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Early College Classes May Impact Student Grades Negatively

A recent study has found that early college classes are linked to decreased academic performance. Read more to know the research details.

Emilia Moore
Early College Classes May Impact Student Grades Negatively
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A new study by Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore highlights the negative impact of early morning college classes on attendance and grades. Researchers found that beginning classes later led to increased attendance and grades, as students got more sleep, were more likely to attend classes regularly, and performed better without feeling groggy. 

5 More Minutes of Sleep is Better than Class? Early morning classes can impair learning due to presenteeism and absenteeism, and universities should avoid scheduling mandatory early morning classes, said lead researcher Joshua Gooley. The study analyzed data on over 23,000 college students in Singapore to examine the impact of early morning classes on attendance and grades. 

The researchers found that early classes were linked with lower attendance and grade point averages. Students who attended early classes also lost about an hour of sleep. The researchers are now looking at differences in attendance, sleep, well-being, and academic performance between early birds and night owls.

Sleep-deprived? Almost All of Us Are! According to American sleep psychologist Lauren Broch, the study's results corroborate that teenagers are sleep-deprived and need more sleep. She explained that teenagers are juggling many responsibilities and are forced to choose between two undesirable options when faced with early morning classes: sleep longer and miss class or wake up early and attend class. 

Going to class sleepy means not paying attention as well, and this is likely a part of why these students have lower grades. Being sleep-deprived also affects overall performance and other activities throughout the day. Broch believes that schools should start later to set students up for success, and society should respect sleep more.

In conclusion, the study highlights the need for schools and universities to consider the negative impact of early morning classes on attendance and academic performance. Students who attend early morning classes may lose sleep, feel groggy, and have lower grades. By starting classes later, universities can help students get more sleep, attend classes regularly, and perform better academically. The study also highlights the need for society to recognize the importance of sleep and its impact on academic performance and well-being.

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Emilia Moore

Emilia Moore earned her master’s degree in community health education from a well known University. She’s a freelance writer based in America whose work has appeared in various online publications, including not only DMoose, but other known blogging websites. Today, it's easy to find health

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