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8 Retired Bodybuilders Who are Still Absolutely Jacked

Feel tired, and the thoughts of giving up are too rampant? Here are 8 bodybuilders who are truly inspiring for maintaining their bodies after retiring from the profession.

Jayden Peters
8 Retired Bodybuilders Who are Still Absolutely Jacked
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Think bodybuilding is a young person's game? Think again. These eight retired bodybuilders prove you're never too old to hit the gym and sculpt your physique. Despite being in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s, these guys are still absolutely jacked.

So what's their secret?

Dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, that's for sure! Whether you're just starting out in bodybuilding or have been at it for years, these retirees are worth looking up to. Keep reading to see their impressive transformation photos!

1. Robby Robbinson

If you are even remotely related to bodybuilding, you know Robby Robinson. Robby is a world-renowned bodybuilder with several world-renowned bodybuilding titles to his credit. At 70 years old, Robinson still looks amazing, thanks to his strict diet and workout regimen.

While many believe it is impossible to maintain muscle mass as you age, Robinson proves this is not the case. He says that he has actually gained muscle mass since he retired from competitive bodybuilding. Robinson attributes his success to his disciplined approach to diet and exercise.

The secret to an amazing physique even when it's been years since he left bodybuilding? He eats several small meals throughout the day, each containing a balance of protein and carbohydrates.

Plus, he is a regular gym goer, focusing on lifting heavy weights. Even though he is past the age of active bodybuilding and weight lifting, you can still see him taking to the internet, causing massive waves of respect and appreciation for the level of determination he shows.

2. Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler, IFBB professional bodybuilder, four-time Mr. Olympia winner, six-time runner-up, and former Mr. Universe - the man sure knows a thing or two about packing on muscle mass. In his prime, Cutler weighed in at a shredded 280 pounds.

He was known for his massive arms, very imposing quadriceps, and quad-stomp pose. But even after hanging up his posing trunks, he's managed to keep most of his gains (though he has slimmed down a bit, the chiseled look stays).

So, how does he do it?

For starters, Cutler follows a strict diet and workout regimen year-round. Even though he's not competing anymore, he still trains six days a week, hitting each muscle group with precision and intensity. He also ensures to get plenty of protein - at least 1 gram per pound of body weight - every day.

Cutler is big on the internet, taking to social media and maintaining active communication with his fans and followers. The man is a true example of determination and dedication. Today, with his bodybuilding career gone, he is making money through his famous fitness supplement - Cutler Nutrition.

3. Lou Ferrigno

What happens to bodybuilders once their careers end? Most end up losing the gains from rigorous gym training and steroid cycling. But retired bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno is a different story.

Despite being in his seventies, Ferrigno still looks absolutely shredded. He still works out regularly, spending several hours at the gym daily with the same zeal and resolve that marked the days of his youth.

Besides that, he is very concerned about taking the right diet to help muscle mass stay intact. Plenty of protein and healthy fats for Ferrigno every day. But perhaps the most important factor in Ferrigno's success is his passion for fitness.

Even after decades in the industry, he still enjoys working out and staying in shape. This passion has motivated him to stay in top form, even after retirement. He is definitely not retiring mentally, proving retirement is just in your head.

4. Lee Labrada

Lee Labrada is yet another former professional bodybuilder who has not lost all his muscle gains after retiring. Born in Cuba, Labrada immigrated to the United States as a young boy and quickly fell in love with weightlifting.

After winning several amateur competitions, he turned pro in 1982 and became one of the most popular bodybuilders of the 1980s. He retired from competition in 1992 but remained active in the fitness world, launching a successful line of supplements and equipment.

He has also become a popular motivational speaker in recent years, sharing his wisdom with audiences worldwide. Whether inspiring Bodybuilders or businesspeople, Labrada's message is always the same: stay focused on your goals and never give up on your dreams. He is a true inspiration for all those who aspire to be somewhere in life one day.

5. Rich Gaspari

Even if you missed Rich Gaspari, you couldn't have guessed his nutritional supplement line - Gaspari Nutrition. It is a sports nutrition company founded in 1998 by Rich Gaspari. Gaspari was a professional bodybuilder who competed in the Mr. Olympia competition six times.

