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Top 7 Proven Ways to Go From Lean to Muscular

Steven Hill
Top 7 Proven Ways to Go From Lean to Muscular
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A perfect body with no fat and more muscles is the dream of everyone. However, achieving this dream and bringing it to reality might be a little hard with much patience. If you are following correct practices and are maintaining your lifestyle, then the good news is that you might be near to your goals.

A lean and chiseled body looks good, but what makes you more attractive is that perfect balance of muscles. Apart from enhancing your visual appeal, a muscular body gives you much strength and endurance to perform your day-to-day activities without stress or tiredness.

Exercise is a key factor and a requirement for strong and bulky muscles. Combining the right exercises with different forms can help you get muscle mass and give your body a desirable look.

Apart from exercising, nutrition and diet planning is another noteworthy aspect to consider while gaining muscle mass. Paying attention to what you eat and how you eat can help you get a good and muscular body.

Remember that your ultimate focus should be to make your body strong and healthy. As long as you are following healthy practices, your body is in good shape. There are some other aspects that you need to consider to get your body in good form. In the following article, we have discussed some important tips that will help you to get your dream body.

    7 Ways to Build Muscle

    Building muscles does not work overnight. A person needs to be patient and actively follow the basic requirements of gaining strength to have a muscular body. Some of the proven ways that will help you to get muscular and, above all, healthy are listed below:

    Aim for Strength Training 

    According to research, it has become clear that the first step to working for a muscular body should be developing strength. If your body is lean and you are experiencing some weakness, you should get involved in strength training. With the right exercises, you will get the strength that is needed for building strong muscle fibers.

    Strength training exercises improve your endurance and strengthen your body from the inside. Such type of training involves the usage of specific equipment such as lifting weight.

    Lifting more weight helps in gaining maximum muscle fibers, which in return helps in gaining muscle mass. It is better to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of exercises for better results.

    Rely On Proteins 

    Proteins are the building block of the body which have many important amino acids in them. They can help you much to gain that muscular mass which you have always wanted. Proteins provide you with all the energy and increase your endurance to perform better exercises and manage your catabolic muscles stress.

    There are many food choices that you can consider to get the right protein in the body. However, it is always a good option for more muscle mass to opt for a health supplement that can provide you with all essential amino acids and precursors such as whey protein. Such supplements have all the amino acids in them, which you need for your growth and development.

    Pay Attention to Your Eating Habits 

    The habits that you have and your lifestyle play a key role in gaining muscle mass. Usually, people eat three meals in a day with all the basic nutrients. But, if your goal is to gain muscle mass, you need to make some changes to your eating habits, such as eating small but frequent meals, paying attention to hydration, and balancing macronutrients.

    Do not cut down on any nutrient for muscle gain, but it is better to achieve a positive balance in consuming foods. Avoid excessive consumption of Trans or saturated fat, simple carbs, and sweet beverages. Research published in Sports (Basel) for dietary guidelines for bodybuilders gives a brief insight into eating patterns necessary for muscle gain and energy.

    Have Some Supplements 

    Supplements can do a lot of good to your body if your main goal is to gain muscle mass. Supplements such as beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, and branched-chain amino acids can help in increasing your endurance and muscle mass at a faster rate. They also help to prevent muscle loss during extensive training sessions and recover them effectively.

    The research studying the effects of supplementation on muscle mass showed that you could have more strength and endurance by using them. These supplements also help keep up with the requirements of basic nutrients, which will give you more strength and endurance.

    Utilize Rest Days Effectively 

    A well-balanced and all-rounder workout session allows you to have rest days in which your body can recover and cope up with the damage. Many people often make the mistake of taking complete rest on their off days by doing nothing. The best way to utilize your rest day is to keep yourself active and to move even when you don’t feel so.

    Your muscles grow at a rapid rate when you are on rest. According to a study, rest days can also help in reducing the chances of injury or any fatigue-related conditions. It is important to eat right even on your rest days and stretch with a foam roller for better performance in the next workout sessions.

    Increase Your Caloric Requirements

    When your goal is to get more bulky and muscular, the most effective technique is to increase your caloric intake. Athletes and bodybuilders who train harder have increased calorie requirements so that the body keeps on receiving adequate fuel and energy. Likewise, you must increase your calories a bit more than the usual amount for more muscle mass.

    A positive energy balance will give you the right nutrients and calories for gaining more muscle mass. The research has also proved that eating more calories than usual can help gain more skeletal muscle mass and prevent muscle wasting to the maximum.

    Focus On Post Recovery

    Post recovery has much importance regarding muscle gains and mass. It might be difficult to gain muscles if you do not give yourself enough time to recover or follow a healthy post-workout routine. It is necessary to emphasize the post-workout session as it also plays a key role in developing good health.

    Stretching, having some supplements designed for post-workout routines, sleeping at the right time, and eating right are important areas that your muscles demand from you. You also need to monitor your hydration status for an effective workout routine. Following post-workout routines can help in improving your performance as well.

    7 Key Points to Keep In Mind

    Muscle building is a complex phenomenon that requires effort, healthy practices, patience, and the right mindset. Gaining muscles feel good and give you much confidence. However, it is always best to consider your body type, and your body needs first to have better results.

    Following are some points which you need to remember throughout your journey of getting muscular and healthy:

    Focus On Your Strength First 

    If you do not have strength in your body, it will be difficult to perform any exercise. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on your strength first and then to work on more challenging routines. With ample strength in the body, you will work better, and your body will be in a good and sound state as well.

    Prioritize Your Health 

    Health is wealth and should be your priority. If something doesn't feel right to your body, you should immediately stop doing that. Pushing your body beyond its limits can become a hurdle in your muscle-building journey. It is necessary to focus on your health first and allow your body to adapt to changes at a slow pace.

    Do Not Jump on Unhealthy Eating 

    As soon as you start seeing some results and are overjoyed with happiness, you will want to celebrate. But, the best option is to stop right here and not even think about eating unhealthy food. Muscle building is a slow process that works on many days and by following many steps. Unhealthy eating can disturb the whole process and so should be avoided.

    Stay Persistent and Focused 

    Patience and focus are the key requirements for building muscles. Muscle building requires time, and it will be better if you give your body this time to do the work. Persistent workout sessions can provide you with the best results.

    Give All Nutrients to Your Body

    Your body requires all nutrients to work at an optimal and balanced rate. Depriving your body of any nutrient will not work to your benefit. Rather, it might work oppositely and may pose some deficiency risks. Make sure to have a balanced diet with all basic nutrients from all food groups for your health.

    Do Not Go Overboard With Training 

    Do not be impatient while working to gain your muscles. Doing excessive training can cause more muscle damage which will break your muscle fibers rather than building them. Listen to the needs and requirements of your body and design your training plan accordingly.

    Fulfill Your Hydration Status

    Balancing your hydration status is of much more significant value than you might think. A perfect fluid intake can help you keep your electrolyte balance and perform exercises in the best way. Remember to take ample fluid during your exercise sessions by keeping a water bottle at your side for enhanced endurance.


    Muscle building is a healthy process that requires enough time and hard work. To make this process more fruitful and effective, you need to pay attention to associated factors such as exercise intensity, nutrition, lifestyle management, and supplements.

    Your body can get enough muscle mass by eating the right proteins and increasing calories. Using different weights can also help in achieving this goal in the best way. Make sure to change your practices a bit for more healthy and beneficial effects on the body.

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