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How to Get a Stronger Neck?


How to Get a Stronger Neck?
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According to the statistics, most men fancy a thicker neck over a skinnier one. Why is that? When an athlete or a bodybuilder gains mass and bulks up, their neck appears disproportionate compared to the rest of the body. Thus, scraggy necks don't get the same affection as their girthy counterparts.

Now, how thick, you may wonder? The average circumference of a male's neck is fifteen inches. Most prefer to raise that measurement to at least eighteen or nineteen inches. Many claim that a more significant neck looks more attractive, and sometimes big necks even appear intimidating.

If you are not blessed with a more oversized neck and have your Google history littered with countless 'how to get a bigger neck' articles that don't work, then fear not; you have come to the right place. Plenty of routines are designed to drive your dreams of having a more significant, muscular neck to becoming a reality!

Anatomy of Your Neck Muscles

Anatomy of your Neck Muscles

It is always best to know what you affect in your body before altering it. Below is the anatomy of your neck muscles, related body parts, and ways to safely reshape it and gain a healthy lifestyle.

Our neck is occupied by muscles that enable it to be flexed, twisted, turned, and extended. Exercising helps in the bulking up of the neck, but the results are more prominent because of two significant muscles; (upper) trapezius and sternocleidomastoid.

Your necks appearance heavily depends on the upper traps (the uppermost fibers of the trapezius muscle). This kind of neck muscle is responsible for allowing us to shrug our shoulders, which means it can be easily trained by compound lifts (deadlifts, loaded carries, overhead presses, and lateral presses).

No dedicated lifts or particular exercise is required you only need to build muscles for thoroughly trained upper traps.

Image here

Next, we have erector spinae, also known as spinal erectors. These short muscles span over several vertebrae (backbone/ spine). They are connected so high up that they can only be trained by lifts that force the head to be driven under the load (for example, neck extensions and neck bridges).

Strengthening the spinal erectors will make the neck appear muscular from the left or right profile, but they aren't 'thicker' or 'bigger.' They create an illusion of a 'thick neck.'

The only muscles that influence the width and strength of our neck are the upper trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

The sternocleidomastoid muscles are neck flexors', trained by lifts that drive the head forward under load, such as neck curls. The neck muscles can bend and twist our necks from side to side, so doing these lateral raises can help bulk them up. However, you can skip side raises and do neck curls as the same muscles are trained by just them too.

Neck Harness

Neck head harness is a worthy addition for MMA Fighters, footballers, bodybuilders. It prevents cervical spine issues, strengthens neck muscles & provides stability to your neck workout.

Do Not Forget the Posture

Do Not Forget the Posture!

It is also essential to take care of your posture! What contributes to poor posture? Poor posture often stems from modern-day habits such as working in front of a computer, reclining on a couch, or looking down at a smartphone.

Poor posture can also be due to long hours spent carrying heavy objects, such as work equipment or grocery bags. These activities can force or pressurize you to stoop or bring your shoulders forward.

This over-stretches and can weaken the muscles in the back of your shoulders and shorten the muscles in the front of your shoulders and chest. Gravity then works on those strained muscles and pulls them down, making them too weak to be pulled back up.

If core muscles in your back and abdomen have grown weak from inactivity, they can also cause you to lean forward. Those muscles are crucial to lifting your frame, at the same time, keeping you upright.

Besides that, another reason behind your poor posture could be broken bones. You might have heard that people with brittle bones (osteoporosis) can experience compression fractures where the bones in the back (vertebrae) aren't strong enough to support your body weight. And then, the bone collapses on the front side, the part closest to the chest.

As the collapsed vertebrae stack up, the spine becomes rounded and resultantly bends forward, a condition called dowager's hump. Don't be afraid; here is the key to fixing poor posture; practicing strengthening and stretching the upper back, chest, and core muscles. Let me unveil another product that can help you fix this poster; the Neck Harness.

Image here

The DMoose Neck Harness for weightlifting is the perfect tool for a more muscular, healthier neck. The harness helps you stretch deeper and supports your head and neck in any position. It is a training tool that can help you achieve improved results than just exercising alone.