He is a three-time Arnold Classic winner and a two-time Night of Champions winner. After he retired from professional bodybuilding, Gaspari decided to live by his passion- bodybuilding. He continues to inspire people with his willpower and strong resolution, which is reflected in his muscle maintenance efforts.

6. Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson is a legend in the world of bodybuilding. He's a 4-time Mr. Olympia winner and won the Arnold Classic 5 times. Groundbreaking for a guy who started as a skinny teenager from Jacksonville, Florida.

These days, Jackson is retired from competition, but he's still active in the fitness industry. Jackson still shows off those very authoritative muscles that once gave him the intimidating title Mr. O (taking it from someone as daunting as Jay Cutler).

Jackson is simple with his workout and eating routine, relying on chicken, fish, rice, and vegetables for the most part. He also takes a variety of supplements to help him meet his nutritional needs.

When asked about his training routine, Jackson said he typically uses heavy weights and low reps to build strength and size. However, he also incorporates lighter weights and higher reps to keep his muscles guessing and prevent them from plateauing.

7. Branch Warren

If you thought that once you hit a certain age, you'd have to start toning down the muscles, think again. Just look at Branch Warren, who still maintains the jacked look he's known for, even in his early 50s.

He started lifting weights at 15 and quickly developed a passion for bodybuilding. After honing his craft for many years, he eventually turned pro in 1999. Since then, he's competed in some of the biggest events in the sport, including the Mr. Olympia competition.

And even though he's no longer in his 20s or 30s, he's still in amazing shape. He still looks like he could step on stage and compete with the best. If you need proof that you can still stay jacked as you get older, Branch Warren is definitely your man.

8. Iris Kylie

Iris Kyle is a world-renowned female bodybuilder who has earned the title of Ms. Olympia nine times. You look at her, and you can't help being stunned by the steel body she has.

Born in 1974, Iris began lifting weights as a teenager and quickly developed a passion for fitness. After winning her first competition at age 20, she went on to dominate the sport of professional bodybuilding, earning a reputation as one of the world's most dedicated and successful athletes.

Today, Iris continues to inspire others with her dedication to health and fitness, and she remains an accomplished bodybuilder, coach, and businesswoman.

Whether motivating others to reach their fitness goals or sharing her expertise on social media, Iris Kyle is always inspiring and impressive!


1. Which massive bodybuilders have completely lost their gains?

These massive bodybuilders have lost their gains:

  • Mustafa Mohammad
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Jean Pierre Fux
  • Bob Paris
  • Chris Cormier
  • Gunter Schlierkamp
  • Tom Prince

2. Who is the most muscular person ever?

Ronnie Coleman is widely regarded as the most muscular man on the earth. The eight-time Mr. Olympia winner has an impressive physique resulting from years of intense training and dedication.

Coleman is known for his massive arms, broad shoulders, and rock-solid legs. His huge muscles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a functional purpose. Coleman's muscles allow him to lift incredibly heavy weights, making him one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world (Guinness World Record).

Not surprisingly, Ronnie Coleman's Herculean physique has made him a popular figure in the bodybuilding community.

3. What happens to bodybuilders when they stop taking steroids?

Bodybuilders who rely on steroids to bulk up quickly often find that their bodies start to change when they stop taking the drugs. Steroids help increase muscle mass by encouraging the body to produce more testosterone.

However, when bodybuilders stop taking steroids, their bodies no longer have the artificial support they need to maintain their muscle mass. As a result, they may lose muscle tissue and gain fat. In addition, their bones may become weaker, and their skin can become thin.

Bodybuilders who stop taking steroids may also experience mood swings and irritability. Overall, stopping steroid use can be a major adjustment for bodybuilders who have become reliant on the drugs.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for serious motivation to get off the couch and hit the gym, look no further than this list of eight amazing retired bodybuilders. These men (and one woman) have all managed to maintain their physiques long after they've stopped competing or working as professional bodybuilders. As proof that it is possible to keep your gains even after retirement, they serve as excellent role models for aspiring bodybuilders everywhere. So next time you make excuses not to work out, remember that it is never too late to achieve your fitness goals.

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