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Ultimate Tips to Improve Your Early Morning Workouts


Ultimate Tips to Improve Your Early Morning Workouts
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Are you someone who hates to wake up at 5 am and go for an early morning walk?

If you're one of those, you'll be able to relate to it. Waking up early in the morning and performing a workout can be challenging. Dragging yourself out of bed with a sleepy mind and eyes is even more challenging. However, if you want to adopt a healthy morning workout routine, you can achieve it with some planning and preparation.

When it comes to workouts, the only right time of the day for it can be when you can consistently perform it. Since everyone is different, the right time to exercise depends on the factors like lifestyle and preferences.

But if you consider changing your routine and beginning your day with a morning workout, it can have some exceptional benefits.

While there are many benefits of having a good morning routine, some amazing ones are better mood and an improved energy level. When you start your day with a workout, you get to make healthy choices throughout the day.

That said, here are some of the tips to help you wake up early and improve your morning workout.

1. Plan the Entire Day

Suppose you wake up early in the morning, hit the gym, and go back home to rest and make healthy choices for the day, but then you get busy with your kids, house chores and cannot spend the day according to your plans.

So to make sure it doesn't happen again, it is crucial to plan the things to do the night before for tomorrow. You can take a notebook and pen and jot down everything you have to do the other day. Once you have created the checklist of tasks, try to stick to the schedule and follow it productively.

It will help you stay active and energetic throughout the day. Also, this will prevent you from being distracted and making unhealthy choices.

2. Get Quality Sleep

If you're not a morning person and spend your night watching a series on Netflix, it will not do you any good. If you want to hit the gym early, you must get in a good night’s sleep by hitting your bed early. Change your routine and ensure you are in bed at 9 so you can wake up at 5 in the morning.

Some people benefit from 8 to 9 hours of sleep, while for some, 7 hours is enough. You can only get the best out of yourself if you rest well. So, try not to watch TV or touch the phone before sleeping and also avoid taking caffeine before going to bed. Keep your lights dim in the room, which will help you sleep easily.

Finally, if you are new to this routine and have a bad night or trouble sleeping, you can miss the morning workout and perform it at any other time. It's better to exercise when you are fully active rather than making yourself do it forcefully.

3. Say No to Snooze Button

Are you someone who presses the snooze button every time it rings? It is the main reason you run late for your work and get up late. You may press it to get up, but doing so makes you sleep again.

To solve this problem, you can set the alarm on your phone a bit earlier than the exact wake-up time. It will help you wake up early, and you won't have to do morning chores or hit the gym in a hurry.

Another thing you can do is to place your phone far from the bed so you can force yourself to your feet in the morning. This will make you get out of bed, turn off the alarm, and prevent falling asleep again.

4. Eat Healthy

Indeed, time is of great importance, but you can't perform a workout with no energy. Your stomach has been empty all night, and it needs calories to exercise, which you can take from the food.

Moreover, you can grab pre-workout supplements too before you hit the gym, but if you lift heavy weights, your muscles will need the nutrients to fuel up. So, before taking pre-workouts, treat yourself to a light breakfast.

Take Greek yogurt with nuts, fruits, and oats for a quick and healthy breakfast. It won't consume your preparation time and will have fats, protein, slow and fast digesting carbs- all in one bowl. It is better to have a breakfast that is easy to digest rather than working out with an empty stomach.

Also don't forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day because just like your body needs food, it needs water too.

5. Take Pre Workouts

Besides breakfast, nutritional supplements play a crucial role in boosting your workout performance. Every person's body has different dietary needs, and pre-workouts ingredients can fulfil them.

Some people want more caffeine while others rely on citrulline and some on beta-alanine. These ingredients serve the needs and goals based on the specific individual. Moreover, you can try the pre-workout powder by DMoose, as it contains all the necessary ingredients to boost your energy levels and keep you focused throughout the workout.

6. Set up Your Mind

Let's suppose you wake up in the morning and go through an intense workout that involves lifting heavy weights too. To do so, the first thing you will need is the focus. If there's a lack of focus, you won't be able to perform well. So, before you reach the gym, make sure you are fully awake, well prepared, and your mind is clear.

You can get hurt if you don't go entirely prepared to the gym. Think of a situation where you are lifting weight, and at the same time, you're yawning and wishing you were in bed; it can disrupt your balance making the weight fall on the ground or your feet.

That's why it is important to ensure you are fully active and awake so you don't face troubles when working out.

7. Don't Forget to Warm Up

If you workout in the evening, you don't need to warm up as much as you should first thing in the morning. This is because your body has been moving for most of the day. But if you head straight from bed to the gym, you'll need a solid warm up routine!

You can do cardio for a while to increase your heart rate and transport blood throughout the body. Then you can perform a few movements like squats, lunges, twists, and push-ups to activate your whole body muscles.

This will also help your joints. When you work and move them, synovial fluid will lubricate them, making them function properly. So, a warm-up is a must to carry out your workout efficiently.

Benefits of Morning Workout

If you’re new to starting a morning workout routine, consider the following benefits.

  • No Distractions: Compared to other parts of the day, morning workouts are the best. You are less prone to facing distractions. You are less likely to receive calls from your friends or family members, and if you hit the gym, you will find it empty, which will help you work out freely. With fewer distractions, you can give your best and work out well.
  • Healthy Eating Choices: Waking up early can set the tone of your eating choices and make them healthier. According to a study, 2680 college students completed a 15-week exercise program that involved three sessions of 30 minutes of cardio each week. Those stuck to this program were found to be making healthy food choices. However, the study didn't revolve around the best time of the day, but it showed the impact of a workout on eating habits.
  • Improved Sleep: Working out early in the morning can help you get a good night's rest. In a review by Vascular Health and Risk Management, adults who worked out at 7 am got better sleep at night and took less time to fall asleep. Moreover, exercising outside has sleep-related benefits too. Exposure to light early in the day may help increase melatonin levels later on in the evening, which regulate the sleep-wake cycle.
  • Helps in Weight Loss: If your goal is to lose weight, a morning workout can help. According to a study published in 2015, 10 men worked out in the morning, evening, and afternoon over different sessions. The highest 24-hour fat burn was noticed when the participants exercised in the morning before breakfast.
  • Helps Manage Blood Pressure: Physical activity is one of the best ways to control your blood pressure naturally. A study published in 2014 includes 20 prehypertensive adults who worked out on the treadmill over three different sessions, i-e at 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm. They also wore a device to check their blood pressure. In the end, researchers found exercising at 7 am made favourable changes in participants' blood pressure compared to other times.


Waking up early and exercising are crucial for a healthy life. Getting up early and beginning your day with a workout gives you a sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment helps you perform other chores of the day on time, and you also develop healthy eating habits. Don't worry if you're new to changing your routine. Keep experimenting with the tips given above. After some trial and error, you'll get the hang of them quickly.

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