Do you need a weightlifting belt?


Do you need a weightlifting belt?

There's a common misconception about weightlifting belts that they add external support and help you lift heavier. Many weightlifters consider wearing weightlifting belts it as 'cheating' or 'an insult'. Another assumption states that a weightlifting belt acts as a brace for your lower back and prevents dis injuries.

The answer to the first assumption is that there is no way on earth that this can help you lift more weight. As for the second assumption, this will help you to prevent injuries but it's not the belt that provides bracing.

What does a weightlifting belt do?

In reality, a weightlifting belt acts as a second set of abs. it prepares your body to lift heavy loads. The belt increases your body's capacity to lift some extra weight than usual. Also, allowing you some more stability. That does not mean that wearing the belt right away will reap benefits and allow you to lift heavy loads at once. There's a learning curve to wearing it and then lifting it. Some can reap benefits right away but for some, it will take some time to get in the flow and get used to it while lifting. 

When do you benefit from a weightlifting belt?

Quite seriously, it all depends on your workout and performance goals. If you want to get stronger and lift heavier, then invest in a high-quality weightlifting belt, most probably in a neoprene weight lifting belt. If you squat or perform deadlifts regularly.

When you wear a belt while squatting and deadlifting, your performance will get a noticeable boost and you will feel it! Not only will the performance increase but the quality of your squat and deadlift will also improve a great deal. To derive full benefits from this product, make sure you have the best weightlifting belt with you. 

Do not wear the belt at all times

this is a great training tool but keep in mind that it is not a fashion statement or a tool to show off. Even when you've mastered the art of wearing it and working out with it, do not rely on it for every exercise. Wear it only when you think that you really need the support on extra heavy lifts. 

Invest in the best weightlifting belt available 

You must have heard that one should always invest in durable and premium quality products especially when they have to be used during workouts. A premium quality weight lifting belt should be made of neoprene that provides optimum support and lasts for long as well. The best weightlifting belt will give you all the support and improve your performance making you a pro in no time. 

Remember that weightlifting belts are not a necessity when working out or lifting. You just need to know when they benefit and when they don't. Again, they're workout tools, not championship belts to show off or make a statement in the gym.

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