Product Description

  • A pair of Dmoose adjustable dumbbells

    Compact And Travel-friendly!

    Weightlifting can be difficult when your gym is cluttered with many different-sized dumbbells! Get yourself these adjustable dumbbells for an all-in-one workout. You can easily store this pair in your home or carry it with you for a workout anywhere, anytime!

  • Maximize Your Muscle Development

    Dumbbell workouts are great for muscle development, and these adjustable dumbbells allow you to target multiple areas of your body with just one pair. Switch up your plates and challenge your body with intense dumbbell workouts for higher gains!

    A man lifting Dmoose adjustable dumbbell with his right hand
  • A strong man doing workout using Dmoose adjustable dumbbell

    A Versatile Usage

    The adjustable dumbbell is suitable for performing basic body workouts, core fitness, strength exercises, and heavy leg lifts! These adjustable weights allow you an ideal workout experience, and you can perform a wide variety of exercise combinations or workout routines!

  • Perform Safer Exercises

    During intense weightlifting sessions, you can risk chances of injury or lose your balance, but adjustable dumbbells can just be tossed whenever you feel your posture is wrong or your arms start to cramp up! This way, your exercises become much safer, so improve your workouts immediately!

    A women showing Dmoose adjustable dumbbells by holding in her hands
  • A strong man in gym holding Dmoose adjustable dumbbells in his hands

    Increase Bone Strength!

    Using adjustable dumbbells can be beneficial for all ages! Weightlifting with adjustable weights promotes bone density and reduces muscle wastage, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle! Not only does this make your bones strong, but it also keeps your body toned as you age!

  • Easy-To-Use And Assemble!

    The adjustable dumbbells come with Push-Pull Quick Adjustability to allow faster and efficient switching of weights during workouts! The dumbbells have a sleek design with a soft-grip handle for stability. Easily assemble weights in adjustable dumbbells that you can get for sale to enhance workouts!

    A man showing DMoose adjustable dumbbells by placing it on his thighs

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Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
10/10 Would Recommend

These are great for working out. They’re easy to adjust which makes for a smooth workout if you’re changing weights a lot for different moves. The nicest part is that they’re adjustable, so you can save space and money.

Steve M. Brown
Really convenient

If you are just starting to work out these are worth every penny. Since it is so easy to adjust you'll stay motivated because you won't think about having to change your weights.

Alfonso B.

Pretty good weight set so far. Have to be careful how u line them up so that they can be interchanged.

Great product

Great product love the ease of use I bought a pair of them highly recommended.

Great for the price

First impression is great! No complaints and much cheaper than comparable adjustable dumbbells.

Christine Sonin
They corrected the issue quickly

I ordered the dumbbellS but only one arrived and the price was higher than other exact same products. I contacted the company and the sent me another dumbbell at no additional charge. Thank you.

Makes changing weights during workouts a snap

Makes it easy to change weights during a workout, saves space from using many dumbbells, and size/weight distribution is convenient.

These work great!

They are easy to hold and feel like a real dumbbell. The selection mechanism is easy to use

Questions & Answers

Ask Us Anything

The DMoose adjustable dumbbells allow you to change how heavy the weight is using a lever mechanism. With this, you can swap between different plates attached to the handle, which come in various weight sizes!

The handles of adjustable dumbbells are made of steel and coated with rubber for a firm grip.

The DMoose adjustable dumbbells are designed in USA and made in China.

The Dumbbells can support weights from 8 to 24 lbs.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.

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