to the cable just fires up your glutes! With the cable machine on the lowest setting, wear your ankle strap on one ankle and hook it up to the cable. Your non-weighted side should face the cable pulley machine. Perform a regular side lunge with your weighted leg, i.e., a large side step, flexing your knee in a lunge position. hold this position for a moment. Do the desired number of reps and repeat with the other leg.


This exercise targets your abs. keeping the pulley machine on its lowest setting, wear your Ankle Straps on both the ankles and attach them to the cable at the same time. Keep both your ankles together. Lie flat on the ground and get into the standard crunch position. Start performing regular crunches, but with increased leg stretching. This allows the weight of the cable to act more on your legs, thus making the exercise difficult! Repeat for desired reps.


These cable lunges allow you to stimulate the abs and also tone your butt. Keep the pulley on the lowest setting, ankle trap on one ankle, and cable attached. Walk a little distance away from the machine so as to feel the weight of the cable acting your legs. Keeping your hands on your hips to keep balance, pull the weighted knee to your chest and then gradually drop into a backward lunge. Hold the backward lunge position momentarily before coming back into the knee to the chest position. This completes one rep. Do suggested reps for one leg and then switch to the other.

Cable Exercises

This section will refer to the best cable exercises that can help you achieve a perfect glute, strong core, and toned legs.

Exercise for a Perfect Glute – Cable Kickbacks

The cable glute workout is essential for toning your lower body, and one of the best exercises you can do to train your body and strengthen your weak glutes is cable kickbacks.

  1. Attach a strap to your ankles and keep the cable pulley on a low setting.
  2. Face the machine and hold it, and use your arm to balance.
  3. Extended the weighted leg as backward as you can
  4. Hold it for one second at the top before you slowly lower the leg back to the initial position
  5. Complete 15 reps on each leg

Exercise for Strong Core – Weighted Leg Raises

The ankle weight exercises are not only for toning your legs or glutes, but they can also help you train your core. Weighted leg raises are one of the best core exercises:

  • Attach the cable to both your ankles, keep them together, and grab a bench.
  • With your weighted ankles toward the pulley machine, lie down on the bench.
  • Grab another machine or bench nearby to maintain balance.
  • Slowly lift both weight ankles straight into the air.
  • After your body makes an “L” shape, you may lower the legs down.
  • You must feel this move in the abdominal area.
  • Target 20 reps, at least.

Exercises for Legs – Working the Inner and Outer Thighs

While there are many exercises that you can perform with ankle straps and cable machines, the best exercise for toning your inner and outer thigh is what you must begin with:

  • Stand about an arm’s distance from the machine or sideways to the pulley.
  • Attach the cuff on the ankle farthest from the pulley, and place that foot in front of the other.
  • Lift the cuffed leg directly out to the side with your leg fully extended while resisting the tension.
  • Return to the initial position.
  • To work the inner thigh, you must again turn your cuffed leg facing the pulley.
  • Begin with your straight leg directly out to your side, and pull against the resistance. Stop when your foot is just slightly in front of the other.
  • Return to the initial position.
  • Aim for two sets of 8 to 12 reps.

How to Choose the Right Ankle Straps?

When choosing an ankle strap that can be a perfect fit, consider the essential features, such as adjustability, fastening mechanism, quality, and choose the fabric that ensures maximum comfort. The DMoose ankle strap for cable machines is one of the reliable and high-quality products that you can try.

 Ankle straps are specifically designed to attach perfectly to your ankles so that you never skip the "leg training day." The high-adjustability feature ensures a smart fit, and optimal athlete support provides maximum security.

DMoose ankle straps are extremely lightweight and made from a breathable neoprene material providing a comfortable workout experience. Besides, the comfortable padding protects your skin, especially during an intense workout, and the non-slip design ensures that the strap stays in place.

Due to the extraordinary features, you can expand your muscle-building routine with ankle straps for cable machines.

Ankle Straps for Cable Machine

Strong, toned, and sculpted legs are what we all desire, but what to do when traditional&nbs...


Ankle straps are a unique gym accessory that helps you achieve a toned and perfect lower body. You can see a noticeable difference in your lower body within no time by incorporating a cable machine workout routine into your training schedule.

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