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Best Men's Pot Belly Workout You Can Do in 15 Minutes, Trainer Says

The best way to reduce the size of your pot belly is to start working on it today! This 15-minute workout only requires dumbbells and takes a few weeks to see results.

Daniel Murphy
Best Men's Pot Belly Workout You Can Do in 15 Minutes, Trainer Says
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If you're reading this, chances are you've noticed a bit of a gut starting to form. And if you're anything like me, you've probably been shrugging it off and telling yourself that it's not a big deal. I mean, what's a little extra weight around the middle, right? WRONG. That extra weight is the beginning of a "dad bod." And trust me, you do not wish for a dad bod.

A dad bod is "the kind of body one acquires after having children and letting oneself go." It's basically what happens when you stop working out regularly, start eating more junk food and don't really care about your physical appearance anymore.

So how do you get rid of a pot belly? What if you don't have a lot of time to work out? That's where this 15-minute workout comes in.

It's designed specifically for men with pot bellies, and it's something you can do right at home with no equipment necessary (or some very basic ones). So give it a try and see for yourself how effective it is!

15-Minute Pot Belly Workout

This 15-minute routine will help you shed that extra weight and tone your stomach muscles. All you require is a pair of dumbbells and some determination.

So go ahead and set that timer. For the first minute, perform as many repetitions of the exercises as you can. Then, take a 30-second break before moving on to the next minute. Repeat the process with 1 minute of exercise and a 30-second break.

Remember, don't worry if you can't finish all the reps each minute. Just perform as much as you can and give it your best effort. If you stick with this workout routine, you'll see results in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Feet-Elevated Dumbbell Pushups

Any experienced fitness enthusiast will tell you that a good workout is about pushing yourself to your limits. And while there are various ways to do that, few exercises are more effective than the feet-elevated dumbbell pushup.

This challenging move works your chest and arms and forces your body to work harder to stabilize itself. As a result, you will burn more calories and build more muscle while improving your balance and coordination.

So if you're looking for a way to take your workouts to the next level, give feet-elevated dumbbell pushups a try. You might be amazed at how much of a difference they can make.

How to Do It?

  • Put the dumbbells in front of you and stand on a solid surface with your feet.
  • Use your control to bring your body down until your chest is only an inch over the ground while maintaining a tight core, high hips, and a tall chest.
  • Finally, raise yourself back up while contracting your triceps and upper pecs.
  • Complete as many sets of 10-15 reps.

Dumbbell Split Squat

If you're like most people, the first time you see someone doing a dumbbell split squat, you might think they're just showing off. But the truth is, this exercise provides many benefits for your upper and lower body.

For your upper body, these squats help build strength and stability in your shoulders and midsection. And for your lower body, they target your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

In addition, dumbbell split squats are a great way to improve your balance and flexibility. So next time you see someone doing them, don't be too quick to judge. They just might be getting a great workout!

How to Do It?

  • Holding a pair of dumbbells, take a staggered stance with one foot in front of you and the other behind you, and plant your toes firmly on the mat.
  • Lower yourself till your back knee touches the ground while maintaining a tall posture and a strong core.
  • To get back up, drive through the front leg's heel.
  • Do as many sets of 10 repetitions on each leg as possible.

Dumbbell Deadlift

The benefits of dumbbell deadlifts in reducing pot bellies are many and varied. For one, it helps strengthen the abdominal muscles, which can help give you a more toned and shapely stomach.

Additionally, it helps improve your balance and coordination, which are essential for carrying out everyday activities without strain or injury. It is shown that regular deadlifting can help reduce lower back pain.

So, not only will you be improving your appearance by reducing your pot belly, but you'll also be improving your health in several ways. All in all, a dumbbell deadlift is a great exercise for anyone looking to flatten their stomach and improve their overall health.

How to Do It?

  • Put a dumbbell in front of you and keep your feet outside your shoulders.
  • Squat down, grip the weight and keep your core strong and your chest tall.
  • To get back up, drive through your heels and hips, then flex your glutes and quads to finish.
  • Before executing another rep, return the dumbbell to its initial position.
  • Perform as many sets of 10 repetitions as possible.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

The dreaded pot belly. It's the bane of many men's existences and the source of much insecurity. But never fear; the bent-over dumbbell row is here to help!

This exercise is ideal for targeting the abdominal area and can help minimize the appearance of a pot belly. The bent-over dumbbell row also strengthens the back and shoulders, which can help improve posture and prevent pain in these areas.

In addition, this exercise challenges the core muscles, helping build strength and stability. So, if you want to reduce your pot belly, add the bent-over dumbbell row to your workout routine!

How to Do It?

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend your torso forward at least 45 degrees to push your hips back.
  • Squeeze your lats as you row both dumbbells toward your hips while keeping your core tight.
  • Before starting a new rep, completely straighten both of your arms.
  • Perform as many sets of 10 reps as you can.

Leg Lifts Over Dumbbell

When it comes to pot belly exercises, many people opt for leg lifts over dumbbell exercises. However, there are several benefits to choosing it. First, it targets the abdominal muscles more effectively. Second, leg lifts are less likely to cause lower back pain.

And third, it can be done anywhere and is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced athletes. So if you're looking for a fruitful way to reduce pot belly, consider adding leg lifts to your workout routine.

How to Do It?

  • Place a dumbbell in front of you to begin these leg lifts.
  • Lift it a few inches off the ground with your feet planted firmly together before bringing it over the dumbbell.
  • Lift your legs over and back, keeping your core tight the entire time.
  • Perform as many sets of 10 repetitions as possible.


1. What is the best exercise for a pot belly?

The best exercises for a pot belly are leg lifts, lunges, push ups, and deadlifts. They will help burn calories in order to tone the abdominal muscles and eliminate the excess fat around the stomach.

2. What foods cause pot belly?

Many different foods can cause a pot belly, including processed foods, sugary drinks, and high-fat foods.

3. Why do older men's bellies get big?

There are various reasons why older men's bellies get big. One reason is that as men age, they tend to lose muscle mass and gain more fat, which results in a protruding belly.

Another reason is that as men age, their testosterone levels decline, leading to fat redistribution from the arms, legs, and face to the abdomen.

Finally, aging can cause the stomach to become less elastic, leading to a pot belly.

The Bottom Line

If you want to start working on your pot belly, give this workout a try. It only takes 15 minutes, and you can do it at home with no special equipment needed.

The trainer says that doing these exercises consistently will help reduce the size of your pot belly in just a few weeks. So what are you waiting for? Start toning that stomach today!

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