Mussayab Ehtesham


Mussayab Ehtesham stands at the intersection of entrepreneurship and a profound passion for fitness. As the founder of DMoose, a thriving e-commerce fitness brand, he has successfully navigated the business world, leading his team to an impressive 8 figures in annual revenue.
Mussayab is a fitness enthusiast, a regular gym-goer, and a staunch advocate for living a balanced life, values that are deeply embedded in the ethos of DMoose. Beyond the gym, Mussayab is passionate about a variety of pursuits including travelling, outdoor activities, personal development, and nutrition.
His writings offer a unique blend of fitness expertise and life philosophy, inviting readers to join him on a journey towards achieving physical well-being and a fulfilling, balanced lifestyle.
Through his articles, he shares insights and wisdom garnered from his own experiences, encouraging others to embrace the transformative power of a healthy, active life.


Today, it's easy to find health and wellness information. People use many different sites to get the information they need. But it is hard to find good, reliable information that you can understand and use. DMoose is changing this by giving people the best possible health information - in a way that they can understand.

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