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Strong Glutes – 8 Week Booty Burner Workout 

Having a well-developed booty is not just an aesthetic goal but is necessary for individuals. It helps you maintain proper posture and avoid injuries by tripping and falling.

Daniel Murphy
Strong Glutes – 8 Week Booty Burner Workout 
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If you believe exercising your glutes is all about getting a curvy appearance, then you couldn't be any more wrong.

Glutes comprise gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus making it one of the biggest muscles of our body.

Having strong glute muscles offers various benefits, including an improved posture and reduced back pain. 

In this article, we've developed a full-fledged 8-week booty burner program that will help you build the booty of your dreams, so keep reading.

Workout Description

Main Goal

Build Muscle

Workout Type

Single Muscle Group

Training Level


Program Duration

8 Weeks

Days Per Week


Time Per Workout

50-60 Minutes

Equipment Required

Bodyweight, Cables, Dumbbells, Machines

Target Gender


Having strong glute muscles helps you improve your body posture and prevent injuries by strengthening your bones and stabilizing your body. Since our glutes are responsible for the torso, pelvis, hips, and legs, having strong hip muscles allows us to balance our body on the legs properly and support the lower back, helping us stand straight without falling.

This 8-week long booty burner workout is thoughtfully designed for women looking for ways to train their glutes. These workouts are for intermediate fitness levels and require the trainees to exercise consistently and patiently to achieve maximum benefits.

If you've been working out for the last six to eight months, you fall into the intermediate fitness level category. Since this workout plan requires a lot of strength and has tedious workouts with little to no gaps in between, you must fall into the intermediate level category.

Furthermore, if you want to see the best results with our workout plan, you must be focused on your workouts and create a stable mind-muscle connection, so you are able to fully activate your muscles. 

Always warm-up and cool down your glutes with simple workouts so your muscles are not sore the next day. Follow the workout tips efficiently and concentrate on your knees and toes placement throughout the exercises to avoid tripping and injuring yourself.

To boost your workout results, you can use supplements like creatine powder, as it helps produce maximum energy when exercising so you can power through your workouts.

Moreover, adding protein powders and multivitamins can also help you meet your body's daily nutrition goals, which will help you achieve the desired results of our 8-week booty burner workout plan effectively.

Full Glute Workout for Legs

In this 8-week workout plan, the target is to take your fitness level from an intermediate to an advanced level and help you achieve a firm and beautifully sculpted booty. In addition to a curvaceous glute's muscles, this plan will help you improve your body posture, learn how to advance your workouts, exercise with little to no breaks, and challenge your exercise limits.

The workouts may not differ a lot from the plan, but their intensity will increase bi-weekly with reduced breaks and increased reps and sets so that you can develop strong glute muscles efficiently and effectively.

The booty burner-full glute workout for legs is a thoughtfully curated 8-week long workout program consisting of various exercises that will help you strengthen your glutes.

In this program, the workouts are divided into four sessions and will be done three times a week, while the rest of the four days will be taken as rest days. It is preferred if the individuals follow the program thoroughly and consistently for achieving the results.

Moreover, it is suggested that when you workout, you must have all the gym gear required, and add this workout schedule in your cardio routines as well for the future, so you don't end up losing the muscle gains. 

Week 1-2

So for the first two weeks, you will be following the below-mentioned workouts. For these weeks, the workouts have just 2 sets with 10-15 reps because we want your body to get in gear for the intense workouts coming ahead. 

These workouts and exercise plans require you to warm up and cool down properly after the session so your muscles don't get sore. Take a 20-30 second break in between these workouts so you don't end up getting hurt.

These exercises will help you target all your lower body muscles and train your glutes. Therefore, focus on your movements and create a mind-muscle connection to enjoy the exercises.

Single Leg Deadlift25 per leg
Single Leg Touchdown215
Donkey Kicks210 per leg
Bodyweight Hip Thrust210
Alternating Lunges With Twist210
Stiff-Legged Deadlift210

Week 3-4

Now that you've managed to make it through your first two weeks, you've got a little idea of how the exercises are going to be. If you've been able to make it through the previous weeks easily, these next two weeks will not be very hard for you to survive.

In the third and fourth week of your workout plan, you'll be halfway through the course; this means that you should be able to notice a few inches going up and down or notice your glutes getting toned up.

If you're unable to notice any changes by the end of the week, you don't have to worry because our bodies are different, and we're certain that you will have a curvy and strong booty by the end of the workout plan.

The workout sets remain the same in the coming weeks, but the reps have increased, and your breaks have been reduced to 15-20 seconds only. All these minute changes will help you build up your stamina for last week's workout plan, which will be a surprise on its own.

Cable Glute Kickback25 per leg
Single Leg Bodyweight Hip Thrust23 per leg
Stiff-Legged Deadlift210
Reverse Hack Squat210
Donkey Kicks215
Goblet Squat 215

Week 5-6

If you've made it through the first four weeks, now nothing can stop you from achieving your ideal booty. Therefore, get into the next two-week workouts and shine through in your last two weeks with firm legs and glutes because they won't be easy.

This week, the workouts mix the last four weeks' workouts but with a further increase in the sets and reps. In these workouts, you're going to take 10 seconds to break only because we want you to prepare for the next coming weeks.

These fifth- and sixth-week workouts will get your leg and glute muscles worked up like never before, and you will be able to feel the burn in your muscles.

Cable Glute Kickback35 per leg
Single Leg Touchdown310 per leg
Alternating Lunge With Twist320
Goblet Squat320
Reverse Hack Squat310

Week 7-8

Pat yourself on the back because you've just made it into your final weeks of the booty burner-full glute workout. As promised, these last week's workouts are a surprise for you.

Here is the surprise; Ms. Olympia Bikini winner Courtney king gives you her final two-week lower body exercise plan. She follows this exact booty workout, which has given her an award-winning body. 

For these weeks, you need to perform 3 sets of every workout with the given number of sets, but here is the challenge, there are no breaks in between. The only break in these workouts you will be getting is to switch from one gym gear to the other or change your posture for the next workout.

Scared? Don't be! You've already made it through the first 6 weeks, and we are sure that you can make it through these two weeks as well and achieve your booty goals in just a matter of days.

Single Leg Deadlift310
Goblet Squat310
Reverse Hack Squat312
Cable Glute Kickback310 per leg
Stiff-Legged Deadlift315
Bodyweight Hip Thrust310
Single Leg Bodyweight Hip Thrust35 per leg


Having a well-developed booty is not just an aesthetic goal but is necessary for individuals. It helps you maintain proper posture and avoid injuries by tripping and falling. Regardless of what your reasons are to have a firm booty, the program, as mentioned above, is the one that will help you achieve your goals if followed through properly.

It is essential to incorporate supplements in your workouts because they are the ones that help boost your exercises and give you the energy to survive the difficult days and exercises. Lastly, gaining muscle mass and strengthening any muscle in your body requires determination, consistency, and hard work. 

Your motivation will die down in a few days, but the main goal is where your eyes should be, and you must make sure to move your body thrice a week minimum to achieve the desired booty goal. Discipline over motivation is what will make or break your fitness journey. 

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