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Top 7 Benefits of Wearing Compression Arm Sleeves


Top 7 Benefits of Wearing Compression Arm Sleeves

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Ever wondered why do people in the gym wear sleeves on their knees and elbows? 

Do you think it's just a show-off or a waste of money? Well, let me help you solve the mystery. These compression arm sleeves are anything but a show-off. 

Even though they come off as useless accessories, they have multiple benefits that force you to think otherwise and look at them differently.

How Does Compression Arm Sleeve Work?

Compression arm sleeves are made with a stretch material that allows them to sit perfectly on your arms and provide them with durability and steady support to experience its benefits fully.

These compression sleeves for arms usually start from above the elbow and go down till the wrist, but it varies from model to model. These are worn while exercising, running, recovering from injury, etc., and protect the individuals from any harmful UV rays and injuries while offering various other benefits.

If you're to examine your arms, you'll find multiple arteries and veins in your hands. These arteries are like smooth, long pipes, with inner and outer walls responsible for transferring blood and oxygen to the body.

When the correct amount of compression or pressure is applied to the arm, by wearing a compression sleeve, the inner walls of these arteries contract and dilate, while the outer wall holds the diameter, allowing the arteries to ensure more blood and oxygen flows through them.

Similarly, the veins in our hands transfer the deoxygenated blood back to the heart. The compression applied on the arms enables them to contract in diameter, increasing the velocity of blood going back to the heart. 


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Benefits of Wearing Arm Sleeves

Here are some of the major benefits that you will enjoy when you get your compression arm sleeves.

1. Speed Up Recovery

If you're suffering from tennis elbows, joint sprains, sore muscles, or any other arm injury, wearing compression sleeves will help you recover faster.

The compression applied by the sleeves on the veins increases the velocity of the deoxygenated blood flowing to the heart, allowing you to heal faster and recover quicker.

2. Protect Your Arms

Wearing elbow sleeves is like adding a layer of skin to your arms. This added skin helps in protecting your arm from any scrapes and burns that you may suffer while playing in the fields or working out in a gym.

Apart from these minor injuries, the elbow compression sleeves provide ultimate protection to your arms from harmful UV rays.

3. Maintain Body Temperature

Do you see how athletes, especially footballers, play outside in the fields regardless of the hot or cold weather? 

Don't you think their bodies and performances suffer because of stiff muscles caused by cold weather?

The compression elbow sleeves allow these field players to maintain their body temperatures at all times, keeping their bones and bodies warm and always ready to jump in the game.

4. Enhance Your Gym Look

If you initially thought that these elbow straps were a mere show-off, you were not completely wrong.  

Wearing an elbow sleeve adds to the aesthetics of an athlete and is a great source of advertisements for brands as well.

5. Reduce Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset soreness or DOMS is a condition that the individuals exercising new muscles suffer from after two days of the workout, and it stays for three days.

Even though there is no way to eliminate this soreness condition, wearing elbow sleeves will help reduce the tiredness. The compression arm sleeves enhance the blood circulation in the arms, transporting fresh oxygen to the sore muscles and reducing DOMS. 

6. Minimizes Risk of Injuries

Sports activities or gym exercises that require extensive and intensive use of arms and shoulders for long durations put the muscles at a higher risk of getting injured or sprained. 

In such situations, our bodies use the ability of proprioception to avoid any incidents. Proprioception is when the body limbs sense the risk of injury and adjust the limbs to reduce such risks.

Wearing a compression sleeve enhances this proprioception ability of the body and helps reduce risks of injuries, allowing the individuals to work out and enjoy their favorite sports fearlessly. 

7. Reduce Muscle Vibration

During exercise, muscles such as the biceps and triceps vibrate with the pressure of weights being used.

Wearing an elbow sleeve reduces the muscle vibration and the risk of straining muscles during intense training sessions.

When Should You Wear Compression Arm Sleeves?

The best time to wear a compression arm sleeve is when exercising and when recovering.

  1. When the sleeves are worn during a workout, they reduce the muscle vibration making the muscles work efficiently. The sleeves also help protect the limbs from getting overworked; they provide fresh oxygenated blood to the muscles ensuring reduced muscle tiredness and soreness.
  2. One of the best times to wear compression sleeves is when recovering from an intense workout session as the compression reduces muscle soreness, penetrates the lactic acid to get flushed, breaks carbohydrates, and uses it for energy during times of low oxygen. This quick and smooth flow of blood back to the heart ensures that your muscles recover quickly.
    With a variety of hundreds of arm sleeves available in stores and online, it is very easy to be misled. When buying compression arm sleeves, it is important to check for the following features to experience its benefits fully.

1. Fit

The fitting of your compression arm sleeves is the most important feature to look for. This is because the fitting will give you the perfect amount of compression on the veins and arteries, allowing you to enjoy the workouts without fearing injuries.

It is very important to make sure that the sleeves offer a uniform compression and are not too tight, especially from the elbow, or else you won't be able to move or bend your arms comfortably. 

Even though it is ideal for checking the fitting of sleeves at the physical stores by trying them on, if you're buying it online, follow the manufacturer's size guide carefully.

2. Material

The material is an important element to be factored in when buying the sleeves. You would find the compression sleeves to be painful and irritating if the material is not suitable for your skin and breathable and damaging the skin.

To enjoy the sleeves without sweating and irritating the skin, make sure that the sleeves are made with stretchy fabric that is latex-free and hypoallergenic. 

Compression Arm Sleeves for Arm Recovery

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Wearing the compression sleeves at the right time with the perfect fit and material is the best way to prevent the muscles from getting strained and injured. These sleeves are not just easy to use but extremely beneficial for athletes and gym enthusiasts.

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