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Do Elbow Wraps Increase Bench Press Performance? Exploring the Truth

Learn Do Elbow Wraps Increase Bench Press Performance? Are they necessary, and what is the difference between elbow wraps and elbow sleeves?

Mussayab Ehtesham
Do Elbow Wraps Increase Bench Press Performance? Exploring the Truth
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Many people around us do bench press exercises to train, especially their chest, but only some use elbow wraps. 

Imagine you enter a gym with your friend and make a bet: who’ll do more bench presses today?

You both start, but after some time, you feel that your energy is draining, and you are not able to do more, yet your friend is not tired at all and is enjoying his workout. 

At this time, you realize that the only difference between you both is that he is wearing elbow wraps.

You question yourself: what do elbow wraps do in bench presses?

Bench Press & Elbow Wraps Connection

elbow wraps for bench press

There is an excellent connection between elbow wraps and bench presses. 

Both of them are related to weightlifting and powerlifting.

Where bench press gives your muscles strength and makes them strong, the elbow wraps protect your elbows and give them stability to lift more weight.

You might have noticed that your arms start to shake when you lift a heavy weight.

But not when you use elbow wraps. These fitness accessories help your arms remain stable, allowing you to lift more weight.

While doing the bench press, you should always wear elbow wraps to boost your stamina and get all the benefits of a bench press. 

For the complete information regarding how much elbow wraps add to bench press, keep reading!

Do Elbow Wraps Increase Bench Press Performance?

Yes, the elbow wraps increase the bench press performance by providing support to the joints.

A study related to the benefits of using elbow wraps during the workout to increase performance says,

“The elastic elbow wrap increases the stability of the elbow joint during the bench press exercise, which can contribute to better performance.” (Source)

How Do Elbow Wraps Help for Bench Press?

The Elbow lifting wraps help for bench press greatly. Some of the ways by which the elbow wraps help in bench press are as follows:

Joint Support

While doing the bench presses, the joint muscles get stressed, which results in pain and other joint diseases.

Elbow wraps reduce the stress on tendons and ligaments, providing stability and support to the joints.

When you use elbow wraps, their firm grip makes your joints stay in a stable position and bend while maintaining the support, which eradicates any risk of joint-related problems and protects elbows in bench press.

Helps in Recovery

The elbow wrap provides compression and reduces inflammation. The compression also helps deal with other injuries, sprains, or strains.

It helps in healing the wounds by increasing blood circulation through compressions. 

With the increased blood circulation, our body stores more oxygen and nutrients, and in return, helps the wounds to heal quickly.

Enhances Performance

The elbow wraps increase performance by providing enough support to the joints that help a weightlifter lift weights without getting any strain.

The fabric of the elbow wrap retains heat, which keeps your joint warm and helps it work more effectively.

You will feel more confident by using elbow wraps while working out. These will help you lift more weight and get great benefits.

Selecting the Right Elbow Wraps

Elbow wraps can be your great companions during a workout, but before buying anything, you must check out the parameters so that you can end up choosing the right product for yourself. 

Here, you’ll encounter the parameters to choose the best elbow wrap for you:


It's important to choose an elbow wrap that has good adjustability so you can adjust it according to the size of your elbow and get the strength you need.

Elbow wraps that are too tight can restrict the blood flow, causing discomfort, while working out, and you might end up asking, why does my elbow hurt after working out?  

Comfortable Fabric

Look for an elbow wrap that is made of high-quality and comfortable fabric that is breathable. 

A breathable fabric prevents excessive sweating and skin irritation.

Support Level

Different elbow wraps provide different levels of support. 

Choose the elbow wrap that has a good support level customized to your needs.

Too stiff elbow wraps might restrict movement, while too flexible elbow wraps would keep slipping.

Easy to Use

Ensure that the elbow wrap you choose is of enough length and width to wrap around and that it can be wrapped and unwrapped easily during a workout.

FYI: 40” is the ideal length for an elbow Wrap. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Elbow Wraps For Bench Press:

It's important to avoid mistakes when using elbow wraps to protect yourself from future harm.

Following are some common mistakes people make while using elbow wraps:

Overtightening the Elbow Wraps

Wrapping the elbow wraps too tightly restricts the movement and can cause numbness in the area. 

It's important to wrap the elbow wraps correctly; it should provide a balance to the elbow.

Using Worn-Out Wraps

It's necessary to inspect the elbow wraps before using them. 

Wearing worn-out wraps can increase the risk of injury and do not provide enough support.

Not Cleaning the Wraps Regularly

As the elbow wraps absorb the sweat, they should be cleaned regularly to avoid any bacteria and odor. 

Not cleaning your wraps regularly will cause skin irritation.

Not Adjusting the Tension Appropriately

The tension of the elbow wrap should be adjusted appropriately for a particular exercise to get enough support.

This is not all. There are some confusions that you might encounter when choosing the right elbow wraps for you. 

For instance, sometimes, when buying elbow support, many customers get an elbow sleeve and end up with the worst experience. 

To never let this happen, here we are comparing and letting you know the difference between different elbow supports. 

Elbow Wraps Vs. Elbow Sleeves

elbow wraps vs. elbow sleeves

Those who don’t know the difference between elbow wraps and sleeves often ask whether they can use the elbow sleeves for bench presses.

Well, the answer is no! Why?

Here, you’ll get to know some differences between elbow wraps and elbow sleeves to know when to use elbow wraps and when to use elbow sleeves: 

Elbow Wrap

Elbow Sleeve

Preferred by powerlifters and bodybuilders

Broader audience: casual gym-goers and athletes 

Worn by Wrapped around

Worn by Slipped on

Adjustable support for a particular area

Even support for a particular area

Targeted support to prevent hyperextension during heavy lifts.

General support to reduce the risk of strains and injuries.

Ideal for powerlifting and weightlifting

Ideal for various activities: sports and general.

Made of strong elastic material

Made of neoprene & synthetic rubber

Easy to carry around

Easy to move 

Recommended Elbow Wraps for Bench Press

As we have already discussed, the parameters that can help you choose the best elbow wrap for you. 

The best elbow wraps you can find to protect your elbows and give support in bench press are the elbow wraps by DMoose.

Why are we saying so? Well, these wraps have all the features, qualities, and things you look for, yet they fit everyone’s budget.

Made of breathable material, hypoallergenic, and containing the perfect length of 40” to wrap around your arms according to the adjustment level you like, DMoose elbow wraps are just perfect.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, elbow wraps are great if you want to boost your training potential and protect yourself from any injuries.

To incorporate more accessories like this one into your routine, DMoose is a great store where you can find a wide variety of fitness accessories to lift your fitness game.

You can get extra discounts on promo codes and can also enjoy sales to grab your favorite products.

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