Do you know that poor posture can cause neck pain by straining muscles and ligaments that support your neck, resulting in injury over time? You can't get the strong neck you fancy with a crooked base, right? So, keep yourself and your neck in check by monitoring your neck's position- don't slant it forward and place the head in front of the shoulders.

Coming towards some essential precautions, you can work on your posture in everyday activities by cutting down on activities that can lead to poor posture, too. Take breaks from the computer and TV time, and exercise more.

Fix your posture before you fix your neck training exercises to achieve quicker results! To sum it up, start with a perfect posture. A good neck bulking routine will include some heavy compound lifts to train our fleshy upper traps, extra neck extensions to ensure every fiber is getting polished, and many necks curling to bulk up the sternocleidomastoid muscles.

Above, we brushed over the framework of our neck and then briefly discussed how little movements contribute to your neck's appearance. Remember that despite the upper traps being the biggest neck muscles, they don't make it thicker.

You must incorporate dedicated strength training into your routine to achieve a broader neck.

Exercises to Help You Accomplish Your Goal

Excercises to help your accomplish your goal

Please proceed with caution it should go without saying that you should never suddenly put your body through strenuous activities. You don't expect a fetus to start walking when born, do you? The same goes for you and your body.

Always ease into your training, don't dive in precipitously. Start easy and slowly work your way up. If you notice that your neck feels slightly stiff at first, you can avoid it by bodyweight neck stretches before and after your workout and on rest days. You can also implement warm-up sets to prepare before getting started.

Now you are ready for your actual training. Below, you will find exercises you can perform at your local gym or home! Neck exercises are very versatile, which allows the athlete to get a muscular neck with or without the help of "required" equipment.

Neck Curls

Neck Curls

Neck curls are crucial to your neck training as they are efficient and work on the sternocleidomastoid muscles, giving us a thicker neck when viewed from the front.

Using Weights

  • Start by wearing a hat to create a barrier between the weight plate and your forehead to prevent bruises and ridges.
  • Place the plate on your forehead and move your chin towards the upper chest.
  • Keep your arms and abs disengaged and focus only on your neck.
  • You should feel intense neck contractions and lactic acid build-up; otherwise, you're doing it wrong.

Without Using Weights

  • Start by laying down flat on your back.
  • Then, you want to ensure your shoulders are slightly curled up, and your neck is not touching the ground.
  • You can use a bench if you have one, but it is not necessary.
  • Once you're in the proper position, you want to go back until your head goes as far as it can while keeping your neck straight. Then, curl your chin to do a full proper neck curl.
Bumper Plates

If you're looking for a set of bumper plates that provides more comfort and safety to your lifting sessions, these bumper plates from DMoose are an excellent option.

Neck Extension

Neck Extension

In addition to doing neck curls, you can train the spinal erectors and upper traps running along the back of your neck.

Using Weights

  • Wear a thick hat to prevent bruising on the back of your head.
  • Then place the weight plate on the back of your head and use both hands to support it on either side. Remember to keep your elbows tucked in.
  • Before starting, your neck should be in a flexed position. It would help if you were looking down such that you could see the foot of the bench beneath you.
  • Inhale before initiation. Once settled, initiate the upward movement by lifting your head and arms together.
  • Remember to keep all the tension in your neck. Exhale during the concentric movement. Your head should be slightly above the shoulders, not craned or over-extended.
  • Avoid overextending, and keep your lower rib cage in contact with the bench. Lower your head at a controlled pace and then repeat.

Without Using Weights

  • Lie on your stomach, but don't lay flat on your stomach.
  • Keep your upper chest and your shoulders off the ground.
  • Then from there, maintain that position and bring your chin down slowly, then extend back up all the way.



Neck Side Raises

Neck Side Raises

These are not necessary, but the neck side raises provide variation. You must lie on a bench, place the weight on your head, and flex your neck sideways to do this.

