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One Medical & Amazon Team Up to Promote Healthier Living


One Medical & Amazon Team Up to Promote Healthier Living
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Amazon has completed its acquisition of One Medical, a primary healthcare provider that offers both in-office and virtual care services. One Medical provides services such as preventive care, chronic care management, and mental health concerns, and is known for its high-quality, affordable, and convenient care experience. The partnership between Amazon and One Medical aims to deliver better health outcomes, improved care experiences, and better value to more people, within a better care team environment.

The CEO of One Medical, Amir Dan Rubin, believes that joining Amazon will enable the company to have a greater positive impact on consumers, employers, care teams, and health networks. Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, believes that primary care will be administered very differently in the future, and that the partnership with One Medical will help make healthcare more personal, convenient, and accessible for everyone.

One Medical's human-centered approach to primary care provides access to care where, when, and how people prefer. The company's app allows for around-the-clock access to virtual care services such as 24/7 video chats and easy in-app messaging, and on-demand virtual care services are included in membership at no extra cost. One Medical also offers same and next-day in-office or remote visits, and has thoughtfully designed and welcoming offices in convenient locations.

In addition to primary care services, One Medical provides easy access to vaccine and medical records, prescription renewals, specialty referrals, and lab results through its app. The company also offers care for seniors in a growing number of locations and has teams specialized in serving people on Medicare. One Medical's highly engaged clinicians take time to treat people as people and not solely as diagnoses, providing a more human-centered healthcare experience.

For a limited time, One Medical is offering annual memberships at a discounted price to new customers. The partnership between Amazon and One Medical aims to provide better healthcare experiences, improved access to care, and better outcomes for patients.

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