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What Is Low-Impact Cardio? — 6 Best Low-Impact Workouts, According to Trainers

Low-impact cardio offers many benefits, but picking the proper workout is vital. Learn more about six of the best low-impact cardio workouts, according to personal trainers

Zak Mellor
What Is Low-Impact Cardio? — 6 Best Low-Impact Workouts, According to Trainers
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Are you looking to get your heart rate up without paying the price of a grueling, high-impact workout? If so, low-impact cardio might be right for you.

Low-impact exercise is becoming increasingly popular as people recognize its health benefits: it can help improve balance and flexibility, strengthen muscles and joints, and reduce stress levels on the body—all with less strain than high-intensity exercises like running or even cycling.

In this blog post, we will explore what defines low-impact cardio, discuss different types of workouts available that are considered low-contact activities, take an in-depth look at the 6 best low-impact workouts according to professional trainers, and discuss what makes each option stand out. So, let's jump right in!

What is Low-Impact Cardio?

Low-impact cardio is a type of exercise or physical activity that can help you stay fit and healthy without stressing your body. It involves exercises that are easier on the joints, such as swimming, walking, or biking, and helps you burn calories without putting too much strain on the body.

Low-impact cardio can be an enjoyable experience and may provide just the right amount of challenge to achieve fitness goals. Whether you're a beginner looking for an easy way to get into shape, or a seasoned athlete hoping to mix up your routine, low-impact cardio may be an excellent option to work out while still taking care of your body.

Some common exercises, such as walking, swimming, and biking, can help improve your general fitness levels by increasing the number of oxygenated cells in the body.

Strengthening your cardiovascular system with low-impact cardio also comes with several benefits; lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, and development of better endurance are just a few.

Finally, one of the essential benefits of low-impact cardio is that it can help manage stress levels and reduce anxiety. So if you're looking to get some exercise while reaping the rewards of improved health care, look no further than engaging in some low-impact cardio and start incorporating the best low-impact cardio workouts in your training.

6 Best Low-Impact Cardio Workouts

Here are the six best low-impact cardio workouts to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to boost endurance, strengthen and tone muscles, or burn calories faster, these exercises can do all! Discover the best exercises to fit you without breaking a sweat.

1. Swimming

Swimming can be one of the best low-impact cardiovascular workouts you can do. It leverages your body weight and water resistance to build endurance while providing a great full-body workout.

Swimming is an effective aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart and increases blood flow. Additionally, it is easy on the joints and is one of the exercises proven to reduce the risk of injury in athletes.

It has all the benefits of an intense cardiovascular workout with minimal impact, making it an excellent choice for those looking to get healthy or stay active without exhausting their bodies. Swimming consistently can also improve balance, posture, and coordination and give you more energy for other activities in life. If you're looking for a low-impact cardio workout, consider making swimming part of your routine.

2. Cycling

Cycling is an excellent low-impact cardio workout that offers numerous health benefits. It engages multiple muscles, working the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles and providing fantastic cardiovascular exercise.

It also helps improve flexibility and balance, making it a total body workout for all ages and fitness levels. It is gentle on the joints compared to activities such as running or playing sports. Cycling workouts are considered a "mid-impact" exercise that supports bone health and increases bone density.

Cycling also has great heart-protective benefits, lowers cholesterol, and reduces blood pressure. Cycling is also great for mental health; research suggests that cycling boosts serotonin levels which regulate mood and keep us happier throughout the day. Finally, regular cycling can help with weight management & fat loss! So grab your bike in the morning or after work - you won't regret it!

3. Walking

Walking has always been considered an ideal form of cardio due to its low-impact nature, making it a perfect exercise for those looking for a gentler way to get their heart rate up and remain active.

Walking as exercise bolsters many great health benefits ranging from improved cognitive performance, increased energy levels, better balance, posture, and even overall mood. It can help burn calories while toning leg muscles leading to better cardiovascular health in the long run.

Walking is free and doesn't require special equipment—perfect for people who prefer keeping things simple regarding physical fitness. All in all, walking low-impact cardio workouts are a great way to stay healthy.

4. Yoga

Yoga has been around for centuries, but it's only recently that its low-impact cardio workout benefits have been more widely recognized. Yoga offers a great range of exercises and poses that can help increase strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance-all while reducing stress and regulating the mind.

It is ideal for all ages and body types since it can be tailored to fit individual needs. Yoga workouts strengthen your core by using your body weight instead of relying on cardio machines or heavy weights.

These workouts are effective in burning calories without putting too much strain on your muscles, bones, and joints; this way, you can benefit from all the benefits of exercising minus the pain. As you practice Yoga consistently, you will feel better physically and mentally, as it helps improve focus and relaxation.

5. Elliptical

Elliptical low-impact cardio workouts are an excellent way to get great cardio results with minimal impact on your joints. Elliptical machines provide a rhythmic, full-body workout form that is relatively low impact while still providing a more intense calorie-burning session than many other forms of exercise.

Ellipticals are also a great way to break up the monotony of traditional workouts like running and cycling by offering dynamic movements and variable resistance levels.

Elliptical workouts will simultaneously target your upper and lower body, strengthening the muscles in the calves, quads, hamstrings, arms, chest, and back. This type of exercise builds stamina, improves flexibility and muscle tone, increases endurance, and can help you reach fitness goals more quickly.

Additionally, these benefits come with a much lower risk of injury than most high-impact exercises. Elliptical low-impact cardio workouts are ideal for people with joint issues or difficulty doing high-intensity aerobic activities due to physical limitations. They offer a safe yet effective way to burn calories without putting strain on your body's natural defenses.

6. Pilates

Pilates is a low-impact cardio workout regimen that offers fantastic benefits for your overall health. It is an excellent form of exercise, as it is gentle and targets the critical muscles needed in everyday life.

Pilates helps you increase your strength, posture, and flexibility. It can also improve joint stability, balance, coordination, and endurance and reduce stress.

Pilates keeps the body and mind engaged during rehearsed movements which helps you focus on breath control through deep inhales and stacked exhales. Pilates participation increases energy levels for weight loss with intense but low-impact exercises combined with simple breathing techniques.

With Pilates, you don't have to sacrifice intensity to get an effective, low-impact workout; it truly has something for everyone and can be adapted to fit any schedule or lifestyle!

How Can You Incorporate Low-Impact Workouts Into Your Weekly Workout Plan?

Incorporating low-impact workouts into your weekly workout plan can be a great way to stay healthy and fit effectively and efficiently. One of the easiest ways to get started is by simply walking.

Walking is excellent for burning calories, strengthening muscles, improving heart health, and reducing stress. In addition, Yoga, swimming, cycling, and Pilates can all make up part of a regular low-impact workout routine, allowing you to challenge yourself regularly with various exercises.

Incorporating low-impact workouts into your weekly workout plan can be easy by planning and focusing on micro-progress. You can start small by setting a goal of replacing just one high-impact exercise with a low-impact equivalent each week. It is a great way to transition your fitness routine gradually in the long run. You can add more to your plan as you become more comfortable with lower-intensity exercises.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what low-impact cardio is and some of its health benefits, check out these six workouts that you can add to your fitness routine. All these exercises are great for beginners or those looking for a workout with less impact on their joints. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so incorporate some form of movement into your daily routine. Experiment with different workouts to find what works best for you, and always consult a doctor before starting a new fitness program.

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