Neck Flexion

Neck Flexion
  • Start by standing tall with a straight spine and erect body.
  • Slowly flex your head downward.
  • Try to bring your chin in so it may touch your chest. Keep your mouth closed.
  • Return to the starting position and continue with the rest of the reps (three sets of twelve for each exercise).

Neck Lateral Flexion

Neck Lateral Flexion

This exercise can also be done without equipment. To become a pro, you can increase the difficulty level using a resistance band, a partner, or a four-way neck machine.

To start

  • Stand with the correct posture and look straight ahead.
  • Turn your head so it leans to the other end and brings your ear toward your shoulder.
  • Keep your shoulders flat throughout the exercise. Do not lift your shoulders.
  • Return to the initial position and repeat the same steps on the opposite side.
  • Continue with the same reps as the previous exercise.
Resistance Loop Bands for Workout

From improving overall body strength to rehabilitation, the resistance loop bands are the path to your workout wishes! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these bands can be used to perform up to 30 different exercises!

Possible Risks Proposed by Neck Exercises

Possible Risks Propssed by neck exercises

Before they venture into it, one should know that nothing is free of risks. Exceeding certain limitations may end up doing more harm than good. As said before, please proceed with caution.

According to a study, overworking or misusing your neck muscles can lead to pain and injury. Exhausted muscles, worn joints, and nerve constriction can cause this. Make sure the exercises don't cause or augment pain. If something doesn't feel right, discontinue the exercise/exercises. The neck pain is NOT worth it.

Other Benefits

Besides aesthetics, you'd want a thicker neck for several reasons. Practicing exercises for a thicker neck will minimize pain caused by stresses like sitting at a work desk all day or practicing tackles. Even those with chronic neck pain can benefit from learning how to get a more muscular neck.

Doing a neck workout to maintain neck strength not only lessens neck tightness but also increases its flexibility. By doing thick neck exercises, you slowly expand your range of motion, get an erect spine that fixes your posture, promote fitness and contact sports, healthy life, and of course, you get a thicker neck!



In conclusion, it's well worth researching how to get a strong neck.


1. How can I get a thick neck?

Exercises for increasing the size of your neck include: neck curls, neck extensions, neck side raises, neck flexion, and neck lateral flexion. You can change the number of reps or sets as you see fit to align it with the rest of your workout regime.

2. How can I make my neck bigger at home?

Don't have the luxury of any gyms nearby? The neck exercises above have got you covered! You can incorporate these exercises into your workout routine in the comfort of your home.

3. How can I get a muscular neck fast?

There is never a hard and fast method to alter your body or appearance (unless you are considering the surgeries that would cost you an arm and a leg). Take it gradually and go at your tempo.

You can enhance the intensity and duration of your neck muscle training as you progress. When you can see noticeable results, it may take a few weeks or months, depending on your strength training.

4. What's the best product on the market to get a thick neck?

To efficiently perform any exercise above, I would like to present DMoose Fitness' neck harness! This neck harness is the perfect fit for starting your fitness journey.

It is very beneficial as it can be used for strengthening the neck, shoulders, and chest muscles, which means you are fixing your posture and simultaneously working for a thick neck and healthier body.


Stop slouching - start neck training! But before you add neck exercises to your workout regimen, firstly, beware of possible risks. Consider all the dangers that may occur to your neck/body. Consult your trainer/physician/doctor to ensure you're ready for neck training. Don't act like a bull in a china shop - dive in slowly. Start with a limited number of reps and sets so you won't get neck pain.

Thirdly, take it easy. There's no need to rush the process - take things slowly and allow it to happen naturally. Stay consistent with your exercise regimen; in no time, you will attain neck strength faster than you thought possible. So, keep your head up and your neck erect! Follow these guidelines, and you'll have a good posture as your base for future neck training.

This article provided insight on how to get an aesthetically pleasing, thicker, stronger, and more oversized neck. You only need patience, hard work, and practice to attain the physique you have always desired!

Good luck with your neck training. That will surely be a boost to your strength training!

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