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Kettlebell Pullover


Kettlebell Pullover
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Target Muscle Group: Abs

Kettlebell Pullover Overview

A kettlebell pullover is an exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles. This exercise is part of the plank family tree.

The kettlebell pullover is an abdominal exercise that prevents you from extending your spine. You must maintain stability while slowly lowering the kettlebell overhead.

How to Do it

  • Hold a kettlebell with the horns while you are in a supine posture.
  • Keep your hips flexed and lower the kettlebell overhead while you exhale.
  • Return to your starting position, and then repeat the process for as many repetitions as you wish.

Kettlebell Pullover Tips

  1. You shouldn't hold your breath while doing this exercise. You can learn how to move and maintain your position without relying on your breath.
  2. Do it slowly but steadily. Control within space is the goal, not just the completion of repetitions.
  3. As your arms move overhead, exhale. Keep your ribs low and keep your lower back from hyperextending.
  4. As with ab wheel rollouts, you might not have the full range of motion at first, but you can work with what you have and gradually increase it over time.

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